Ten Things You Need to Know About the Gun Devil from Chainsaw Man

Ten Things You Need to Know About the Gun Devil from Chainsaw Man

Gun DevilHe is terrifying, strong, and unkillable. The gun devil, the main nemesis of Chainsaw Man, is the one we’re talking about. It would be horrifying to see someone as unusual as him in real life; he is one of the most original villains we have seen in shonen anime recently. However, discovering this demon’s full details in CSM isn’t scary. Therefore, we have compiled a number of exciting but little-known details on the gun devil in Chainsaw Man.

The Real Villain Is Not Gun Devil

The control demon, also known as Makima, is the greatest surprise in Chainsaw Man’s first arc. The Chainsaw Man series finally exposes the control devil as the true villain after leading us to believe the gun devil  for a considerable amount of time that he is the primary enemy. On one occasion, she even attempts to murder the gun demon, but she is unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the gun demon is able to evade her wrath by assuming the shape of the gun fiend.

Leads to Chainsaw Man’s Most Tragic Subplot

From the very beginning, it is clear that the gun demon is Aki Hayakawa’s worst adversary. Finding this demon and destroying him so that Aki may exact revenge on his family occupies all of his thoughts. However, destiny has other plans, as the gun demon transforms Aki from the dead by taking over his body. One of the most popular characters from CSM becomes his most feared adversary in a tragic turn of events.

The World’s Fastest Killer is Gun Devil.

The gun devil lives up to his moniker by becoming a murderer with the speed of light. The gun demon slaughtered about 1.2 million innocents in the span of five minutes, as detailed in Chapter 13 of Chainsaw Man’s manga. This global event, including India, China, the United States, and Japan touched many nations. Veteran demon hunters no longer even dream of such lightning-fast and pinpoint attacks.

People Give Money to the Gun Devil.

Every other demon has some peculiar demand when they make a deal with mankind. Some examples of devils include Pochita, who wields a chainsaw, the future devil, who want to reside in Aki’s right eye, and the curse devil, who consummates Aki’s life expectancy. On the other hand, monetary wealth is irrelevant to society unless you include the gun demon.

The gun devil demands 20,000 yen from his contractors in Chapter 33 of the Chainsaw Man manga in exchange for the right to provide them with guns and ammunition. However, we have no idea what a demon may do with that kind of money—just like the criminals.

His body parts amplify other demons’ abilities.

The fact that the devil can cure itself by consuming flesh and blood is now general knowledge. The flesh of the gun demon, however, is unique among devils. If another demon consumes the body of the gun devil, their abilities are substantially amplified, as Makima reveals in Chapter 13. Whatever abilities the demon who consumed the parts may have had are irrelevant. But we don’t know for sure how demons and humans react to the same meat. To solve that mystery, you need familiarise yourself with Chainsaw Man’s fiends, demons, and hybrids.

Gun Devil killed the Creators of Bleach, One Piece, and AoT

Several lists containing the names of the victims of the gun demon are revealed in Chapters 75 and 76 of the Chainsaw Man manga. If you’re an engrossed reader, you may want to go over the victim list since it’s just random stuff. The names of some well-known mangakas do appear on the list, however, upon closer inspection. Several well-known manga artists have passed away in the CSM universe; however, it is unclear if this is due to animosity between them and Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto.

People Don’t Like the Gun Devil

Manga readers still weren’t crazy about the gun demon despite his illustrious past and ability to destroy the planet. That is, according to the opinion surveys, at least

There were two official character popularity surveys, and the gun demon came in dead last in both. The initial popularity survey placed him 53rd with only 97 votes. Even with 435 votes, he falls to 50th place in the second poll—still much behind the other characters—but it’s still better than where he was before.

Not able to kill organisms that are born in the months of April, July, or October.

Chapter 76 of Chainsaw Man manga reveals that the gun demon has some limitations on his abilities, which may seem strange. He may harm no one born in April, July, or October. In the context of his activation ability, the gun demon can shoot through live creatures within one km of himself. So, this is accurate, at least in part.

A wiki hypothesis about Chainsaw Man has provided an explanation for this high level of anticipation. “Shi,” meaning death, is a component of the Japanese words “Shigatsu” (April) and “Shichigatsu” (July). Likewise, the Japanese term for gun, “jō,” appears in October (Jōgatsu).

Subtly paying homage to such terms, October-born Tatsuki Fujimoto granted himself unique exemption by refusing to let the gun demon murder anybody born in those three months. However, not even this top-notch therapy can shield humans from gun devil other powers. People born in the immune months are easily killed as collateral damage by the explosions and devastation he produces.

He Withstood an Onslaught of Seven Devils All at Once

As the first arc of Chainsaw Man draws to a close, Makima unleashes a slew of demons against the gun devil. So far, the US-owned 20% of the gun devil’s body has been engaged in combat. But he manages to not only survive the onslaught, but also to flee by assuming the form of the gun fiend from the body of a demon hunter. Just think of the strength he might have shown had he used every muscle in his body.

The Gun Devil Is Unkillable in Chainsaw Man

If you’re reading this information sheet in order, you must already know that battling the gun demon is no picnic. His superior thinking makes it difficult to kill him in this circumstance. According to Chapter 73, several sections of the gun devil body are held by governments worldwide.

The United States owns 20% of the gun devil’s body, the Soviet Union 28%, China 11%, and other countries 4%, according to the manga. All the while, 37% is either in the hands of demon hunters or dispersed at random throughout the globe.

Chapter 73 included the image “Chainsaw Man” by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Twenty percent of the sample became a murderous maniac and met their demise at Chainsaw Man’s hands, as you may recall. Nonetheless, the last gun demon is very much alive. Remember that the current 20% may die in hell and be reborn into the human realm just like any other demon. The only way to get rid of the gun demon, it seems, is to assemble all of his parts and kill him with all your might.

Given the present state of international politics, that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. But eating these bits can be a solid substitute if you ask Denji (the Chainsaw Man).


You have just learned the basics—and a little bit more—about the gun demon. His capacity to split himself in half and swiftly murder millions is what gives him his true power. However, he is far not the only demon in CSM to possess such a remarkable talent. One character in Chainsaw Man that has the ability to manipulate blood is Power, a blood fiend. 

Why did Aki transform into the Gun Devil?

After making his pact with Makima, Aki transforms into a demon, even though he resembles Denji’s hybrid form. Makima set up a deal with Aki, whereby the Gun Devil would take control of Aki’s body and turn him into a demon, all in the name of protecting Denji and Power from danger.

Is Makima a demon with a gun?

The Actual Enemy Is Not Gun Devil. The control demon, also known as Makima, is the greatest surprise in Chainsaw Man’s first arc. The control devil turns out to be the true bad guy in the Chainsaw Man series after telling us that the gun devil is the major enemy for hundreds of chapters and episodes.

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