Jack Hall Gang Map 1 Treasure Hunt Guide

Jack Hall Gang Map 1 Treasure Hunt Guide

In Red Dead Redemption 2’s story part, there are treasure hunts. In these, you look for treasure using simple maps. Doing these hunts is handy in the game if you need money. You can get Gold Bars, and when you sell them to fences, you get lots of cash.

It is considered as one of the first treasure hunts you can try. You can do it right after starting Chapter 2, which is the first part of the story where you can go anywhere on the map.

This hunt will not take you too far from Valentine’s, so you do not need to stress about a long journey if you are doing it early in the story. If you finish this hunt, try the High Stakes Treasure Hunt or Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt.

They go farther from Valentine’s, but they are rewarding, too. Getting and selling Gold Bars gives you enough money for a good horse and weapons early on. Let’s start our discussion on Jack Hall Gang Map 1 and Map 2:

Jack Hall Gang Map 1

At the beginning of Chapter 2, you can get the first map for the Jack Hall Gang treasure hunt. A treasure hunter named Maximo sells it. Find him on the ridge near the river, Flatneck Station’s northwest and Bard’s Crossing’s north.

Talk to the treasure hunter, and you can buy the map. If you want to be a tough outlaw, you can say no to buying and taking the map by force, but it lowers your Honor rating. If you miss getting the map this way or decide to ignore him, you can buy it from any fence later.

The initial map takes you to Caliban’s Seat, south of Valentine and “N” in New Hanover’s north on the map. Go to the east side of the rock formation and climb to the top. Follow the small path on the rock to get to a hole where you will discover the second map.

Map 2:

The next map takes you up north into the Ambarino area. It shows Cotorra Springs, located in the south of the gap between the “R” and  “A” in the map’s Ambarino.

You can easily find this place because the game tells you that you are in the territory of a the Legendary Wolf, Legendary Animal.

The animal will not show up if you are not hunting it the usual way, so you can keep searching for treasure without any problems.

When you’re in the area, you will see a circle of rocks that’s easy to spot. Go to the one in the middle and take a look to find the third map.

Map 3:

The third map for the Jack Hall Gang treasure hunt is also the last one. Get ready to find the treasure the gang hid for a long time. The map will guide you to a lake in Ambarino called O’ Creagh Run.

The lake is right under the “O” in Ambarino on the map, so it is very easy to find. If you are far into the story, there is also a cabin on the lake where a stranger’s mission takes place.

To get the treasure, go to a little rocky island in the lake’s middle. Look under the rock to find two Gold Bars. You can sell them to any fence and make a good amount of money.

Some FAQs 

Where is the treasure for Jack Hall Gang Map 1?

The Jack Hall Gang Map 1 shows Caliban’s Seat, a special set of rocks south of Valentine. Climb the hill from the east side to get to the top. Go through a path through the rocks from there.

Where is Jack Hall map 2?

To find the second map for the Jack Hall gang treasure, locate the stash from the first map. The place on the map is Cotorra Springs, just east of the line between the E and W Grizzlies located in Ambarino. Watch out because there is a Legendary Wolf in this area.

Should I buy the Jack Hall gang map?

Even though Jack Hall Gang Map 1 is likely the first treasure hunt you find, if you get a piece of another map, it might become less important. However, since gold bars are valuable in RDR2, do not ignore them, especially if Arthur needs money.

How do you get the Jack Hall Gang Map 3?

It is at O’Creagh’s Run, a lake in the northeast of the map. It is pretty much directly north of Emerald Ranch and Emerald Station if you have been to those places already.


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