FGO Servants Tier List for January 2024

FGO Servants Tier List for January 2024

“Fate/Grand Order (English) is filled with fantastic characters known as Servants. In this MMORPG, it is typical to see a number of characters across different classes. It can be challenging for beginners to evaluate all these FGO Servants and pick the best one from each class.

So, let’s explore a complete FGO servants to clarify any confusion and find the top FGO Servants.

Fate/Grand Order (English) Servants Tier List for January 2024

Tier Class Servant Description
Strong (S) Saber Okito Souji, Astolfo, Okito Souji Alter Saber-class servants stand out as the top sword-wielders in the entire game, thanks to their exceptional swordsmanship and superior ATK statistics.
Good (A) Archer Sei Shounagen Archers offer some of the most effective support from the rear lines. In a game such as Fate/Grand Order, it is important for players to have a strong supporter in the backend who can deliver long-distance strikes.
Fair (B) Lancer Scathach Lancers, while being knights, function as Tanks leading the front lines. In a game of this nature, Lancers play an important role by providing necessary support at the forefront, which is often a requirement.

Best Meta Class FGO Servants (English) for January 2024

The game categorizes the characters into three distinct tiers. Let us take a look at these FGO Servants:

Saber-Class: The Exemplary Swordsmen The Saber-class is well known for its amazing sword-fighting skills and high attack stats. A standout in this category is Okito Souji, who impresses with an ATK of 1865 and a robust HP of 1939, making her a choice for any player.

Archer-Class: The Supportive Sharpshooters Archers excel in providing long-range support, which is important for any team composition. Sei Shougan, with an ATK of 1888 and HP of 1901, is a prime example of a powerful backend supporter capable of turning the tides in battle.

Lancer-Class: The Frontline Tanks Lancers serve as the frontmen of the battlefield. Scathach, a well-known Lancer, boasts amazing stats with an ATK of 1758 and HP of 2174, making sure your team’s frontline remains unyielding.


Fate/Grand Order introduces a number of different and amazing characters for beginners. Hence, peruse our comprehensive guide on the Fate/Grand Order servants tier list to dispel any uncertainties about the current game FGO Servants and to learn about the top servants across all classes. Keep reading our updates for information on new servants as they are released.


What is the FGO Servants Tier List? 

The Servants Tier List in Fate/Grand Order is a comparison tool to judge the FGO servants for their performance. The placement for tier is mainly based on a Servant’s current performance, along with their placement will shift according to future Interludes and new competition, rank-ups, and the changing state of the game.

How are the Servants ranked in the Tier List? 

The game has divided the characters into three different tiers. The FGO Servants in the same tier are mentioned in descending order and, aside from this, are in no particular order.

Who were the top Servants in the Saber, Archer, and Lancer classes for January 2024? 

For the Saber class, Okito Souji was considered the best due to her amazing sword skills and outstanding ATK stats. Sei Shougan was a great backend supporter in the Archer class with one of the best long-range attacks. Scathach was the main hero for the Lancer class because of her incredible ATK and HP stats.

Does the Tier List change over time? 

Yes, the Tier List changes over time. The tier placement of a Servant can shift with future Interludes and rank-ups, new competition, and the changing state of the game.

Where can I find the latest FGO Servants Tier List? 

The latest FGO Servants Tier List can be found on websites like GamePress and GamingonPhone.


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