The Smallest Pokemon Ever (From Largest To Smallest)

The Smallest Pokemon Ever (From Largest To Smallest)

Let us talk about the world of Pokemon and know all about the smallest Pokemon. From petite pocket monsters to itsy-bitsy wonders, here is a list of the smallest Pokemon ever, ranked from largest to smallest Pokemon:

Applin (Approx. 8 Inches)

  • Type: Grass/Dragon
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sword and Shield
  •  Base Stats: Highest in Defense, lowest in Speed.
  •  Interesting Fact: Applin boasts the lowest Speed base stat among all Dragon-types.

Applin is like a little apple with legs, and its cuteness factor is off the charts. It even has a branching evolution: feed it a Tart Apple to get a Flapple or a Sweet Apple for Appletun. When shiny, Applin turns a delightful shade of green, so you can collect both green and red apples. To find Applin, look in trees around Paldea or spot one on the ground east of the Great Crater of Paldea.

Nymble (Approx. 8 Inches)

  • Evolution: Nymble evolves into Lokix at level 24.
  •  Battle Style: Nymble’s serrated legs make it a formidable opponent despite its small size.

These little Pokemon may be pint-sized, but they are they’re big on charm. Keep an eye out for them as they flit around the Pokemon world, leaving a trail of adorableness in their wake.

Joltik (Approx. 4 Inches)

  • Type: Bug/Electric
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Black and White
  •  Base Stats: Highest in Speed, lowest in Defense.
  •  Fun Fact: Joltik can attach itself to larger Pokemon and drain their energy.

Joltik is a tiny spider-like Pokemon that can fit in the palm of your hand. It is known for its electric abilities and its affinity for latching onto larger creatures. If you are lucky, you might spot one in forests or near power plants. Just be careful not to get zapped.

Cutiefly (Approx. 4 Inches)

  • evolution: Cutiefly evolves into Ribombee when levelled up with high friendship.
  •  Habitat: Cutiefly loves to buzz around flowers, collecting nectar and spreading pollen.
  •  Trivia: Cutiefly’s wings resemble flower petals, making it look like a tiny fairy.

Cutiefly lives up to its name with its adorable appearance. It’s a Bug/Fairy type Pokemon that brings sweetness wherever it goes. Keep an eye out for these little pollinators, they are like living bouquets.

Comfey (Approx. 1 Foot)

  • Type: Fairy
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sun and Moon
  •  Base Stats: Highest in Special Defense, lowest in Attack.
  •  Charm Factor: Comfey is like a living lei, spreading joy wherever it floats.

Comfey resembles a floral wreath with tiny fairy wings. It is known for its healing abilities, as it collects flowers and creates soothing garlands. You might find Comfey dancing around gardens or near blooming flowers. Just be sure to appreciate its delicate beauty!

Flabebe (Approx. 4 Inches)

  • Evolution: Flabebe evolves into Floette when levelled up with a Shiny Stone.
  •  Habitat: Flabebe clings to a single flower throughout its life.
  •  Trivia: each Flabebe has a unique flower color, making them a colorful bunch.

Flabebe is a tiny fairy Pokemon that carries its flower like a cherished possession. It is a symbol of loyalty and beauty. If you spot a Flabebe, take a moment to admire its dainty elegance.


  • Type: Ghost/Fairy
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sun and Moon
  •  Base Stats: Highest in Special Attack.
  •  Charming Quirk: Mimikyu disguises itself as a Pikachu to avoid being seen. Its true form is hidden beneath a ragged cloth.
  •  Trivia: The cloth covering Mimikyu is said to be cursed, and anyone who peeks underneath it is met with misfortune.


  • Type: Poison/Normal
  •  evolution: Shroodle evolves into graffiti-loving Grafaiai.
  •  Unique Feature: Shroodle is the lightest Normal-type Pokemon, weighing only 1.4 lbs.
  •  Fun Fact: Shroodle shares its short stature with other tiny Pokemon like Azurill.


  • Type: Fairy
  •  evolution: Milcery evolves into Alcremie when spun around with various sweet items.
  •  Sweet Origins: Milcery’s evolution depends on the type of sweet it holds during its dance.
  •  Charm: Milcery’s whipped cream-like appearance makes it a delightful treat.


  • Description: Rellor is a smallest Pokemon, brown, beetle-like Pokemon with four horn-like protrusions on its head.
  •  Unique Features: Lazy eyes, a bulbous nose, and black curved stripes give it a distinctive appearance.
  •  Trivia: Rellor’s abdomen has a rounded yellow pattern, and it has four long limbs, each tipped with two claws.


  • Type: Steel/Fairy
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon X and Y
  •  Signature Move: Klefki can use the move, Fairy Lock.
  •  Charming Trait: Klefki collects keys and other metal objects, which it hangs from its keyring-like body.


  • Type: Steel
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon GO and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, eevee!
  •  Unique Feature: Meltan is the first Mythical Pokemon to evolve into a non-Mythical Pokemon (Melmetal).
  •  Trivia: Meltan’s hexagonal nut-like head and liquid metal body make it intriguing.


  • Type: Bug/Fairy
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sun and Moon
  •  Battle Style: Despite its smallest Pokemon size, Ribombee is a formidable opponent.
  •  Fun Fact: Ribombee’s serrated legs are used effectively in battle.


  • Type: Fairy
  •  Description: Flittle is a tiny fairy Pokemon with delicate features.
  •  Habitat: It loves to flit around flowers, spreading joy and pollinating.
  •  Visual Appeal: Flittle’s wings resemble flower petals, making it look like a tiny magical sprite.


  • Type: Fairy
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon X and Y
  •  Distinctive Feature: Spritzee’s large, beak-like nose is filled with a sweet-smelling fragrance.
  •  Trivia: It is said that the aroma from Spritzee’s nose can heal ailments.

Wishiwashi (Approx. 8 Inches)

  • Type: Water
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sun and Moon
  •  Unique Feature: Wishiwashi has two forms: Solo Form and School Form. In its Solo Form, it resembles a small fish.
  •  Fun Fact: While one alone does not have much power, a chain of many Wishiwashi can be as powerful as lightning.

Tynamo (Approx. 8 Inches)

  • Type: Electric
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Black and White
  •  Description: Tynamo is an eel-like Pokemon with a white body and a yellow zigzag pattern across its side.
  •  ElectricElectric Abilities: Tynamo generates electricity and discharges it when in danger.

Sinistea (Approx. 4 Inches)

  • Type: Ghost
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sword and Shield
  •  Unique Trait: Sinistea inhabits antique teacups. It is known as the “Black Tea Pokemon.”
  •  Trivia: Some fanatics eagerly wait for a Sinistea to possess their carefully prepared tea and teacup.

Cosmoem (Approx. 4 Inches)

  • Type: Psychic
  •  Generation Introduced: Pokemon Sun and Moon
  •  Description: Cosmoem is a protostar Pokemon. Its golden shell is surprisingly solid.
  •  Cosmic Growth: It absorbs starlight to fuel its evolution, and its shell is harder than any known material.

Some FAQs

What is the shortest Pokemon?

The shortest Pokemon is Flabebe, measuring a mere 10 centimetres (3.94 inches) in height.

Are there other tiny Pokemon?

Yes, taking weight and width into account, the smallest Pokemon include:

  • The Roaming form of Gimmighoul, which is a teeny tiny Pokemon weighing a fraction of a pound and measuring only a few centimeters talt.
  •  Flabebe (the Chest Form), which weighs more but still has a smallest Pokemon inner form.

How many smallest Pokemon are there in total?

There are 65’07” (20.0 meters) tall Pokemon, which is the longest/tallest height recorded.



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