WHAT IS A DRACOHave you ever heard about micro Dracos? What exactly they are, and why do you need one? In this article, you will be looking for what is a Draco and what a Micro Draco’s features are, such as legality and price. Now, let’s start! Here are some crucial things to think about when purchasing a Micro Draco. 

The article also discusses what is enough for the purchase price. 

Some features of Micro Draco

The Micro Draco is a short-barreled, .22 caliber rifle with a condensed gas system and buffer. The gun has a gas block and compound of sights, but its barrel is six inches long as compared to four inches. This firearm has neither a typical AKM nor a scope rail rear sight. Some of its notable characteristics are listed below. Let’s have a look in more detail.  

The Micro Draco pistol by Century International Arms is the most famous firearm in the United States. It weighs only 4.85 lbs and has 7.6x39mm chambering. Its brief and concise design makes handling simple and smooth with one hand. 

  • One of the most popular firearms used in the United States is the Micro Draco pistol by Century International Arms. It has a 7.62x39mm chambering and weighs only 4.85 lbs. Its compact design makes it easy to handle, even with one hand. Many firearms enthusiasts enjoy the micro-sized size and ease of use. The features of the Micro Draco make it a popular choice for the modern-day shooter. The small size and simplicity of enthusiasts appeal to lots of gun aficionados. The Micro Draco is a preferred option for today’s shooters because of its qualities.


  • The Micro Draco has a barrel that is 6.25 long and weighs under 5 pounds. It fires a big flash and uses 7.62x39mm bullets from AK-47 magazines. Both hunters and sport shooters consider it. Offering production and parts from the United States, this Draco has all the features of its Romanian counterpart. What’s the catch?


  • The Draco is a semi-auto pistol with a smaller sight radius, except from the shoulder stock. This indicates that it can be directed even when employed tactically. The Draco’s design makes it a wonderful option for folks on a limited budget because it is lightweight, compact, and short. Due to its compact size and appropriate design, it is extremely simple to use. 

The observance of the law of a miniature Draco

The Draco is a pistol in theory, in some areas, it is regarded as an assault rifle. The Draco is still considered a handgun in the United States despite not having a shoulder stock. It is also categorized as an assault weapon in California. Even though this distinction may seem minor, it’s major to realize that the Draco is made illegal for various reasons. 

The fact that individuals below the age of 21 cannot legally possess a firearm is the main problem. A person under the age of 18 is not allowed to bring a pistol into a gun shop for maintenance. A gun dealer is also prohibited from transferring the weapon to a person under the age of 21. For owners of Dracos, these issues make getting the gun extremely challenging. Mercifully, the Micro Draco is a lot superior to its larger sibling.

It is an extremely deadly weapon due to its smaller barrel and lower overall length. Also missing from this firearm is a receiver-mounted stock. It is incredibly agile and simple to fire because it is light and small. In the majority of states, it is legal. It’s crucial to keep in mind that such a weapon is a type of assault weapon and is not for the timid if you’re thinking about buying one.

An AK-47 semi-automatic pistol is called a mini Draco. It is a common item in some world regions and is made of solid wood and steel. A rotating magazine with a capacity of 30 rounds is also used to make it. The little Draco is available online and at well-known gun component providers. To make it even more useful for concealed carry, it also has a 30-round magazine.

A Micro Draco AR-IS handgun is unsettled. As an assault weapon, the firearm is forbidden in California. In California, possessing or carrying one is really against the law. A little Draco is more similar to an imitation assault weapon than a real one. The handgun is an excellent tool for home protection and may fit in a bag. 

A Draco pistol is a great weapon. It has a shorter barrel, which is far superior ballistics than a 5.56 rifle and can fire multiple rounds in quick succession. While using a specific brace, its proper place on the shoulder makes it very simple to control and shoot. The pistol also has a short barrel conversion option, and aftermarket handguns may increase its adaptability even further. 

The price of a micro Draco’s 

Micro Draco is a good option if you want a gun, as it is equally accurate to an AK-47. The cost of this semiautomatic handgun is comparable to that of its full-size counterpart. This model has a matte black completion, a rifle sight, a 30-round magazine, & a rifle sight. Its range is 100 yards. A Micro Draco can be expensive, but it is worth it. 

The materials used to construct Micro Dracos are typically reliable and powerful. The Micro Draco is made of solid wood or steel, unlike an AK 47 gun, which is frequently made of plastic. For the 7.62x39mm and.45 ACP calibres, there are two distinct kinds of barrels. The Micro Draco’s barrel is manufactured to an exact description to guarantee precision and consistency.

The 7.62x39mm Mini-Draco is a static self-guard weapon chambered in this calibre. A handgun that can engage targets at close ranges, the Mini-Draco is a reasonable size. Moreover, it’s made to take AK-47 rifle magazines. It’s perfect for home defence as a result. About $230 will get you this pistol.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “WHAT IS A DRACO”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1)What does it mean to be a Draco in guns?

Ans. The DRACO is a Romanian handgun with a 7.6239 semi-automatic caliber developed as an homage to the ubiquitous AK-47 rifle. It offers all the force of a rifle cartridge in a tiny, user-friendly package.

Q2) What is the size of a Draco bullet?

Ans. DRACO PERFORMS FOR COMPACT USE! The full-size DRACO Pistol, which was made in Romania, has a 12.25″ barrel, a 7.62x39mm chamber, and one 30-round US Palm magazine.

Q3) What makes an AK a Draco?

Ans. The semi-automatic Draco handgun is made in Romania by Cugir and imported into the United States by Century Arms. It is built on the AK platform and looks like an AK without the stock.


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