How To Beat The Draconic Tree Sentinel

How To Beat The Draconic Tree Sentinel

Draconic tree sentinelThe Tree Guardian is like the first enemy you’ll meet in Elden Ring, and the Draconic one is even scarier. If you’re still getting ready, it might squash you right away. However, if you grab Torrent, you can dodge the Tree Guardian’s big hits and have a better chance of winning.

The Tree Guards are super tough enemies in The Lands Between. They figured out that to fight dragons, they had to be a bit like dragons, so they became Draconic Tree Sentinels. Now, let us talk about how players can beat this strong enemy.

Draconic Tree Sentinel Elden Ring Moves: Phase One

The Draconic Tree Sentinel is a scarier opponent than the regular one. It likes throwing fireballs to hurt the player up close, and it’s super quick with its shield and hammer, making it tough for the player to handle.

Hammer Moves – Striking and Lunging

The Draconic Tree Sentinel has a powerful hammer that moves up close and can hurt. It starts with a Lunging Strike to get close and then goes into a combo. To dodge it, roll to the side of its big shield.

The Hammer Attack is a massive hit from above, causing huge damage on its left side. The Hammer Strike is even more dangerous because it comes with little warning. To avoid these, stay on the Sentinel’s right side (the one with the shield) to reduce how often it uses these moves.

Slam Attack of the Sentinel

The Sentinel’s Slam is a big area-of-effect (AOE) move. You can tell it is coming when the Sentinel’s horse rears back and it lifts its hammer high. After a pause, it smashes the hammer down, hurting anyone close. You can dodge by rolling through the attack using invincibility frames, but it is simpler to run away and stay out of its range.

Horse Stomp Move

Watch out for the Draconic Tree Sentinel’s horse! It can rear back and leap forward to stomp on the player. This move is tough to dodge because it is really accurate. It is better to try getting behind the horse by sprinting or moving away to avoid getting hit.

Fireball Attack

The Draconic Tree Sentinel can be a pain with its fireball move, especially when you’re trying to heal. Wait for the horse to shoot one fireball, then quickly heal before it shoots another. To dodge, roll to the side. If you are up close, roll towards the side with the Sentinel’s shield.

Draconic Tree Sentinel Moves: Phase Two:

In the second phase, get ready for lightning moves inspired by ancient lightning dragons. The Draconic Tree Sentinel’s Lightning Strike looks like a sideways shield swipe but with lightning power. After swiping, lightning bolts hit random spots in the arena with big hit areas. The safest move is to retreat fully and return once the lightning stops.

Lightning Wave Move

Watch out for the Draconic Tree Sentinel’s Lightning Wave! It swipes its weapon, creating a huge lightning wave that follows the player for a long distance. The only way to dodge is to roll through the wave at the perfect time. Also, be ready because the Thunderous Smite attack usually follows this move.

Some FAQs

What level is good for facing Draconic Tree Sentinel?

It is recommended to be at least level 60, but it is better to be 65 or more. Also, having weapons at +10 or higher is ideal.


Who is Draconic Tree Sentinel?

Draconic Tree Sentinel is a big boss in Elden Ring. It’s a huge knight in gold armour riding a massive horse and using draconic magic. The Tree Sentinel is another form of this boss, and the sentinels got this idea after a dragon attacked.

What is the best weapon against the Draconic Tree Sentinel?

Weapons like Reduvia and Moonveil Katana, listed among the best in the Elden Ring, cause bleeding damage. If you prefer scarlet rot, get a Dragon Heart to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion and buy the Rotten Breath incantation.

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