Why Does Blaidd Attack You in Elden Ring?

Why Does Blaidd Attack You in Elden Ring?

Why does blaidd attack you – In the world of Elden Ring, there is this cool character named Blaidd, who is half-wolf and half-human. He is super popular among players because he is just awesome.

Now, imagine that you are on a quest with your friends, and you come across Blaidd in an underground place while you are following Ranni’s story. It is all exciting, right? You might even start doing missions for Blaidd and have a blast playing the game.

But here is the twist: sometimes, out of the blue, Blaidd decides to be not-so-friendly. Yep, he attacks you, and it can be super confusing. You might wonder, “why does blaidd attack you?”

If you do not know, then don’t worry. This article is here to help you figure it out and avoid any clashes with Blaidd. We will make sure you understand why he turns against you so you can keep having fun in Elden Ring without any worries.

Why does Blaidd attack you in Elden Ring?

Let us talk about a tricky part of the game Elden Ring, how the characters (we call them NPCs) act. It is mysterious, and what you choose to do can change the game a lot. For example, if you decide to fight an NPC or do any quests, it can make other characters act differently.

Now, there is this character called Blaidd, and he is puzzling. If you even kind of get mean to him or mess with stuff he likes, he can turn into a not-so-nice wolf-human.

Many players have scratched their heads because of Blaidd’s moody moments, which can stop you from finishing his quests. So, let us know why does Blaidd attack you in Elden Ring:

When You Attack Him:

Let us talk about Blaidd, that friendly character you meet during Ranni’s quest. He is all nice and friendly as long as you are nice too. However, here is the deal: if you keep attacking him a bunch of times, he is going to get mad and start attacking you back.

Once he is mad at you, there is a way to make things right again. You need to go to the Church of Vows, and we will explain how to do that later.

However, here is the tricky part – even if you leave the area and come back later, Blaidd will still be upset with you. So, you have got to be super careful with that attack button then you are around him.

You Attack Blaidd’s Bears:

Here is another reason why Blaidd might attack at you in Elden Ring. It is because you hurt his big bear buddies. Yes, before you even meet Blaidd, there are some giant bears in the underground area. If you decide to fight and defeat these bears, Blaidd will get all upset with you, even though it might seem kind of random.

So, if you want to stay on Blaidd’s good side during Ranni’s quest, it is a good idea not to pick fights with those bears in the first place.

Why Does Blaidd Attack You in Elden Ring? (Lore Reason)

Let us talk about why Blaidd gets all aggressive during Ranni’s quest in Elden Ring. This part of the story happens before you go to the Lake of Rot.

Now, there is a  background info called “lore” that explains why Blaidd acts this way. See, he was made by the Two Fingers, and his job is to protect Ranni. However, here is the twist – if Ranni does anything to harm the “Greater Will,” Blaidd has to stop her, even if it means hurting her.

Some folks think Blaidd might have gone a little crazy because he had to go against his programming. They point to the two Black Knife Assassins’ bodies nearby as evidence. Others think he is jealous of your friendship with Ranni. However, no matter the reason, the result is the same Blaidd attacks you.

So, when you are doing Ranni’s quest, after you visit the Lake of Rot, Blaidd jumps you right in front of the tower. And guess what? This part of the story is set in stone, and you cannot change it. So, even if you were super nice to Blaidd before, he is still going to fight you in this part.

You cannot avoid fighting Blaidd during this part of the game because it is important for moving the story forward.

Ranni’s Questline:

Now, even if you have been super nice to Blaidd throughout the game, there is a part where he gets all upset with you anyway. It is because of something called the Ranni questline. See, to progress in the game, you have to reach the Lake of Rot, and that means you will have to take on Blaidd.

He will come at you like a not-so-friendly NPC, and you will have to defeat him to finish Ranni’s questline.

Killing Runebears:

here is a strange thing that some players have experienced. It is like a bug in the game. So, if you kill something called a Runebear in Mistwood, Blaidd might get mad at you, even if you did not do anything to provoke him. It is like a mistake in the game.

Now, not all players run into this problem, but some do, especially if they are playing an older version of the game. However, here is the good news: some players say that if you go to the Church of Vows and use something called a Celestial Dew, it might fix the problem and make Blaidd nice again.

How to Make Blaidd Friendly Again?

So, if you accidentally made Blaidd mad by attacking him or taking on those big bears before the surprise attack, do not worry! You can make things right and become friends with him again in the game.

All you need to do is find something called “Celestial Dew” and use it at the Church of Vows. When you do this, Blaidd will forget all about being mad and will be nice to you again. Then, you can start his quest line and have more fun adventures together.

However, here is the fact, this trick only works before that moment when Blaidd ambushes you near Ranni’s Rise. Once that happens, there is no turning back, and you will have to face him in a fight to move on to the Lake of Rot.


In this article, we have talked about why does Blaidd attack you in Elden ring and might get all moody and attack you in Elden Ring. Here is the deal: try to be nice to him and follow his quests.

However, if, you accidentally made him mad, do not worry too much. You will have to face a tough battle with him. And guess what? If you win, you will get some rewards.

We hope this article cleared up confusion about why friendly characters sometimes act not-so-friendly and gave you some tips for your future adventures in the game.

Some Ques.

Who is Blaidd?

Blaidd is a wolf-man warrior who serves Ranni the Witch. He is a friendly NPC who can help you on your journey.

How do I find Blaidd?

You can find Blaidd at the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave. To summon him, you need to use the Finger Snap gesture, which you can learn from Merchant Kale at the Church of Elleh.

What is Blaidd’s quest?

Blaidd’s quest is tied to Ranni’s quest. You will need to help him complete certain tasks, such as defeating Darriwil and Radahn.

What happens if I complete Blaidd’s quest?

If you complete Blaidd’s quest, you will receive his armour and sword. You will also learn more about his backstory and his relationship with Ranni.


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