List Of 5 Best Katana Elden Ring

List Of 5 Best Katana Elden Ring

BEST KATANA ELDEN RING  – In the Lands Between, the katana is the ideal sword for living out your samurai fantasies. When beginning Elden Ring, players who enjoy quick, nimble gameplay will naturally lean towards the katana because of their propensity for extended reach and fast movements. They work particularly well with Dexterity-focused builds, but they also go well with hybrid builds.

Which is the best katana Elden ring for you? In today’s article, we’ll discuss the top five katanas in the Elden Ring, how to find them, and how to utilize them.

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The top five katanas in Elden Ring

Here are the top five katanas in Elden Ring, ranked as good to legendary. Let’s get started!

Meteoric Ore Blade

More Meteoric Ore Blade is Elden ring best katana one of the heaviest katanas to begin with, and it differs from various katanas in that its moveset is slower, and its damage is scaled according to Strength/Intelligence. It may move more slowly than other katanas, but it still has a lot of power and a variety of playstyles.


The Meteoric Ore Blade, which has a decent base Physical attack number of 112, is a dual menace because it also has a base Magic attack stat of 72. To properly wield it, a character must have at least 15 power, 14 Dexterity, & 18 Intelligence. The Meteoric Ore Blade, unlike most katanas, scales damage better with Strength; its basic grade is D, and it gains C by upgrading by 5. Additionally, it scales well according to intelligence, starting at a base grade of D and moving to C after an upgrade of +9. It has a base Dexterity grade of E and only improves to the D grade at upgrading +6.

What to Look For

You can find this blade in Caelis Waypoint Ruins in Western Call. You will discover a set of stairs going underground within these ruins. By the bottom of these stairs lies an underground cavern populated by sarcophagi & prawn miner foes. Be careful because the area is small and dark, and the adversaries may be challenging to spot. Go to the far side of this room and either deal in the enemies there or avoid them. A small room with a chest holding a Meteoric Ore Blade may be found here.

The Meteoric Ore Blade: How to Use It

It should not be surprising that such a katana was slower than other weapons, given that its main damaging scaling attribute is Strength. That doesn’t mean it isn’t still a potent weapon, even though it prevents it from ranking higher on our list. There is a unique heavy attack that comes with it that lets you use a downward slash that may be charged to deliver more poise damage.

It builds up blood loss with each strike like most katanas do. Katanas are a common weapon choice because of this, a few of the best condition effects in the game. The Gravitas Weapon Skill and bonus 20% harm done to gravity foes are added by the Meteoric Ore Blade. With the practical skill Gravitas, you can plunge your blade into the ground to attract adversaries and apply gravity damage to them.

Compared to other katana skills, this one is relatively sluggish to execute. You should use Gravitas to deal as much harm as possible to compensate for this facet. The Shard of the Tower of Alexander talisman could be worn. This talisman increases skill damage by 15%. While using Gravitas on a squad of opponents, this additional damage may mean the variation between life and death.

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The Uchigatana constitutes one of the better all-around alternatives for a katana if you’re seeking a weapon that can be obtained relatively early in the game. It is fantastic for dealing with foes in both PVE and PVP because of its incredible versatility and vast reach.


Having a base physical assault stat of 115, the Uchigatana is among the katanas that can deal more damage. It only requires 11 Strength & 15 Dexterity to wield, which is an extremely low prerequisite. It starts with an initial D grade on Dexterity and Strength because it is a Dexterity-focused weapon, but ends up expanding best with Dexterity, achieving C at the top of the standard upgrade levels. It has the same ability as most katanas to cause Blood Loss to pile up when struck.

Where to locate it

How at the beginning of the game you can use the Uchigatana, is one of its best features. The Samurai class uses it as its standard weapon. Starting to the Samurai profession to gain immediate access to the Uchigatana is a beautiful choice if you are sure that you wish to go with the Dexterity build. Alternatively, it is located in Limgrave’s Deathtouched Catacombs. This dungeon may be located in Limgrave’s northern region, tucked away in a valley on Stormhill. The weapon is on a body dangling from a balcony in a skeleton archer-filled area.

Use of the Uchigatana

The weapon ability Unsheathe is pre-installed on the uchigatana. To perform this talent, sheath your weapon, then hold it in a ready position. You can use light and heavy assault to draw out your sword and strike quickly, damaging the opponent’s composure.

If Unsheathe is not your style, the Uchigatana may be outfitted with other Ashes of War. Using the Bloody Slash Ashes of War, we advise giving it a try. You can coat the weapon in blood with this skill, causing a lot of Blood Loss damage in exchange for a small percentage of your health. With the help of the Uchigatana’s Blood Loss build-up passive effect, you can potentially one-shot a lot of early-game foes using this enormous talent. Pick up the Ash of War at Fort Haight if you’re in Mulgrave.

Use God of Blood’s Exultation talisman to boost the power of your blood-based abilities. This talisman increases your attack strength by 20% when nearby foes suffer blood loss damage. This talisman won’t be available until you get to Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Once you acquire it, though, the blood of your build will be invincible because Blood Loss will snowball into attack power.

Hand of Malenia

The iconic weapons among Malenia, and Hand among Miquella, are undoubtedly in a league of their own, as would be anticipated from one of the hardest bosses in the game. If it were available earlier in the game, it probably would be at the top of this list.


With the fundamental physical assault stat of 117, the hand regarding Malenia has the second-greatest value of any katana. However, it requires a significant investment in Dexterity to use it. You’ll also need 16 Strength and 48 Dexterity. A great damage scaling grade for talent goes hand in hand with a high dexterity requirement. It includes a base Dexterity grade of C and a base Strength grade of E. Given that it scales to a grade B by upgrading +3, dexterity is the best option in this situation.

What to Look For

Unfortunately, one of the hardest late-game bosses in the Lands Between is hidden beneath this weapon. Malenia, Hand of Miquella, is renowned for her lightning-quick, fluid, and potent assaults and her capacity to recover herself with each strike. Although it is difficult to defeat this boss, doing so rewards you with a great weapon. Bring a Remembrance from the Rot Goddess and Enia as Roundtable Hold after you’ve defeated her to get a hand of Malenia in exchange.

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The Hand of Malenia: How to Use I

Because she can do great harm with her beautiful, dancing blade attacks, Malenia is the best Katana Elden ring, a demanding boss. Fortunately, acquiring the hand on Malenia gives you access to such attacks with its Weapon Ability, Waterfowl Dance. With this talent, you can use numerous inputs to combine a flurry of smooth slashes. It has a large area of effect & enables you to go close to enemies on the battlefield, making it an efficient talent. Hitting a target with repeated Waterfowl Dance slashes is almost sure to result in Blood Loss because of the extra Blood Loss buildup the katana inflicts.

Try wearing a Rotten Winged Weapons Insignia talisman to capitalise on the attacks this sword can deliver fully. Every time you hit something with this talisman, your attack power increases. It has an increasing structure with three tiers: 6%, 8%, and 12%. After three consecutive hits, each tier is triggered, eventually degrading. This talisman will help you swiftly obtain the 12% damage bonus with Waterfowl Dance.


According to our ranking, the Moonveil is the second-best katana in Elden ring. The Moonveil is the perfect weapon for the Dexterity/Intelligence hybrid build because it has tremendous base damage, effective damage scaling, and a unique Weapon Skill.


The Moonveil’s fundamental Magic attack statistic is 87, whereas it’s base physical assault stat is 73. Combining these damage types increases the Moonveil’s overall damage output, making it balanced and extraordinarily potent. You must have 12 Strengths, 18 Dexterity, & 23 Intelligence to use this katana. Although it scales nicely with Dexterity, it also performs best with intelligence. It’s a base Intelligence grade of C, a primary Dexterity grade of D, and a base Strength grade of E. As it levels up, it maxes out at a B grade in Intelligence and Dexterity.

Where to locate it

Moonveil is purchased at Gael Tunnel at western Caelid, close to the Limgrave border. You must pass through this tunnel to get to the boss at the other end. In the game’s early stages, when you first enter Caelid, the superior, a Magma Wyrm, may be challenging. You should be able to defeat this boss fairly fast if you have been putting money into intelligence and have access to sorcery. If you do, it will release the Moonveil.

Utilising the Moonveil

The Moonveil has excellent weapon skills and balanced but powerful damage output. You can sheathe the weapon and afterwards use the talent Transient Moonlight to fire a magic projectile that can be either horizontal or vertical. This skill may appear straightforward, but it launches swiftly and is simple to incorporate into an attack combination. It is a flexible technique to end a combo and does high-poise damage.

This katana goes well with all the talismans I’ve discussed so far. But we also advise utilising the amulet of the Carian Filigreed Crest. The FP price of skills is reduced by 25% by this talisman. Utilise this talisman to allow you to use Transient Moonlight for extended periods without using up a charge on the Cerulean Tear flask.

Rivers of Blood

Rivers of Blood ranks first on our ranking of Elden Ring’s top katanas. The unique Blood Loss built-up passive skill found in the katana class is fully utilised by this weapon. In Rivers of Blood, one of the game’s most lethal combos is made possible by a special combination of Dexterity and Arcane.


Once more, we’ve got a weapon that divides its damage into two categories. It divides this time equally among a 76-base physical assault stat & a 76-base Fire assault stat. Overall, it has rather low wielding requirements, requiring only 12 power, 18 Dexterity, & 20 Arcane. Arcane stands are unique since one usually does not spend a lot of money on it unless they absolutely must use a specific weapon, like Rivers of Blood. Regarding damage scaling, the blaze damage, which scales depending on the Arcane stat, corresponds to a D grade of Dexterity that increases to a B by maximum upgrading, even if it retains a D grade during each upgrade.

What to Look For

Invaders Bloody Finger Okina must be defeated to find Rivers of Blood. The NPC invader Okina will enter your game close to the Catholic Church of Lay Down in the Mountaintops for the Giants’ eastern section. This area can present challenging encounters because it is rather late in the game. Nevertheless, It is worth your effort to persevere through this challenging late-game combat to obtain this weapon. It’s a fantastic PVP and late-game weapon.

Using Rivers of Blood

As suggested by its name, this katana excels in a build emphasising the Blood Lost mechanic. It possesses the inactive ability to cause Blood Loss accumulation on foes, just like the majority of katanas. The Corpse Piler weapon skill deals three consecutive cross-slash blows. Each slice produces a blood trail that causes more blood loss to accumulate. Each hit also does a sizable amount of physical and fire damage. This assault is highly potent and perfectly illustrates how rapidly foes may be wiped out in this game while the Blood Loss state is active.

To get the most out of this katana, it is essential to possess the talismans Rotten Winged Swords Insignia, Lord of Blood’s Exultation, and Carian Filigreed Crest, which was previously described. This is an incredible combo since it activates the additional power increase from the Lord of Blood’s Exultation by first dealing with Blood Loss and then generating more damage with each succeeding hit using the Rotten Winged Swords Insignia. You can probably have the best katana build if you utilise the Carian Filigreed Crown & limit your FP intake.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) What katana in Elden Ring is the longest?

Ans. The Washing Pole of earlier Souls games is the Elden Ring equivalent of the Nagakiba Katana.

Q2) Which dual-wield is the best katana Elden Ring?

Ans. For most players, a Moonveil Katana was the obvious choice as soon as it concerns dual-wielding Katanas at Elden Ring.

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