How to find the Pest Threads Elden Ring

How to find the Pest Threads Elden Ring

Pest threads elden ringTo get the Pest Threads Elden Ring, you have to do some travelling to find rare magic. This makes sticky threads that slow down enemies, which can be really helpful when you want a break from fighting.

But, to get this, you’ll need to do some tasks for two important characters in the game. Read on to learn where you can find the Pest Threads Elden Ring.

How to get Pest Threads Elden Ring?

To get the Pest Threads Elden Ring magic, you can buy it from Gowry in Caelid. But, there’s a catch: you can only buy it after you’ve cured Scarlet Rot Millicent as quest’s part. To help her, you need to find some special items before going to see Gowry at his Shack.

Gold Needle Unalloyed

To help Millicent in her quest, you need to get an Unalloyed Gold Needle first. It is important for making the medicine to heal her. To get this needle, you have to beat Commander O’Neil, a tough boss in the Aeonian Swamp. When you defeat him, you can take the Gold Unalloyed Needle and his unique weapon from his body.

Once you have the Golden Needle, you should go to the Lonely Sage and tell him what you need. He’ll prepare the needle for you. Then, talk to Gowry until you’ve talked about everything, and go to the Plague Church. You’ll find Millicent there, feeling weak in opposition to the wall. Talk to her, ask her what’s wrong, and give her the Gold Unalloyed Needle to help her.

The Golden Needle treatment takes some time to work, so it won’t show immediate results. It’s a good idea to take a break at the nearest resting place called the “Site of Grace” before you check on Millicent again.

When she’s all better, you’ll notice she’s in great health, and that’s a sign it worked. Go talk to her again, and you’ll get a special item called the “Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom.” This item can make you better at doing things that need dexterity, like being more skillful.

Valkyrie Prosthesis:

Millicent has finished her journey, but you still want to get the Pest Threads Elden Ring. You can find Gowry and Millicent at Gowry’s Shack in Caelid. Millicent has a reward for you, but before you talk to her, go to the nearest resting place called the “Site of Grace” and collect some Grace.

This time, Gowry will be taking care of things while Millicent is away. Tell Gowry that Millicent has been searching for her lost arm and has been very helpful. After you talk to her, she will show you the things she has for sale. However, you can get the Pest Threads Elden Ring by helping Gowry with her arm first.

What makes Pest Threads strong in Elden Ring?

To use Pest Threads Elden Ring, you need 11 Faith. This magic’s power depends on how high your Faith stat is and the Sacred Seal quality upgrades. To get Pest Threads, you need to get a person named Gowry in Elden Ring, and he’ll tell you where to get it.

How can you get Pest Threads Elden Ring?

To unlock Pest Threads Elden Ring, you first need to help Milicent by showing her the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis. Then, you can buy Sage Gowry Pest Threads in his Shack in Caelid, but it will cost you 7500 Runes.


If you’ve fought the creature called Kindred of Rot in Elden Ring, you might have come across their Pest Threads Elden Ring. This magic shoots threads at a fix mark. The threads start from where the caster is, moving up before speeding down to hit the target.


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