Anime Mania codes: free gems and gold

Anime Mania codes: free gems and gold

Anime Mania combines all kinds of fighting-type games and tower defence style. Set up a team, go to play and kill waves of enemies with your own character. You can collect more heroes to evolve and upgrade them, making you even stronger to defeat higher-level enemies. You can take this on yourself or get together with friends and other players in the game.


If freebies are what you seek, then be sure to head over to where you will find our Anime Mania codes here. You can find the code list below for those still unclear about how to redeem codes in Anime Mania. Press the CTRL + D or Add to Bookmark buttons on your keyboard. We have discussed all the codes:

How does one redeem Anime Mania codes?

 Anime Mania codes can be redeemed very easily.  Go into an Anime Mania server and look for the blue button that reads ‘Code’ at the bottom left. Open the interface, and there should be a text field in which you enter the code. Rewards will be sent to you in-game as soon as possible.


Finally, you must enter these codes as soon as possible because they expire. After we find new codes, we will update our codes list, so come back in the future to look. Meanwhile, exchange these to receive free resources.

Expired Anime Mania codes

  • 100K!
  • Aricku
  • Dessi
  • etherealmiraclE
  • EtherealMiracool
  • Expired Anime Mania codes
  • maruto2?
  • MHARelease?
  • Miracle
  • OffClan
  • OffMeno
  • OFFSM00K
  • SPGBlackStar
  • Star
  • atlastZerO

How can I get more Anime Mania codes?

More codes To follow Mxstified on Twitter, who develops the experience. There is also an official Discord server for the game, where you can get news and updates and chat with other players.

Some FAQs

What is anime mania?

Anime Mania is a Roblox game similar to some of the most popular Anime. The fan-made Roblox video game includes reimagined characters from Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Dragon Ball.


Who uses Phoenix quirk?

Suzaku’s Quirk is named Phoenix, transforming him into a giant mythical bird. Its effects on him are like a Phoenix, fly and flames.


How can I watch 9 anime?

So, go to 9Anime’s official site and find the anime series or film you want to Download. Step 2. Just click it to open the viewing page, and then press the MP4upload button, and there you will see the bottom right corner of the player with a Download button.


What is perfect world anime?

The main character, Shi Hao, is a genius favoured by the heavens. He was born into this special world. Whether he can become the kind of person who can shake the world will depend on his journeying through lands he has never seen.



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