Elden Ring Giants Mountaintop Catacombs

Elden Ring Giants Mountaintop Catacombs

The Giants Mountaintop Catacombs elden ring giants mountaintop catacombs are an ancient labyrinth full of subterranean Elden Ring tunnels. Players don’t need to spend much time exploring the Mountaintops among the Giants because it can be accessed right away after using the enormous Lift of Rold.

A number of Elden Ring foes stand watch at the Giants’ mountaintop of the giant Catacombs entrance, which is a bit difficult to locate. It should be noted that the catacomb won’t be simple to navigate due to its abundance of traps and perplexing pathways. Guide to the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs

Three Imps will be standing watch over a Grave Glovewort at the bottom of the flight of stairs beyond. Once they are dead, descend to the right on the route. Down here, there are two more Imps for you to fight, but watch out for the bleeding damage they may deal. The Elden ring Giants mountaintop Catacombs lever are accessible through the lift at the conclusion of the hallway.

The boss door that is safeguarding the Ulcerated Trees Spirit is at the bottom, and we must use a certain Lever to unlock it. For the time being, descend the route to your left. There are more below-

How to Finish Elden Ring’s Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs?

  1. Players must locate the lever to unlock the entrance because, like other catacombs, it is locked when leading to the boss’s room. Take the stairs down and turn right to the north from the mountaintop of the giant Catacombs Monument of Lost Grace. Knives will be dropped from the ceiling and an Imp will hurl one from the far end of the chamber. After eliminating the Imps, move forward and to the north, then use the first lift that descends to get to the boss area. This is where Elden Ring gamers will find the monster. Now turn left and enter a room with trio of imps; one would ambush you and the other two will lob pots at you from a distance. After killing them, use the following elevator with chains attached. 
  2. In the enormous chamber with the statue to the south, turn right, ascend the stairs, and make your way to the next area on the left before tripping the trap.
  3. There are many enormous blades moving up and down in this area, as well as Bursting Live Jars. Bait the jars to the room’s entrance one at a time before continuing to reduce damage when entering the space. The Land Squirts will greet you as you continue south, enter the area to the left, and ascend more steps. Ignore the foes of the Elden Ring as you proceed and quickly leave the room to enter another.
  4. Drop through that opening to the left, but descend once more without tripping on the trap. Even though the location appears to be similar, it is actually a distinct room with bursting Living Jars.
  5. To discover a passage, operate the chained lift towards the direction of the north while remaining on the ground. Go south and dive downwards to the Great Elden Ring Jar. To get into the boss’ room, move around the platform then release the lever. To get to the boss, descend and take the lift to the north.

This area resembles a maze. There are two separate lift problems where you must first allow the lift to ascend as well as numerous drop-downs with identical-looking rooms. In addition, you’ll encounter several foes like exploding pots, falling swords, frostbite traps, and stone Imp ambushes.

To remember which spaces you’ve already visited, use Rainbow Stones.

One Deathroot, one Ritual Pot, and Fire Monk Ashes are the items found here. The main character is an Ulcerated Wood Spirit that drops item Glovewort Picker’s Earring Bearing 2 and one Golden Seed.

Catacombs on Giants’ Mountaintop: Drops and Loot

  • Deathroot Fire sallow priest
  • Glovewort Stirring Boluses Gloveworth Picker’s Ringer Carrying Ceremony Vase Golden Egg Grave
  • Nascent Sapphire Rune Butterfly Stem Resin

How to Reach Elden Ring’s Elden ring giants mountaintop Catacombs lever?

  • Southwest of the Zamor Remains beneath the Mountaintops and the gigantic within Elden Ring are the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs. Teleport to the Zamor Remains Site for Lost Grace, then move eastward until you reach a shattered wall in the southeast.
  • After going around the rocks, turn northeast after the route splits. Reach the top of the slope, then jump off close to the Fire Monks’ horde. To locate the entrance to the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs, descend a further slope and move south.
  • For the PC, Sony 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S, Elden Ring is now accessible.

Wrapping up

Beware of the trap in this passageway! If you tread on a pressure plate that is securely concealed on the ground, a string of arrows that cause Frostbite damage will fire in your direction. Stay to the sides, turn left, and then run into the next chamber while dodging the massive blades that will be falling at your soles and the bursting Pots at the finish. You’ll need to navigate the passage full of opponents pouring out the poison that is to your left as you ascend the stairs. Another sizable Pot and a Cemetery Glovewort are waiting at the end of the passageway.


  • What is the boss of the Giants Catacombs dropping?

A Golden Seed and a Glovewort Picker’s Bells Blooming are dropped by him. A Deathroot can be found in a container in the boss room.

  • How to Locate the Elden ring giants mountaintop Catacombs lever? 

Follow the hilly trail all the manner in which east from the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace. Once you reach a crevice in the cliffs in front of you, turn uphill. There will be a road to follow below you along the path you just arrived to the privilege of where the opponents sit, once you reach the small bridge. Turn around once you reach it. The Monsters’ mountaintop of the giant Catacombs will be at the conclusion of this journey.

  • What does pushing the pair of doors lead to? 

Pushing the pair of doors open will allow you to turn around and find the website of Grace where you can set up an observation post.



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