Best Music Games For kids To Enhance Their Dancing And Singing Skills

What if someone asks you to define music for you? What will be your answer? Well, when asked, I will say that it is the purest thing to find on earth. A person who can feel the music while listening to it is the one who can reach every bit of that music. It begins from childhood, and parents who want their child to engage in music, often find ways to make their child’s interest in music. However, music games for kids help a lot in such cases for parents. 


Now you must be wondering what are those music activities for kids that can make them even dance? Well, you don’t have to wait much or even have to pay for the answer to this question. Just read the following and get your answer to knowing the best music games for kids. 


Mini Maestros


Learning the basics of songwriting before learning music theory is extremely important for a person. There are various sounds you can make them feel and listen to. Sounds can be of a clap, a pencil, or an eraser rubbing too. Teach them the symbols to write and draw by pencil on paper. 


Passing the parcel


You might have heard of this game; almost every kind of party includes this game. Wrap a prize with several wrappings and make it like a parcel. Moreover, play music and make your kids play the game. Make them sit in a circle and then play some music. The one who will play the music will stop it too. Everyone has to take the parcel and then has to pass it to the other one. As the music stops, the one having the parcel will open the first wrapping and then so on.


It will improve their music understanding and also music quality. It is among the most popular games for kids at home. 


Animal Dance Party


It is one of the most interesting ways to make music a part of life. A person has to play a funky dancing music, and the other kids have to dance. Suddenly an animal name will be called out, and the kid has to interpret like that animal. 


It will enable the kid to enact the animal in a better way and make the kid able to make sounds like the animal. Learning sounds is extremely important for a person when we talk about music understanding. Enjoy while learning or learn while you enjoy, the choice is yours. 


Musical Charades


You might have played the normal charades. It is just the same, but in this song, titles are the answers. Pick the song and start the game. It is not only full of fun but also makes one go crazy with the song list. This music game for kids is more fun than technicalities. 


Sharing The Grooves


This dance game for kids is used to explore the dancing technique of a kid. Make kids stand in a circle and play the music. Every kid has to show their one classic dance move. The one next to them has to repeat it by adding his/her dance move in the end. It will continue throughout the circle. The one who cannot perform a move will be out of the game, and the one who will perform it till the end will win it anyhow. 


It is extremely useful for those kids who love dance and music. People can convert some interest in everything. Therefore go for it to make your grooves a specialty. It is one of the best music games for kids. 


Musical Clothes


You may relate this music game for kids with musical chairs too, but it is much more fun to be honest. In this game, you have to put some clothes inside a bag. Clothes can be funky, funny, or anything you want them to be. Now make the kids sit in a circle and play the game. As the music stops, the person having the bag last has to pick a random dress out of the bag. Once the person is done, pass the bag to the next one. Play the music and rotate it among the circle again.


When the bag goes empty, it is an indication that the game is now over. Look around, and the one with the craziest dress will be announced as the winner. 


Name The Instrument


A person will play a CD or on youtube play a sound and ask the other one. What is the name of this instrument? If the participant gives the right answer, then one point will be added to his account. 


The same will go for the other participants too. The one having the highest points, in the end, will be declared as the winner. This music game for kids is full of fun and enthusiasm. 


Drawing the Music 


Whether you have drawing as your key skill or music, this game is enough to make you more skilled at both activities. You have to play the music and ask the kids to draw whatever they get from the music. These music activities for kids will surely enable them to be more creative and artistic in their respective interests. 


Feeling The Music


It is somehow similar to drawing the music, but it is not exactly like that. In this music game for kids, they have to express the music. Now you must be doubting, what is expressing? Well, that means feeling the music. Make the kids stand and ask them to dance like anything they feel from the music. 


Once they start grooving and dancing, the game begins. Begin it with a slow song and then end it with a rapid one. Having beats all over. Now let the kid dance feel the music; it will surely provide the kid with a sense of understanding. 


Final Words


Music is not only an activity, it is an emotion and feeling. Starting the musical understanding from childhood impacts a lot. Playing some cool music games for kids to live or even online will be an integral part of kids’ lives. It’s all about interest and feelings. Once the kids get it, that’s when they get mature for music. 


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