Amazing Casino Games with High and Low House Edge

Amazing Casino Games with High and Low House Edge

If you are willing to win something by playing casino games, it is essential for you to have basic knowledge of the different types of casino games. Moreover, you should also have knowledge of the house edge of the available casino games. Appropriate understanding of the house edge will help you in analyzing whether the game has good probabilities of winning and how much the game is in favor of the players. In this regard, there is a wide range of games with low house edges. In other words, there are good odds of winning these games if you play appropriately. On the other hand, there are casino games with high house edges, and it becomes difficult to win these games. The current article presents brief information regarding casino games and associated house edges. 


Best Casino Games with Low House Edge

Classic Blackjack

Normally speaking, Blackjack is the game with a house edge of 0.28%. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of Blackjack variations, and there is a different house edge for each game. The house edge of 0.28% belongs to the classic Blackjack variant in which most of the most of the rules are liberal, for instance, dealer holding position on soft 17. Another best rule of the game is that the player is allowed late surrender. In the game, the house edge will stay 0.28% only if you opt for a variant containing favorable rules and utilize the best strategy while playing the game. 

For instance, Blackjack present on the NetEnt software has awesome graphics and good rules. 

Spanish 21 Blackjack

This is a popular variation of Blackjack with 0.4% of the house edge. The game is played with 48 cards as the 10s are uninvolved. The best part of the game is that it has tricky rules. For example, you are allowed to double down on any number, and you have the liability to surrender the game after doubling. The reason behind the low house edge of the game is that the basic strategy of the game is more complicated than Blackjack. 


Better or Video Poker Jack

Better or Video Poker Jack has a house edge of 0.46%. Nevertheless, in order to maintain the benefit of 0.46%, you are required to play Better machine or full pay jacks. Therefore, evaluate the play table, and if it is paying 6 to 1 for flush or 9 to 1 for a full house, it is good to play. Additionally, you are also required to utilize an optimal strategy and continue it during the game. 


Catch a Wave

Most of the casinos do not have this game in their portfolio, but this is a good game and has a house edge of 0.5%. The game is based on guessing, where the players are required to guess that whether the next drawn card will be lower or higher as compared to the previously dealt card. If the player is able to make right guess sex times continuously, they will be made payment 6 to 1. Players can also decide to continue the game, and after this, the dealer plays the game in a similar manner. If the players are able to manage a longer wave as compared to the dealer than they win.


Video Poker Wild

Deuces Wile in another famous variant of video poker. Nevertheless, the house edge of the game is 0.77%.  However, the edge is present only on the machines of full pay Deuces Wild having a favorable pay table. For instance, full pay machines are the ones that for natural royal rewards 800 to 1, for four deuces it rewards 200 to 1, for wild royal it pays, 25 to 1. Moreover, for five of a kind, it rewards 15 to 1, and for a straight flush, it pays 9 to 1. Additionally, in order to keep manage minimum house edge, it is essential for you to learn optimal Deuces Wild Strategy.

You can also play the above mentioned games on tablets and smartphones and can experience thrilling mobile gaming. 


Casino Games with High House Edge


This casino game has the worst house edges. The house edge of the game exists between 25%-29%. If you wish to play this game, you are suggested to make only one bet per game to avoid losing much money.


Casino War

Casino War is a game of luck, and it has a high house edge and specifically on the bet, namely “bet on tie.” The house edge in this game is 18.65%. This game will seem familiar if you have played it as a child. Nevertheless, the other two types of bets, which can be made in this game, are “surrender on ties,” and “go to war on ties,” and they have the house edge of 3.70% and 2.88% respectively.



Craps is the game with a generally lower house edge, but it differs depending upon the type of wager you make.  For instance, the pass/come bet and the wager don’t pass/don’t come holds the house edge of 1.44% and 1.36%, respectively. Nevertheless, the bets on odds do not have any house advantage, and the one-rolls have remarkable house edges. For instance, wager on “any sevens” holds a house edge of 16.67%; on the other hand, the one on 2,12 has the edge of 13.89%. Hence, it is recommended to avoid them as much as possible.


Progressive Slot Machines

These games might hole jackpot pools of multimillion dollars, but they are the ones with the highest odds. The range of house edge in this game is 12% to 17%. It means that for every $100 wagered, you might lose approximately $12 to $17. The worst part of the game is that you have to be quick in order to play this game. If you are planning to play the game, then be assured that you have a set of the bankroll to spend.



It is another casino game that is totally depended on luck. In this game, you can wager on the player, the banker, and even on the tie. The house edge of the bet of baker is 1.06%, and that of the player is 1.24%. Nevertheless, the house edge of the tie is 14%. It is better to avoid the baccarat bet of this type.

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