Some Must Know Casino Terminologies to Help You Understand Gambling Tactics Better

Some Must Know Casino Terminologies to Help You Understand Gambling Tactics Better

If you’re into gambling, then you would have faced such times when you didn’t understand some words and phrases used in casino games. It’s okay not to know everything regarding casino and gambling glossary. But knowing the casino terms and phrases will help you understand the respective games better. 

So let’s discuss the essential casino terminologies, so that you may turn yourself into an active gambler:


Casino Terms and Phrases


Beginning from ‘A’:

Action: The total bet amount during the table time on wager.

Active Player: A player/gamer who’s still playing or in the play.

Adding On: Flexibility to purchase more chips.

Aggregate Limit: The aggregate payout liability while a casino game/slot is going on.

All or Nothing: The player who owns all the cards will win.

Ante: The minimum betting amount needed to begin the game, i.e., placed on a wager by each player. It implements to Poker especially.

Arm: a dice throwing technique that helps in getting the desired number. The gamer/player who owns this technique is supposed to be having Golden Arm. Especially utilized in the game of craps.

Automatic Club: A casino that is entirely automatic, and doesn’t need any operator/dealer.


Casino and Gambling Glossary


Beginning from ‘B’: 

Baccarat: the game, i.e., multiple players, and is played having 6-8 decks. The game is more dependent on chance than skill.

Banker: the dealer in card games is a banker. Any dealer or player can become a banker one by one.

Barred: The persons or gamblers who aren’t allowed to enter the casino. 

Beef: A disputed situation between a dealer and a player.

Beginner’s Luck: A player begins to win as soon as he starts to gamble for the first time. 

Betting Limits: The maximum, as well as minimum betting limits declared by the casino.

Beard: A gamer betting for another to hide his/her identity. 

BINGO: A game, i.e., played using printed cards. While doing the same, the dealer proclaims numbers, and say BINGO when the BINGO is attained.

Blind Bet: A bet, i.e., put by a particular player before he/she sees his/her cards, specifically in Poker.

Blinds: A forced bet that each player requires to put.

Bookie: The person who allows bets.

Bookmarker: The person who accepts the wager.

Brit Brag: A game in Poker that involves three cards.

Buck: A hundred dollars’ wager.

Bug: Bug represents a Joker.

Buy In, Buy In: A process in which a gambler needs to convert the game’s chips into either casino chips or cash. 


Words and Phrases Used in Casino


Beginning from ‘C’: 

Camouflage: A situation when the gamers appear in disguises to hide their real identity or behavior. 

Capping: A process of putting comparatively more chips than usual. Especially, followed in Roulette, and is an obvious cheating process.

Card Counting: Gamers in Blackjack do the same, so that they may win every time they choose to play, as they’re already aware of the outcome.

Carousel: Carousel’s places when the players exchange notes with coins to play games while using the slot machines.

Case Money: A sort of Urgent Money.

Casino Advantage: The House Edge, especially in Blackjack. 

Catch: A number getting bubbled in the announced ticket.

Chase: A new bet in order to offset the last bet’s loss.

Chip Tray: The tray holding a dealer’s chips.

Croupier: It means ‘a dealer.’ Especially used in the games of Craps and Baccarat, that too in European casinos.


Casino Terminologies 


Beginning from ‘D’:

D’Alembert Rule: A rule in which the players reduce a bet by one unit if won, and vice versa if losing. 

Deal: Each player draws a card during a time. 

Deuce: When Two appears on Dice.

Die: A cubical dice numbered from 1 to 6 cubic.

Dime Bet: A wager, including One thousand dollars.

Discard Tray: A tray holding the discarded, as well as already played cards.

Double or Nothing: A bet paying the same amount as that of the wager, or nothing.

Dog: A gamer who’s more likely to lose.

Dog Player: A player who generally bets on the underdogs.

Drop: A bet, i.e., lost in a round.


Casino Terms and Phrases 


Beginning from ‘E’: 

Edge: an upper hand in comparison to the competitor.

En Prison: A bet in Roulette where the best get poisoned if the respective player loses the ongoing bet. During the time, wager gets released if there’s a win in the next spin.

Eyes in the Sky: It means that you’re being seen through the cameras by authorities.


Terms in Casino and Gambling Glossary 


Beginning from ‘F’:

Face Cards: Cards that contain a printed picture on to them, such as, Queen, Jack, Ace, and King.

Ficheur: The dealer provides each player with verified colors’ chips.

Fifth Street: Seven-card stud’s 3rd round as it comprises five cards in total.

First Base: a chair situated on the left side of the dealer from where the game begins.

Fish: the gamer who makes others lose the most money.

Flat Betting: When a player bets the same amount consistently on a hand. 

Flat Top: The jackpot’s amount remains fixed irrespective of a rise in the wager.

Flop: The games in which five cards are being dealt alike Poker. 

Fourth Street: Seven Card Stub Poker’s second round. 


Words and Phrases Used in Casino,


Beginning from ‘G’:

George: A gamer who tips the dealer.

Grease: Bribe offered to either dealer or anybody else. Someone.

Gamble: Process of risking money by putting a bet.

GOY: AN abbreviation for ‘Game of the Year.’

Gross Winning: The total amount that a player wins. 


Beginning from ‘H’:

Half Dollar: A Bet having a worth of $50.

Hand: Used in table games for a cards’ set that a player holds while a round’s going on.

Handicapper: The gamer who guesses or predicts the bet’s outcome.

Hard Count: The process of counting coins. Higher authorities do it under tight security.

High Poker: Obtaining a high degree in comparison to the lower Poker. Poker high hands win in this.

Hit: The process of receiving another card, especially in Blackjack.

Hold Your Own: The process of breaking even by neither winning nor losing.

Hole Card: In the game of Blackjack, it’s a face-down card received by a dealer. While in other games, it’s a card that all players receive.

Hot: Be it slots or table games, it defines a player who’s winning a lot.

House: Gambling center or casino.

House Edge: Casino’s built-in winning chances over the gamers.

Home Advantage: The benefit that a familiar player gets by knowing already about the game, personnel, and security.


Beginning from ‘I’:

If Bet: Two bets. Like En Prison, a gamer would lose the wager if there’s a loss in the second spin.

Inside Bets: The wager in Roulette, i.e., placed inside the numbers.

Insurance: A bet offered to the player by the dealer in Blackjack when he owns an ace as a face up card.

IPP: Its an abbreviation for ‘Irregular paying Patterns.’ It is a bonus offered by casinos to the ones who play some specific spins or hands. 


Beginning from ‘J’:

Jackpot: The winning amount a player gest after overpowering other players. 

Jacks or Better: Owning a card holding a better rank than jacks. 

Jokers: A single deck’s last two cards. Also, used as the specific variants of games as wild cards. 

Juice: It is known as Vigorish in the USA, and indicates the commission that the casinos charge. 


Beginning from ‘K’:

Kicker: Indicated a card of high rank, which doesn’t support Straight or Flush. 


Beginning from ‘L’:

LadderMan: In Baccarat, it’s a person who’s responsible for controlling the game. 

Lay the Odds: This term is mainly used in the game of Roulette. And, it indicates the wager to be put on your favorite player. 

Layout: it indicates the structure and provides information regarding where to put the wager, its amount, and where to begin.

Load Up: The maximum amount of wager allowed to be placed.

Lobby: A place within the casino helping people deciding which game should be played by introducing all the related feeds. 

Low Poker: A Poker’s variation, in which the winner is the one with the lowest rank.

L.N.: It’s an abbreviation of ‘Last Night.’

Long Shot: It indicates the team having minimum chances of winning.

Luminar: An attractive roulette table that remains enlightened with LEDs.


Beginning from ‘M’:

Middle: Placement of wager on both the game’s sides, in such a way that there’s a win as a result.

Marker: The gamer who writes cheques to play games having credit with the casinos.

Martingale: A strategy associated with betting, in which the wager gets doubled after each loss in order to offset previous spins’ loss.

Match Play: A system of tournaments containing various competitors, who play in pairs. The play comes to an end when any one of them acquires the needed points.

Mechanic: A slang used for a deceiving dealer.

Moving the Line: Paying an additional amount in order to make a situation work in your favor. 

Mini Baccarat: Same as Baccarat, having a reduced number of players, and decks, along with a small-sized table. 

Money in Action: The money available with you to place a wager on a real-time basis is Money in Action.

Multi-Player Casino: The players who play against other available players, but online.

MVG: An abbreviation of ‘Most Valued Guest,’ offered to the loyal VIP members of the casino.


Beginning from ‘N’:

Net Winning: The net amount of pay-out.

Nickel: A wager worth $500.

Non Negotiable Chips: The chips that can’t be exchanged for cash.

Number Pool: The numbers’ range in a particular game. 

Nut: A specific amount that a player specifies in order to win. 


Beginning from ‘O’:

Odds: It’s the possibility of an outcome, and represents the winning probability.

Open: The gamer who first places a wager in the game of Poker.

Out: An illegitimate bookmaker.

Outside Bets: In roulette, the bets put outside the numbers’ layout. 

Overlay: A situation in which the gamer owns edge over the house.


Beginning from ‘P’:

Paint: Represents face cards, i.e., Ace, King, Queen, Jack.

Pallete: A wooden board in Baccarat to track the scores.

Past Post: The placement of wager after the beginning of a game.

Pass: The process to fold, but not bet.

Pat: A hand having a value of minimum 17 points.

Payline: The slot games, in which each reel’s sign needs to be in a single line.

Payoff: The amount of money a player receives on his/her bet.

Payoff Odds: The chances of a player winning on a particular wager. 

Payout Table: A paper (printed), i.e., put on a table or screen to indicate the amount of money put on various bets.

Pigeon: A gambler who’s ignorant. 

Pit: The management in casinos where the slots and tables are put. 

Pit Boss: The higher authorities keeping track of tables in order to stop any scam to occur. 

Pit Manager: The supervisor of the table games.

Play the Rush: A process in which a player wins a significant amount in multiple hands or single hand in Poker.

Plug: A shuffling technique of cards, i.e., used in Blackjack. 

Pocket Cards: In Poker, when cards are dealt face-down. 

Poker: A game of cards played while having multiple layers in it, and has several variants. 

Pot: A pot amid table where all the antes and wagers are put.

Press a Bet: Previous bets’ winning’s addition to the ongoing wager. 

Probability: The chances of an event to occur. 

Progressive: The increased amount of jackpot after each hand based on the wagers’ amount. 

Punto Banco: A terminology related to Baccarat, in which Punto represents Player, and Banco represents Banker.

Push: It’s a tie, in which neither a gambler nor a casino wins.


Beginning from ‘Q’:

Queen Theatre: An electronic Roulette popular for its seating arrangement, in which 24 players can play simultaneously. 

Quads: The fours of similar kind in the game of Poker. 

Qualifier: The qualifying criterion for player to win the pot.


Beginning from ‘R’:

Rack: Rack is a container in which coins, tokens, and casino chips are put and counted.

Rake: An amount charged by casino (house) to play each round in the game of Poker. 

Rapid Roulette: A process of speeding up the roulette by beginning to bet on numbers. 

Rated: The gamblers’ skill level database. 

Riffling: A shuffling procedure in which the deck gets divided into two equal halves in order to get rifled all along. 

River: In the game of Poker, the last card, i.e., dealt is termed as going to the River. 

RNG: An abbreviation of ‘Random Number Generator.’ A software that generates random numbers in slot games, Keno, and Roulette.

Rouletto: Roulette’s synonym, i.e., used in Ireland. 

Round of Play: A single hand or hands’ series which takes single/multiple wagers in a short span of time. 

Royal Flush: Fit represents five cards having the same suit, i.e., ten, Jack, King, Queen, and Ace. 

Runner: A gamer who puts wager for others. 


Beginning from ‘S’:

Sawdust: A casino, i.e., not much developed or lavish. 

Sawbuck: Represents $10.

Scared Money: The amount of money that a player fears to lose. 

Session: The total time that a player spends on a table.

Set: A player sets his/her cards into two distinct hands of two/five in Pai Gow Poker. 

Seventh Street: The seven-card stud Poker’s last & fifth round.

Shark: A skilled player who owns an image as a Fish.

Sharp: A shrewd gamer.

Shill: The first few players before others join the play. 

Shiner: A sheer mirror that a player uses to see hidden cards and hole card of the dealer. 

Shoe: A place where the cards are put in order to be dealt. 

Showdown: The process in which a player has to show his/her cards. 

Shuffle Tracking: A strategy to count cards.

Shuffle Up: When the dealer shuffles the cards.

Shutter: A window in which Bingo numbers remain marked the way they are called. 

Silver Minings: The players looking for the left-out coins while playing slot games. 

Singleton: In Poker, a card having its own rank.

Snake Eyes: A process in which a player plays two in the game of Craps.

Spinner: It represents a winning streak.

Stacks: It’s a pile or collection of chips, i.e., 20 or more.

Streaming: A process where a player gets frustrated when the deals don’t turn out to be in favour.

Surrender: When a player loses half of its bet as soon as there reaches zero in Roulette. 


Beginning from ‘T’:

Table Hold: The money received through a single table during the 8-hour shift.

Third Street: The seven-card stud’s first round as the gamer has three cards only.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of similar rank in Poker.

Token: It is called as “Toke”. It represents the tip, i.e., offered to the dealer. 

Touch Wand: An instrument used to choose numbers while using video Keno machines.

Trips: Three cards of equivalent rank.


Beginning from ‘U’:

Under: A bet in which the gamer guesses the total points attained by both the teams. 

Under-Dog: A player or team, i.e., more likely to lose the bet. 

Unit: It represents the smallest wager amount without introducing the currency.

Up Card: The face-up card of the dealer in the game of Blackjack.


Beginning from ‘V’:

Vigorish: The commission charged by the casino. 

Viking Power: The Caribbean Stud Poker’s synonym. 

VIP: An abbreviation of ‘Very Important Person.’ 


Beginning from ‘W’:

Washing: When a dealer rubs hands to ignore a possibility of carrying chips with them. 

Web Wallet: A software, i.e., used to maintain online transactions of casinos.

Whale: The players who bet worth thousands’ dollars.

Withdrawal: A request made by a player to withdraw money from his/her casino account/wallet.

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