Interesting Variants of Blackjack You can Enjoy Online

Interesting Variants of Blackjack You can Enjoy Online

Blackjack is a banking game famous across the globe, and it is very simple, at least in theory. If you are willing to win Blackjack game, you would require more than only luck. If you use an appropriate strategy while playing Blackjack game, the probabilities of winning each hand can be greatly enhanced, which will turn this fun game into a moneymaker for you. There are many types of Blackjack games, and most of the time, they are based on the twists in basic norms, payouts, and varied number of decks utilized to play it. Here are some of the most interesting variants that you can try at the Wild Jack Online Casino.


Vegas Single Blackjack Gold

It is an amazing game that is played with a single deck. The tough part of the variant is that after each hand, the deck is jumbled, which makes the counting of card impossible. Moreover, there is no rule of surrendering the game, which makes it more challenging to play appropriately. Otherwise, this variant is fast-paced Blackjack, with rules almost similar to that of the basic game. The game is nice and fun to play.


Big 5 Blackjack

Another interesting variant of Blackjack, which is worth trying at the Wild Jack Casino, is Big 5 Blackjack. Five standard decks of card excluding joker are used to play the game. The dealer must strike on a soft 17 and doesn’t peep if the card that is revealed is either a face card or ten. After a split, the players get the opportunity to double down on any of the two cards. Nevertheless, the ten-value card cannot be split. A ten-value car and a split ace count as 21, but not a blackjack. The best part of the game is that early surrender is allowed in it. 

This game is perfect for applying the basic strategy. Moreover, the game is famous at the Wild Jack Casino. 


Double Exposure Gold

It is one of the most amazing variants of the Blackjack game if you play the game at In this game, both the cards of the dealers are exposed from the starting. It might sound easy to you. But wait read the rest of the rules:

  • The game is played using the 8 regular 52-card decks
  • It is essential for the dealer to hit on a soft 17
  • The dealer is the winner of all the ties expect the tied Blackjack
  • Even money is paid by the Blackjack

The only easier part of the game is that the player wins in case of a tied blackjack, and you can split the non-matching 10-value cards. Other than this, it is not an easy game. Exposure of both the cards of the dealer might sound easy, but when you play the game, you will discover the difficulties by yourself. 

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