How to Play Blackjack Bonus Bets

How to Play Blackjack Bonus Bets

Almost all the blackjack games now come with some bonus, side-wager, or progressive bets. This is because the players are now becoming proficient with the standard blackjack game, and now the house edge is no more strenuous and easy to do by anyone. 

Blackjack bonus bets are structured in a simpler way so that everyone can understand them and easily play with others. The blackjack bonus is designed with the standard betting methods of Blackjack, and one should make them before receiving the first two blackjack cards. 

The player in the Blackjack has to pit against the blackjack dealer to bet. The player who gets closest to the 21 wins. Initially, the blackjack player gets the two cards to deal, but the player has the option to hit, stand, double, or split hands. Like the player, the dealer also gets the two cards, but only one in Blackjack is dealt for face-up. For the first turn, the gamblers play the hand, so as to break the danger of providing the chance of house edge

How Many Types Of Bonus Bets In Blackjack?

The dealer will provide you chips in the change of the cash you gave him. The dealer also helps you in understanding the minimums as well as the maximums of the blackjack bonus bets. Usually, most of the bets are made of $1. Players must clear that blackjack bonus bets are different from the regular bets in Blackjack, and bonus bets are also called side-bets. The bonus bets are optional wagers for the brands like Progressive Blackjack, Lucky Ladies, and Royal Match. If a player wants to play with a bonus bet, the first player has to place the minimum bet of $1. The wager is placed in a circle of side-bet, which is next to the regular bet. The wager for the bonus is not dependent on the winning or losing of the regular blackjack bet; the side-bet is placed independently. 

A payoff table is associated with each and every blackjack bonus bet, which is located on the blackjack table. In case if the player does not find any payoff table, the player can ask the blackjack dealer about the what the payoffs for each bonus bet they have, and the dealer are will help the blackjack player to know the payoff table and give the player a brochure that contains rules and how a player will get payoffs. 

learn playing Blackjack Bonus Bets

Bonus or side-bets add excitement in the game for players, which is less in regular blackjack bonuses. The blackjack players are advised to sparingly play the bonus bet as there are higher chances of losing a great amount as well as the casinos will get more advantages in bonus bet for the single dollar wager than the standard blackjack wager, that is why the player is suggested to play side-bets moderately. 

Different casinos have different sets for side-bet or bonus-bets, and the advantages to the casinos are also dependent on how many decks they are using. Some casinos have similar bonus bets as they are sponsored by the same companies in the different casinos, however, casinos also have their own variation of bonus bets that players won’t find in any other casino. Playing the different bonus bets of the different casinos also add so much fun in waging the side-bets. 

What Is The Cost of Blackjack Bonus Bets

You may have heard of blackjack bonus bets and reading in this article too, but somewhere in your mind, you might be wondering what the cost of playing bonus bets or side-bets in Blackjack is. If you want to understand and learn how the house edge works in the casinos, you should know that an average player waging Blackjack is at a disadvantage about 2.5% to house edge. This means that a player who plays the Blackjack is going to lose about the 2.5 cents for the single dollar the player wagered. 

Sweet Sixteen and the Straight 8’s are the smaller and player-friendly side-bets that have low-end with 2.7% casino edge. Royal Match, Bonus Spin, Hi/Low, and Match, The Dealer, are the high percent casino edge with 3.5% to 8.6%, whereas the Magic Jack, Wheel of Madness, and Royal Match have 17% to 24% casino edge. Perfect Charlie is the highest casino edge blackjack bonus bets that are with 38.9%. You can try these different bonus betting to play Blackjack with more excitement in the game, and if your luck works and you place the right bonus bet, then you will get a big house edge. 



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