Lucky Rituals for Winning at the Casino

Lucky Rituals for Winning at the Casino

 Gambling is a game completely bases on your luck. However, some customers at the casinos think that if you get the same result over and over again numerous times, it will bring the opposite result soon. This thinking is called ‘ Gambler’s Fallacy’ which Stanislaw Ulam’s proved wrong by the theory that plays in the casino are not correlated. Is today my lucky day to gamble? Relying on superstitions dates back to early times. Many superstitions and rituals are long gone, but there are still some rituals that carried by some enlightened people in the casinos. People know that hitting blackjack is a mere chance of luck. Yet there are some people who resort to bizarre good luck rituals to ensure a win. Here are some of the rituals that people follow to bring good luck.

Pre-Gambling Rituals

Many casino players like to check their horoscope before heading to the casino, but are there any guesses whether starts can tell a good fortune or not. People like to know if it is a lucky time for gambling. People also consult Biorhythms prior to hitting the casinos, but again this is not entirely scientific.

People also try to attract good luck by wearing their lucky charm for gambling; it could be jewelry or clothing, that they always put on while gambling. Anything can become a lucky tradition for gambling

Good luck chants for casino

pre gambling rituals

The most common lucky ritual is tossing money in the pond, fountain, or a water body near the casino. These wishing wells prove to be luckier for the casinos rather than the gamblers. Casinos nets thousands of dollars from players each year who believe tossing coin brings good luck if they make a wish while doing so.


Many people also believe in chants or prayers. You will easily see people holding crosses, rosary beads, crucifixes in one hand while they push the spin button when playing. Some people can also be seen chanting out loud.

Manipulating the Machine

Most people know that there is no way you can manipulate the outcome of the slot machine spin, but still, people like to try different approaches as if the machine is conscious and have feelings. People try to get the lucky win slots by getting too touchy with the machine; some people even start fondling, kissing, or sweet-talking with the machine to influence their slots irrespective of the odds. You will overhear people pleading to slot machines “ please let me win” “ give me the money.”

Players try different routines to works against their odds. 

The common practice is players remove and reinsert their slot cards when they play; they work on the theory that machines will think its a new player. Some players cash out frequently to feed fresh bills to their choice of machine. Similar to slot card swappers, these people believe that a machine will know that a new person has sat down to play.

 Blowing on dicelucky charmrs for gambling

Blowing on a dice is a very common practice among the board game players. This is the most commonly used ritual practice among the gamblers. This practice followed mostly by women. People blow on the dice when it’s their turn to roll the dice. According to people, it brings luck and increases the chance of getting the number they want.

Knocking on wood

Knocking of wood is considered to protect against bad omen or improve the luck; it is not only common among casino players. Many people knock on wood normally to protect them against any negative occurrence. This superstition rooted in the belief that good spirits reside in the tree roots, and they possess divine power. Thus touching a tree helps in recognizing the supernatural power and rewards the doer by protecting from ill-luck.d

No Front Entrance

Many people believe that their chance of winning a game in a casino will increase if they enter the auction house by major entrance. This superstition originated back to the time when the casino had the main entrance sculpted in the form of a large lion, and the casino players used to walk through the animal jaw.

But people during these years people used to go to the gaming floors through side gate then following the main door. The operator of the gambling then changed the entrance of the game, but any customer still kept on using the side door. Slowly a misconception began to arise that when people enter the betting house through the main entrance, it brings bad luck.

Crossing the Legsmanipulating slot machine

It is generally believed that crossing leg while wagering brings bad luck, which is totally opposite to crossing the finger. This action is believed to tantamount to crossing luck. 

50 Bucks Bills

Many gamblers believe that $50 bills brings bad luck and should be avoided at any cost. Some people even reject the payment bill with $50 dominations. This superstition was born in Las Vegas when there was mob rule. There was a rumor during this period that the gangster buried the victims in the desert with their pocket full of $50 bills.

Unlucky Numbers

Gamblers avoid certain numbers, one of them being 13 because they believe it brings ill luck. Many numbers and colors are believed to bring bad luck or death in some cultures. Some people take this superstition so seriously that they develop a phobia for this.  


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