How To Play 4 Corners Game?

How To Play 4 Corners Game?

4 corners game is fun; many people play in different ways. It is easy to learn and doesn’t need any special tools. The game is also good for any age. You can use it to learn 4 corners game, start talking and have fun playing at parties. Let’s start:

About the 4 Corners Game

The 4 corners game is a guessing game in which you pick the corner that won’t be taken off. Someone is chosen to be “It” and placed in the center of the room. The four sides have numbers one to four. Players have 30 seconds to decide a corner of the room and stay there. The person who is “It” shouts a number. After that, the people from the same corner as them don’t win in the game.

Those who don’t sit should take a seat, and can’t keep going all the time. The last ones left have just 30 seconds to find a new location or keep the one they picked first. The one who is in charge of the game yells out a new number, and those people must also sit down.

This continues until only one person (or just a few) is remaining. The game leader decides if there is one winner or many. The last person standing goes to the middle and yells numbers for the next round.

4 Corners Game Rules

  • The one in the center must shut their eyes and loudly say from ten to zero while counting slowly.
  • When they know, all people need to find a place and stay there. If not, they are gone.
  • The person in the middle chooses what corner they want, then looks again.
  • Someone in the marked corner must sit down.
  • If no one is in the chosen corner, all players who are out can get up and go back to playing.
  • When only one person is left, they begin to count for the next round.
  • When there are only four or less people left in the game, each one has to choose a different corner.
  • If “It” yells in a place where no one is, they need to shout at another location.


Ways to Play and Use the 4 Corners Game

Classroom Four Corners 

Objective: Kids will learn how to make decisions.

Use Four Corners to check school things. Give answers A, B, C and D for questions. Use corners’ numbers when needed. The kids are given a question and some possible answers. They choose what they think is the right answer between (A, B, C or D) and move to that corner. The ones who answer right stay in the game and those who do not get removed. After playing a few times, those who are left win.

Indoor Four Corners

The inside version works good on bad weather days or at a party indoors. Indoor Four Corners is a guessing game where players have to guess which corner is numbered to be called next.

Outdoor Four Corners

The Four Corners’ outdoor version uses timing, speed, and careful watching. This game, also called “Canadian Four Corners,” is a chase game that uses a big square area. The person who gets to be “It” stays in the middle whereas all the other players will stand at each of the four corners.

Common Problems with Solutions

  • The players in the corners do not move during this game. They cannot be tagged when they change which corner is theirs outdoors. 
  • The players being loud. The person in charge of the game can say “It” and pick the loudest spot next.
  • If players do not know the game, have a practice round with the person in charge or leader acting as “It.”
  • If everyone keeps gathering in one area, tell players they must split up evenly into the four corners (as close as possible).

Some Questions

How do you play four corners?

The person in the middle will shut their eyes and count from 10 to 0 out loud, slowly. While they are counting, everyone else can remain where they are or quietly shift to a new corner. When the count reaches zero, everybody should be at a corner (otherwise, they need to sit down).

What is the 4 Corners game in the classroom?

Pick one pupil to be It. That person shuts their eyes as other students go to one of the four corners of the class. When all the students are sitting down, it calls out a number. All the kids who picked that corner are no longer playing. They have to sit down.

What are the rules for playing in a corner?

Shut the door and switch off the lights. Every person picks a spot to stand with their back to the wall. Each wall should only have one person. After everyone is in the corner, the person speaking counts to three. Then, they tell one person to go first. Every person should move in a circle to the next spot.


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