List of the 2023 Savannah Bananas Players

List of the 2023 Savannah Bananas Players

 Savannah banana rosterPlayers like Mat Wolf, Bill Leory, and Ryan Cox may be seen on the photo roster for the Savannah Bananas. They’re a Georgia-based baseball exhibition squad. Grayson Stadium is home to the newly formed squad in 2016. Since their alternative format, Banana Ball, proved popular in 2022, the group has operated as an exhibition squad. Many people want to know about the savannah banana roster in detail.

They played in the Coastal Plain League’s West division before that. Bananas were so dominant in the league that they won the Petitt Cup Championships all three years they participated, including their first and last. The Bananas have over six million TikTok fans, making them among the most popular college teams. More than 80,000 people attended their inaugural season’s 25 games. Let’s discuss everything you should know about the savannah banana roster. 

Players of Savannah Banana, 2023

In 2023, Michael Deeb, Malachi Mitchell, and Jackson Olson will all be included on Savannah Bananas’ depth chart. The current savannah banana roster is at twenty-four members strong. Some players on the squad have even competed at the NCAA Division I level.

In their most recent game, the savannah banana roster starters were Meadows, Deeb, Jones, Oberst, McFadden, Cox, Olson, Leroy, Bridges, Hosley, and Luigs. They are the team’s regular first-stringers. At the University of North Georgia, Leroy plays catcher for the team. His distinctive bat flips and powerful hitting made him a household name.

Bill’s efforts in leading Savannah to the Petit Cup Championship resulted in his being nominated to the 2021 Second All-CPL second team. Eric Jones, another 2023 player for the Savannah Bananas, is a catcher. Jones is a switch-hitter from North Carolina who has a great throw and communicates well with the pitcher. Luigs, on the other hand, hails from Georgia Southern University and throws right-handed. He throws a 95 mph fastball, a crisp slider, and a changeup.

Coaches for the 2023 Savannah Bananas

Eric Byrnes, Tyler Gillum, and Adam Virant are the coaches for the Savannah Bananas. The squad has won two Petit Cup titles over five years with Gillum at the helm. Gillum has committed to a year-long contract as the Banana Ball World Tour team’s head coach by the conclusion of the 2022 season. The player was developed, and new Banana Ball players were recruited by the two-time CPL coach of the year.

However, the squad benefits significantly from having Byrnes as their coach since he is one of the most vibrant people on the planet. The formidable team of Byrnes and Gillum now has a third formidable member in Virant. Virant has managed the Bananas and the Party Animals in the Banana Ball clash and has been an assistant coach for both teams.

Before joining the Bananas, He worked for one of New York City’s finest young sports programs, Bulldog Ball Club. While Gillum and Virant are great at teaching baseball and entertaining players, Byrnes has been in the major leagues and has boundless enthusiasm.

Adam also supports Berry Aldridge, the operations coordinator, with logistics. Berry, a product of Armstrong State University, oversees all baseball-related activities for the organization. Luigs and Leroy are not only players but also coaches for the squad.

Bananas Cheerleaders of Savannah

The cheerleading squad for the savannah banana roster is known as the Banana Nanas. They are a senior women’s dance team that performs at every home game.

Despite their yellow tutus, banana earrings, and shades, they’re not your average cheerleaders. They have sung along to hits including “Hey Ya!” by Outkast, “Hey Ya!” by Smash Mouth, and “I’m a Believer” by Smash Mouth.

The Nana dance, play games with the audience and toss T-shirts into the stands as crowd entertainment. Nana Split is the cheerleaders’ mascot, a considerable banana decked up in spectacles and a wig.

There is a wide variety of ages and occupations represented in the group. Karen Olenick, captain of the Banana Nanas, organizes the team and coaches them in dance routines before each game. Maceo, the team’s dancing first base coach, does acrobatic routines from the coaches’ box while the cheering squad performs on the pitch.

The banana nana has exploded in popularity in Savannah and beyond. The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN have all profiled them. They also have a cheering team, the Man Nanas, comprised of overweight middle-aged males. Players are also known to execute dance routines created by both cheering teams.

Nashville & Tour Dates for Savannah Bananas Tickets

Tickets for the savannah bananas Vivid Seats had the cheapest tickets for Tulsa at $140.00. Children under three were admitted free of charge since they did not need an additional seat.

Tickets to the team’s Coastal Plain League games have been reasonably priced. In their early years, a ticket cost $20, including hot dogs, burgers,  and soda.

Bananas tickets in Nashville can be purchased for as little as $168 on CloseSeats and as much as $276 on VividSeats. As part of their Banana Ball World Tour, the squad will take on the Party Animals in a friendly game of the sport.

The next one is scheduled for June 2, 2023, in Nashville’s First Horizon Park.

There are still 12 dates left on the Banana Baseball 2023 World Tour. All remaining event tickets have long since sold out. Ticketmaster and the team’s website had Ticket sections where fans could purchase tickets.


How legit is Savannah Bananas?

Located in Savannah, Georgia, the Savannah Bananas play exhibition baseball. In baseball terms, they’d be analogous to the Harlem Globetrotters. While Savannah is where they call “home,” they take their “world tour” on the road to delight fans.

How much do players at the Savannah Banana earn?

The league average compensation for a player like Savannah Bananas is almost $200,000 per home game. They supplement their income by competing in Banana Ball exhibitions.

The club opted out of the 2023 Coastal Plain League season in favor of a 70-game exhibition schedule. They’re presently on their tour, taking them to 33 different cities across 22 states. In addition to pitching for the Savannah Bananas, Luigs also serves as a coach. 

We can only speculate on how much money they make. Even in the lesser levels, salaries are low; thus, playing in the CPL may not increase your financial stability. However, they make a respectable living off of Banana Ball demons.


Savannah Bananas performed in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Las Vegas in May as part of their World Tour. In addition to these destinations, they visited Scottsdale, Charleston, Peoria, Tampa, Montgomery, Jacksonville, and Sugar Land throughout their travels. The above-listed portion describes everything you should know about the savannah banana roster. 



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