List of Wolf Pokémon Characters

List of Wolf Pokémon Characters

Wolf Pokemon – The top wolf Pokemon include Zacian, Rockruff, Arcanine, Absol, Manectric, Poochyena, Zoroark, Mightyena, and Zamazenta.

In the Pokemon world, which is filled with many creatures of different shapes, sizes, and designs, we’re going to talk about a special group today; the wolf Pokemon.

Each wolf Pokemon has its own story and unique features that make it stand out in the Pokemon universe. Here are some wolf Pokemon that you need to know:

List of Pokemon That Look Like Wolves 

From Mightyena walking around the Hoenn region to Zacian playing a major role in Gala’s stories, Pokemon inspired by wolves have captured our love with their special features, interesting stories, and abilities in battles.


It is a four-legged wolf-like creature with black and white fur. It has mostly white fur on its belly and a long, bushy tail with a black stripe down the centre. Kousetsu has triangular ears that can be angled or set back to capture sounds without turning its head. Its eyes have white markings around them, giving it a constant scowl.

A unique feature of Kousetsu is a sturdy triangular ice crystal on its forehead that doesn’t crack and doesn’t melt even in intense heat. Additionally, white fur around its neck and paws flows out like wings, adding to its majestic appearance.


Electrike, a Pokemon resembling a wolf, showcases a lively green fur adorned with yellow markings. Its distinctive head crest features angular symbols resembling lightning bolts, giving it an electric touch. A yellow blaze decorates its snout, and when it opens its mouth, you can see four noticeable fangs. A yellow stripe runs along its back, contributing to its electrifying appearance.

Electrike’s four legs have sharp spikes, with the hind legs sporting slightly longer spikes. To complete its overall look, Electrike has a pointed, small tail with a touch of yellow.

 Lycanroc and Rockruff 

Rockruff, introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, is an endearing Rock-Type puppy Pokemon. What sets it apart is its unique evolution process, transforming into different Lycanroc forms based on the time of day.


Another wolf-like Pokemon on our roster is Absol! Renowned for its impressive offensive capabilities, this formidable creature has become a staple on many competitive teams.

Despite its fearsome reputation, Absol is often misunderstood in the Pokemon universe. Some view this fierce wolf-dog Pokemon as a harbinger of catastrophe and destruction.


Here’s another creature that might technically be considered a cat by some, but let’s stick with calling it a wolf for now – Raikou! With its electric typing and celestial origins, Raikou is a true thunder Pokemon that delivers a powerful punch.

Houndstone and Greavard 

In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, Greavard, a new wolf Pokemon, takes the spotlight. Greavard has a somewhat sombre backstory and evolves into Houndstone. Houndstone gains an advantage with the powerful move, Last Respects, which lets it deal more damage as more allies faint in battle.


Debuting in Pokemon X and Y, Furfrou is a snobbish, poodle-inspired Pokemon. Its unique feature is its white fur coat, which can be customized in various shapes and forms according to the player’s preferences, making it a distinctive gimmick.

Despite being a normal type with average stats, Furfrou adds a touch of elegance to any team. Interestingly, as of Scarlet and Violet, it remains absent on the Switch, sparking hope among players in the Generation 9 DLC.


It is the powerful wolf-like creature, Manectric, the electric type that has been a favourite among Hoenn region trainers for years. Boasting unique stats, Manectric excels in speed and has an attack that has its lightning-fast moves as thunder as devastating. 


Prepare to feel the heat with Entei, a legendary Fire-type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. Despite its regal appearance, Entei is a fierce Fire-type attacker in PvE, excelling against Ice, Bug, Grass, and Steel-type legendary Pokemon.

Mightyena and Poochyena

Prepare to unleash your inner wolf, trainers, because we’re diving into one of the cutest yet fiercest wolf Pokemon Poochyena.

While Rockruff may be adorable, Poochyena brings an aggressive and wild vibe to the table, perfect for those seeking a wolf-like Pokemon with attitude.

Although Poochyena may not be the top contender in battles, its appearance as a fierce baby wolf is undeniable. The anime series, specifically the episode showed the natural and fierce demeanor of Poochyena when a pack attacked and chased Professor Birch. This cute yet wild baby wolf Pokemon should not be misunderstood for being weak.


While Lucario may not fit the typical wolf appearance, its design inspired by the Egyptian god Anubis, with the head of a wolf, secures its place on this list. 

Whether you’re a devoted Lucario fan or encountering this incredible creature for the first time, one thing is certain – messing with this wolf is not a good idea.

Zamazenta and Zacian 

Enter the realm of these magnificent Steel-type creatures, with Zacian symbolizing the sword and excelling in attack, while Zamazenta bears the shield banner and specializes in defence.

But it’s not just their strength that sets them apart. These two wolf-like creatures possess stunning eyes that convey a neutral yet aggressive look, making them forces to be reckoned with.


While Boltund’s design may not be as wild as Manectric and Electrike’s, this little man looks like he came out of a Disney cartoon rather than the Pokemon world.

With its fur, green, yellow, and white Boltund comes out from the mostly brown colour of its evolved form, Yamper. Although not a wolf-like Pokemon like Yamper, the colour similarities are evident when you compare them side by side.


No Pokemon list would be complete without featuring the wolf-type Pokemon.

While neither Zacian nor Zamazenta has been labelled as wolf Pokemon, a look at their fur reveals patterns and shapes that bear a similarity to that of a wolf.


Trainers, brace yourselves for the strongest wolf Pokemon -Lycanroc. With its wolf-like appearance, Pokemon Lycanroc takes the highest spot as the closest picture of a wolf in the whole Pokemon universe.


This fire-type has been a cornerstone of the Pokemon universe since its beginning and was planned to be a legendary Pokemon. When you think of “wolf” Pokemon, Arcanine is the first one to come to mind. This loyal and dependable creature is often seen with security and officer forces, which shows its fierce devotion.


Let us not forget its stats; Suicune is a true powerhouse that provides a serious edge in matches and regular playthroughs. Legend has it that Suicune brings upon the northern winds as it races across the lands.


Is there any wolf Pokemon?

Arcanine the original fire-type Pokemon is depicted to have qualities similar to a wolf. It has been since the beginning of the early days of the Pokemon universe. It should be a Pokemon that has legendary powers. In any Poke fan’s mind, it is the Pokemon that comes into the picture when you hear the world wolf or dog Pokemon.

What is the werewolf Pokemon?

In midnight form, the shape of Lycanroc gives a feel of bipedal-wolf or wear-wolf because it looks kind of crouched. It has a dark red fur that falls and remains white from the knee down. Furthermore, the face, underbelly, and tail are all outlined in white.

Is Lucario a wolf?

Lucario, a type of Pokemon, seems like a jackal or raccoon and walks on two legs. The only noticeable difference is that Lucario has red-colored eyes, which are similar to Riolu.



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