Play Time Shooter 3 and Unleash Your Inner SWAT Warrior

Play Time Shooter 3 and Unleash Your Inner SWAT Warrior
Time Shooter 3

Time Shooter 3: SWAT is an action-packed first-person shooter that puts you in control of time. As a sequel to Time Shooter 2, the game offers an even more intense and immersive experience with improved graphics, upgraded weapons, and new enemies. You’ll have to master time manipulation as you navigate different levels and battle your way to victory. With its unique blend of fast-paced shooting mechanics, challenging objectives, and innovative use of manipulating time, Time Shooter 3: SWAT will test your reflexes as you push yourself to become the ultimate warrior. In this article, we will read more about Time Shooter 3: SWAT:

Some information regarding the game

Rating: 9.0
Developer: GoGoMan
Released in: March 2022
Technology: (Unity WebGL) HTML5
Genres: Shooting>> FPS

Free the hostages – smash the terrorists

Time Shooter 3: SWAT brings a new level of excitement and challenge to the Time Shooter franchise. Players will face off against an array of enemies in dynamic, fast-paced levels with multiple objectives. New weapons and equipment are available in this edition along with improved enemy AI that provides more intense firefights than ever before. Players can also join forces in cooperative multiplayer mode or compete head-to-head for bragging rights on leaderboards around the world. The game’s unique storyline will keep players engaged as they fight their way through its challenges and discover hidden secrets within the game’s depths.

What’s new in Time Shooter 3?

Time Shooter 3 is the latest installment of the popular Time Shooter game series. This new version features a variety of exciting new levels and challenges, including an expanded single-player campaign mode and more robust online multiplayer options. The game also includes improved graphics and animations, making for an even richer gaming experience. Additionally, players can customize their weapons with various upgrades to suit their playing style and unlock special rewards throughout the game’s progression system. With all these enhancements and improvements in place, Time Shooter 3 looks like it will be one of the most thrilling games of this year Some of the new features of Time Shooter 3 include:

  • New enemies – face off against new foes, including SWAT teams and heavily armed soldiers.
  • New environments – battle your way through city streets and abandoned warehouses.
  • New weapons – equip yourself with an arsenal of powerful firearms.
  • New gameplay mechanics – use cover to your advantage, and take down enemies with well-timed headshots.

Time Shooter 3 Tips

  • Use the environment to your advantage – hide behind obstacles or shoot enemies from behind cover.
  • Use your time powers to slow down or speed up enemies and objects in the game.
  • Keep an eye on the objective – know what you’re supposed to do and complete it quickly.
  • Time your shots carefully – there is a limited time to take each shot, so make them count!
  • Use cover to your advantage – it will help protect you from enemy fire.
  • Take out the enemy sniper first – he can do a lot of damage if left unchecked.
  • Don’t forget to reload – you’ll need all the firepower you can get!
  • Stay calm and focused – the more you panicked, the less likely you are to succeed.

Features  of Time Shooter 3: SWAT

  • Dynamic levels with multiple objectives
  • SWAT is a new game mode in Time Shooter 3 that adds a tactical element to the arcade-style shooting.
  • In SWAT, players must work together to take down enemy targets while avoiding friendly fire.
  • SWAT mode is available for both online and offline play, making it perfect for those who want to join in on the action without having to commit to a full game.
  • Adding SWAT mode rounds out the Time Shooter 3 experience, offering something for everyone.
  • Cooperative multiplayer – team up with friends and take on the world in head-to-head mode.
  • Players can work together to take down enemies and complete objectives in cooperative multiplayer mode.

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Time Shooter 3: SWAT is an intense shooter game that puts you in the boots of a police SWAT officer. If you’re looking for more games like it, there are plenty to choose from. Some great options include Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Battlefield 5, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Each of these games features intense firefights with realistic tactical elements and challenging objectives. They also each offer different types of gameplay experiences with different maps and weaponry to keep players coming back time after time.

Released On

March 2022

Developed By



Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Last Updated On

Sep 25, 2022


  • arrow keys or WASD = move
  • Left-click = pick up r shoot weapon
  • R or right click = throw weapon
  • F = throw shield or pick up


Time Shooter 3: SWAT is an exciting and immersive game that offers a unique experience for gamers. With its intuitive controls, detailed graphics, and thrilling storyline, it provides an intense adventure for players looking to escape the everyday grind. The game also features a wide array of weapons and equipment to choose from. As a result, Time Shooter 3: SWAT allows players to customize their gaming experiences in order to match their playstyle or simply have fun with friends while playing online together. It’s easy to see why this title has been so popular amongst gamers since its release in 2020: it’s one of the most enjoyable shooters out there! In conclusion, Time Shooter 3: SWAT is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an action-packed shooter game with plenty of customization options and engaging gameplay mechanics.

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