10 Best Varieties Of DnD Beholder

10 Best Varieties Of DnD Beholder

Dnd beholderThere are a great many scary monsters to fight in DnD Beholder. The Beholder is one of them, and it has been present in the first version of the game. People become floating ball-like one eyes with eye stalks shooting beams at people. 

Players may well face different types of DnD Beholders. These monsters are ideal for Dungeon Masters to create exciting adventures. Let us know the classic DnD Beholder and its variations:

The DnD Beholder

To get a knowledge of Beholder types, begin with the original monster. Such enemies often appear in the Underdark, giving an unusual problem for the DM and players. They are also both magical and smart. So they are good at planning.

They have no reason to be mean, so your group has to work together to fight them. Their eye beams can cause many kinds of problems and they are enemies to all sides. But viewers are just nasty, so they make great and terrifying does for your DnD Beholder.

9. Sea Eye

If you are on an adventure at sea, there are so many cool underwater monsters to choose from. To add a classic touch to your collection, bring the timeless Beholder down into the sea. The Sea Eye is not as strong or clever as the original, but it is just the right size for an undersea cruise.

It can fool unsuspecting members of the party and use another eye power to stun and blind people. A rare and exciting enemy found only in deep-sea regions.

8. Boss Director

By dreaming up other Beholders, these creatures can form a group with front-line fighters like this Boss Director. One of the scariest things about Boss Directors is their clawed tentacles. In DnD Beholder, heroes can pick from many cool mounts, but these legless monsters can shock your party by riding animals into battle using the spikes on their tendrils.

Having a mental connection with their mounts makes this Beholder cavalry even scarier. They might not be as tough as a regular Beholder in terms of raw power, but this bigger-than-usual variant can surprise heroes by charging into fight on a ride.

7. Bloodsucker

On the scarier side among Beholderkin, Bloodsuckers come from a Beholder’s scary dream of losing lots of blood. They have retractable tentacles with fanged mouths meant for sucking blood. They are scared of bleeding out, but that fear just makes them drink blood, turning it into electricity or healing.

Their mean family history is passed on to Bloodsuckers, and they trap victims in their tentacles to slowly drink their blood. If they meet another of their kind, they fight, and the loser’s body becomes a home for their babies. It is a seriously enemy.

6. Zombie Beholder

After being brought back to life with necromancy, these Beholders lose their minds, but that makes them less difficult than the living ones. Zombie Beholders are not clever, usually attacking anything in sight, but they can follow basic commands, making them tougher. They will also try to eat enemies (no worries, it is not a disease in DnD Beholder).

Even with messed-up eyes, this undead Beholder still has rays that can disintegrate, one of those DnD Beholder attacks that can instantly kill. The chaotic nature of fighting these aberrations keeps your group on their toes.

5. Big Boss

Like all Beholders, this massive aberration called Hive Mother does not have a gender. It is tougher to fight than the usual kind and can command other Beholders to wear down your party. It is smart for this type of monster, and that, combined with its natural magic resistance, makes Hive Mothers a serious challenge.

They have a great advantage against a strong party testing their skills. Hive Mothers fight in groups, use strategy, and have no issues gobbling up heroes. Beating one of these is a big win for your group.

4. Ghost Sphere

The spirit of a Beholder is not stopped by being all ghost-like. It can take over living beings, along with having a number of new spooky powers like magic acid eyes. With other terrifying attacks, this creepy creature is super dangerous.

These angry ghosts stick around because of wild magic or being super violent and greedy. To beat a Ghost Sphere, you need specific spells and magic weapons. If it dies once, it becomes more careful, but clever players might convince it to leave without a fight if it thinks it got revenge for its death.

3. Undead Boss

Even Beholders do not like the Death Tyrant, an undead creature born from a Beholder’s dream of living forever or made by magic. If the dream is strong enough, the monster having it turns into a walking skeleton. Smart wizards can control Death Tyrants, adding another danger for your group.

Their red gaze stops all healing because they are the opposite of life. Being able to summon undead buddies without concentrating means they can bring in reinforcements whenever. Some Death Tyrants are even more dangerous, they do not follow orders and make their place to live.

2. Wise Giant Eye

An Elder Orb, a creature experienced enough to create a Death Tyrant, is huge and knows a lot. Usually leading a group of other floating monsters, they position themselves between attackers and their crew. While they do not like to fight, they are strong with magic and can even make up their spells.

As they get older, an Elder Orb becomes different from regular Beholders. Even if they are not as fast as when young, this enemy stays just as smart and only goes down in a fight.

1. Mind Spy

Mind Flayers like to put their tadpoles in lots of things, and a Mind Spy happens when a tadpole ends up in a Beholder. They might not be as strong as the regular kind, but they are scary.

Their mouths have tentacles like a leech, and there is no spot they can not see, so they will likely see you first. When they fight, it is not just with eye rays but also with psychic powers. This telepathic Mind Flayer helper’s main aim is to take out your brain.

Some FAQs

Which is the strongest beholder?

Also known as the ultimate tyrant, a beast with tremendous power and the ability to stun nearby enemies, as well as an expanded variety of eye ray abilities. The hive mothers could magically control other beholders.

What is the strongest DnD Beholder?

Volo’s Guide to Monsters lists three: the death kiss, the gauth, and the gazer. These are what are called beholder-kin. All three of them are evil. The most powerful is the death kiss, although not as strong as a normal beholder.

What are the various types of beholders?

For example, there are “observers”, and “spectators”, as well as those known variously as the eyes of the deep, elder orbs and hive mothers. By contrast, death tyrants is another term for a warrior race with notoriously rowdy personalities. What is more, some rare beholders can use their eyes for non-standard spell-like abilities; such mutant beholders are often killed or recycled by their peers.


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