Bloodborne: 20 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

Bloodborne: 20 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

Best weapon bloodborneBloodborne, developed and published by FromSoftware, is still regarded as one of the best games in the Souls series and the best PlayStation exclusive. Where it falls short of previous FromSoftware games regarding weapon and build diversity, it makes up for it with deep mechanical complexity, fantastic boss battles, and some of the best weaponry in any action RPG.

The best weapon bloodborne is devilishly ingenious, combining the functions of two conventional weapons. Any Trick Weapon may undergo a radical transformation at the touch of a button, providing the player with a level of in-the-moment variation seen in only the best action games. Not all weapons are created equal; choose the one you like using the most to kill enemies.

Below is a list of Bloodborne’s most potent weapons for anybody who would want to do the same since they are essential for players who wish to go through the game and enjoy all of its content. Let’s examine some best weapon bloodborne. 


The Kirkhammer is a formidable and versatile weapon, and it is one of the first items players get in Bloodborne. The trick mode of this weapon converts it into a massive hammer that can smash adversaries, while the single-handed mode enables players to sneak in rapid sword attacks.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the best weapon, bloodborne lightning-fast combat, you should avoid this weapon in its changed version. However, veterans may still wield the Kirkhammer to inflict horrific damage on their adversaries.

Where to Find a Kirkhammer

The Sword Hunter Badge is a prerequisite for purchasing this item from Messengers.

Logarius’ Wheel

The Wheel of Logarius is one of the most unusual weapons in the game. The thought of utilizing a wheel to run down foes is laughable. But in this case, everything works well.

Compared to other potent weapons, the Logarius’ Wheel is a mere… However, if just for the novelty of its manoeuvres, it would be worth seeking out. Those who are fans of Alfred and the story of the Executioners will like utilizing this weapon even more.

Steps to Obtaining Logarius’s Wheel

The Wheel Hunter Badge is a prerequisite for purchasing this item from Messengers.

Beast Claw

Among the best weapon bloodborne arsenal, the Beast Claw isn’t exactly a fan favourite. It is not encountered throughout the main tale, and neither its attack speed nor attack strength is particularly well-known.

The Old Hunters expansion, however, was the weapon’s saviour. Hunters may change their look and learn new skills to use with the Beast Claw, such as jumping attacks and furious flails, by acquiring the Beast’s Embrace Rune in the downloadable content. It’s less practical than the weapons we put higher, but with a build that uses its capabilities, it’s solid and a lot of fun. Laurence, the First Vicar, a legendary boss, stands between you and this treasure.

The Beast Claw: How to Obtain It

Placed in a dungeon’s layer-2 treasure room chest with an Ailing Loran Chalice

Saw Cleaver

Although the Saw Cleaver is included in the game’s initial arsenal, the Cane and Hunter Axe are equally effective in Bloodborne. The Saw Cleaver isn’t the most potent weapon, but you can use it throughout the main game and downloadable content.

The Saw Cleaver is always beneficial because of how effectively it deals with large numbers of foes. Having the Saw Cleaver readily available also allows players to improve their weapons early on, reducing the time required in the early game stockpiling resources. For players unfamiliar with FromSoftware titles, the Saw Cleaver is the most excellent beginning weapon in Bloodborne due to its simplicity.

Where to Find the Cleaver Saw

If you’re just getting started, this is the weapon I recommend.

After slaying a large pig in Yharnam and earning the Saw Hunter Badge, it may be purchased via couriers.

Saw Spear

Since the Saw Spear and Saw Cleaver are essentially interchangeable, choosing between them comes down to personal preference and the character’s build. Regardless of your decision, the weapon’s basic yet efficient moveset makes it enjoyable. There are numerous bloodborne weapons that you can use in this game. 

The arsenal may look basic compared to the more advanced weaponry in the game. Despite having a limited number of attacks, this weapon’s increased damage against Beasts more than makes up for its lack of versatility.

Where to Find the Saw’s Point

This builds bloodborne, which was recovered from a body in the Central Yharnam Sewer, which belonged to a criminal.

After slaying a giant pig in Yharnam and earning the Saw Hunter Badge, it may be purchased via couriers.

Beast Cutter

The finest weapons in Bloodborne have one thing in common: the ability to manage large groups of enemies. Bloodborne’s opponents like to swarm players in small groups, and unlike Dark Souls, players are expected to kill them all in one fell swoop.

Because of this, having a weapon like the Beast Cutter is well worth the cost. In trick mode, the Beast Cutter may be used like a whip to take advantage of low-lying foes. The Beast Cutter is like a more powerful Threaded Cane in that it increases in power as your Strength increases.

Where Can I Find the Monster Knife?

Available for pick-up at the nightmare version of The Grand Cathedral’s main door.


The Cannon is the sole sidearm on our list, and it’s simple to understand why it’s so formidable. With enough Bloodtinge, the user of this weapon may utterly annihilate their foes. Keep in mind, however, that the Cannon requires a lot of quicksilver bullets. A weaker handgun is preferable for stunning and parrying adversaries if players still need to pursue a Bloodtinge build.

Where Can I Find the Monster Knife?

It is located in a wooden structure deep inside the Forbidden Forest.


The best bloodborne weapons are another one-of-a-kind weapon introduced with the DLC. This deadly weapon is Brador’s trademark, and he is known throughout the Church as a terrifying assassin.

Its fooled mode drains HP like the Chikage, but only slightly more with each transition than the Chikage typically does. It’s a hassle to build since it scales essentially with Bloodtinge when deceived but typically with Strength. However, the converted mode is powerful and possesses excellent range and a devastating area-of-effect assault. Getting your hands on it is worth venturing to the game’s lowest levels.

Obtaining The Bloodletter: A Guide

After being beaten, Healing Church Assassin Brador discards the Bloodletter.

Stake Driver

The Stake Driver seems like a somewhat useless weapon, and that’s because it is. The weapon you get for defeating Djura has a high attack speed, but its short range means many people will likely overlook it. 

It’s a pity since if players prime the stake beforehand, the weapon’s charge damage may do much damage. One of the most pleasant feelings while utilizing the Stake Driver well is when one finds an excellent opportunity and uses the weapon to do massive charged damage.

Obtaining The Bloodletter: A Guide

Powder Keg Hunter Badge, obtained by beating Djura, required to purchase from messengers.

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The Chikage tends to deplete its wielder’s health over time, although a skilled user may avoid this by making full use of the weapon’s unique properties. Without its drawback, the Chikage would likely be abused, despite being one of the game’s greatest weapons even as is.

Some strategies exist to counteract the health loss caused by critical hits. The Chikage is a weapon that rewards those who are skilled with machines. It’s quick and powerful, and the two-handed version may even inflict poison damage. The fact that it lacks actual Trick Weapon status is a minor flaw, but the weapon itself is entertaining enough.

The Chikage: How to Obtain It

After joining the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant, you may buy this item from their messengers for 50,000 Blood Echoes.

Simon’s Bowblade

The opponents in Bloodborne, from the tallest and scariest bosses to the lowest mobs, use the same fight strategies as the foes of the more giant Dark Souls games: they charge at you and attempt to shred you into sad, defeated hunks of failure.

This means their artificial intelligence could be better at absorbing gunfire. Here is where the downloadable content weapon Simon’s Bowblade shines. Standard form: A formidable curved blade that, with enough Bloodtinge, turns into a bow capable of doing massive damage and is one of the best weapons bloodborne.

It’s sluggish to use and difficult to aim (yes, “Monocular sniping” is a thing), but it can wipe out a lot of foes from a safe distance. That’s why the Bowblade Simon uses is so effective at range in Bloodborne.

Simon’s Bowblade: Where to Obtain It

In the Fishing Hamlet, beside the Lighthouse Hut lamp, on the corpse of Simon the Harrowed.

Players may murder Simon the Harrowed in The Hunter’s Nightmare or the Research Hall to get his weapon.

Church Pick

The Church Pick isn’t superior to other weapons, such as the enormous sword or the war pick. Its changed version, like other Trick Weapons, has startlingly minor damage. However, the player may also utilize incredibly reliable stun locks thanks to the Church Pick in its changed condition.

The Church Pick is one of Bloodborne’s greatest weapons when used to unlock effectively. Stunning an opponent is a breeze because of the Church Pick’s incredible range after being changed. However, the cost of attempting to land combos is a small but unavoidable damage sacrifice.

To Be Chosen as a Church Leader

The hunter in The Hunter’s Nightmare, outfitted in Yahar’Gul sets, drops the Church Pick.

Burial Blade

The Burial Blade, Gehrman’s weapon in Bloodborne, is among the game’s top Trick Weapons. The Burial Blade is a cross between a scythe and a sword, and it’s rather beautiful to look at. However, the Burial Blade has advantages, given that it is the weapon of the game’s second-to-last monster.

First, among the several charged strikes available, a charged L2 attack has excellent reach, covering almost everything in its path and doing significant damage. In addition, the Burial Blade employs a wide range of strike animations, providing players with lots of flexibility in battle, which is especially important when venturing into the more challenging Chalice Dungeons or the downloadable content.

Finding the Gravedigger’s Sword

This item becomes available for purchase after obtaining the Old Hunter Badge by beating Gehrman, the First Hunter, and paying the couriers a price of 60,000 Blood Echoes.

A Kos Parasite

The Kos Parasite is a little too sluggish and lacks range, but these drawbacks are essential to staying manageable. The Kos Parasite may do less damage than it might, but its ability to stun is unrivalled. You may quickly kill your adversaries by approaching them with the appropriate strategy.

Not to mention that the Kos Parasite is an entertaining weapon to use and falls in the category of the best weapon bloodborne; despite its slow speed, it has an impressive array of moves and a very original layout. No other weapon in Bloodborne can compare to it in terms of utility.

The Kos Parasite: How to Contract It

Left behind by the vanquished Orphan of Kos

Blade Of Mercy

Skill-based weapons may not do as much damage per hit as their massive, clumsy rivals, but they more than makeup for this with their agility and finesse in combat. A good illustration of this is the Blade of Mercy.

Eileen the Crow, a fascinating inhabitant of the unknown land of Yharnam, uses this weapon as her calling card. The Hunter of Hunters is an expert with this short sword and dual blade combination, and the gamer will do well to emulate their use of weapons. 

Since the Blade of Mercy enhances the damage of quickstep strikes and allows the player to avoid their opponents’ attacks while applying pressure, it works well with the game’s stealthy fighting style. However, it does very little damage on each hit and requires a high level of ability to use effectively in Bloodborne.

Finding The Knife Of Compassion

After completing Eileen the Crow’s questline and earning the Crow Hunter Badge, this item may be purchased from messengers for 40,000 Blood Echoes.

Killing Eileen the Crow will also reward players with the Crow Hunter Badge.


In many ways, the Rakuyo is superior to the Chikage and is one of the best bloodborne weapons. It mimics the weapon’s move set and frees the Chikage from their restrictions. However, the Rakuyo is not like Chikage and has unique strengths and flaws.

Because of its dual-wield nature, the Rakuyo forces the user to adapt to a new control technique. However, after you’ve mastered the controls, Rakuyo becomes a formidable weapon in Bloodborne.

The Rakuyo: How to Acquire It

After Rakuyo defeats one of the Shark Giant foes who lurk at the bottom of Fishing Hamlet well, he is thrown to the ground.

Holy Moonlight Sword

The Holy Moonlight Sword is plucked from Dark Souls and plopped into Bloodborne. There is no logical reason for it to function. The Holy Moonlight Sword is the most awesome form of the series’ hallmark weapon, the Wooden Shield, and was created by From since they realised fans required a recognisable sword for The Old Hunters DLC.

It completely alters the feel of the Bloodborne gameplay loop while still being quick, powerful, and featuring a fantastic arsenal of moves. The Holy Moonlight Sword is a powerful weapon that may be used in various Arcane setups in Bloodborne.

Since its damage increases proportionally with  Dexterity and Strength, the Holy Moonlight Sword is a great weapon for any class that combines Melee and Arcane.

Finding the Sacred Blade of the Moon

After vanquishing Ludwig, the Holy Blade was discovered in the Underground Corpse Pile.

Hunter Axe

Even though the Hunter’s Axe appears early in the game, it is easily the most powerful bloodborne weapon and one of the finest in Bloodborne. The Hunter Axe is one of the best bloodborne weapons in the game regarding raw damage, and it is always readily available, scales well, has incredible range, is effective in trick mode, and can be used in any other situation.

As a weapon, it serves several purposes without fitting neatly into any category. It’s effective in one-on-one encounters, can be used for crowd control, is helpful in almost every boss battle, and never feels like chip damage. It’s not the best bloodborne weapon in the game, but it’s very good.

Obtaining the Hunting Axe: a Guide

When you begin a new game, choose it as your primary weapon.

After slaying a large pig in Yharnam and earning the Saw Hunter Badge, it may be purchased via couriers.

Whirligig Saw

One of the most basic, gruesome, and terrifying weapons is the Whirligig Saw. This is one of the greatest Strength-based  Bloodborne weapons, and it’s a hybrid of a mace and a savage, flesh-ripping saw.

Holding L2 after transforming into the Whirligig Saw lets the user to constantly grind through adversaries (as long as their stamina holds up). It does incredible damage by exploiting the frailties of its beastly opponents.

Finding the Revolving Saw Blade

It’s perched on a little rise along the route leading to the Nightmare Church.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

When compared to the Hunter Axe, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is much superior in every way, and this is why people call it the best weapon bloodborne. Ludwig’s Holy Blade lacks the maximum range of the Hunter Axe, but it can be swung much more quickly. It can effortlessly rip foes to shreds.

It has a solid arsenal of moves that can be chained into an unavoidable combination. For this reason, most Bloodborne gamers agree that Ludwig’s Holy Blade is the game’s greatest weapon.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade isn’t as easy to come by as the game’s default weapon, but skilled players may still acquire it shockingly quickly because they think it is best weapon bloodborne. There is no compelling reason to remove the weapon from your inventory after you have it. Players may and will use Ludwig’s Holy Blade to see them through to the end of the game and beyond.

Finding Ludwig’s Sacred Sword

Obtainable from a chest in the Healing Church Workshop for 20,000 Blood Echoes, after the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge has been obtained.


Here are some crucial details regarding the best weapon bloodborne. 

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