Fun Swimming Pool Games To Play With Your Friends And Family

Fun Swimming Pool Games To Play With Your Friends And Family

When the temperature heats up and the sun comes out, get ready with your sunscreen and shots to jump into the swimming pool!

To make your summers more exciting, we have created a heavenly list of fun swimming pool games. It’s time to hop into the pool for a break from a hectic schedule.

Swimming pools are the best spot to enjoy a fun pool game with friends and family. Get yourself escape with poolside games to make this vacation the best souvenir.

Let’s look at these amazing poolside games to enjoy the sun rays and the pool’s bluest water.

List of 8 Fun Pool Games

Pool games are enjoyable for both children and adults. Here we have listed some fun swimming pool games that you can play without much expertise. 

Breath-holding Contest

The breath-holding contest can be fascinating for the ones who love to take adventurous in their life. To play this game, you must have at least more than two players and a stopwatch.

Make sure to take responsibility while playing this game. Read all the guidelines because holding your breath too long can cause you hyperventilation.

The rules for this classic pool game are simple and straightforward. The game begins on count three when all the players take a deep breath and get themselves submerged underwater. 

The player who will manage himself to stay underwater for a longer duration will win the game! 

Balloon Boat Race Game

The game consists of more than two players. You must have at least one balloon boat for each team.  

Players are asked to arrange their boats at the edge of the pool. They release their balloons on saying “go” after launching their boats.

Winning decide by the boat’s distance. If one team has managed its boat to travel the farthest or at the opposite edge of the pool first, will win the match.  

Belly Flop Game 

 The belly flop challenge is considered as the toughest game where you need to tolerate decent pain. You should have a high level of bravery to take a challenge like a belly flop. 

The game is played with more than two players where they need to take turns and jump belly-first into the pool. The game is played to create that loud clap during the belly flop. If the player makes the most deafening clap, he will win the game. 

It is a fun game; you can try to do a belly flop whenever you are in a condition. It is not recommended for children; it may cause them severe harm. 

Atomic Whirlpool

To play the Atomic Whirlpool, you will need more than two players. 

It is a simple and immensely fun-loving game to play in the pool. In this game, players walk in a clockwise direction along the pool’s inner edges.

After passing the time, a whirlpool starts to form. Players can also try physics theories as they toss a ball or among themselves while present inside the whirlpool.

Balloon Toss: Pool Edition

To play this game, you will require 8+ players, four beach towels, and a huge bucket filled with water balloons. 

Most of us love a traditional balloon toss to play a swimming pool game. Create a whole new twist to this classic game by some beach towels and swimming pool together.

Players must be divided in two parts, and each team would consist of 4 players. A Beach towel is used as a launcher by both the groups. 

This game is very interesting as the main objective is to pass the water balloon forth and back using a beach towel.

Cannonball Championship

 To play the cannonball game, you need to make a big splash naturally. It involves at least two players who launch themselves as they tuck knees and curl their bodies into the pool by taking the exact shape of a cannonball. 

The game is all about the splash! If the player has made the biggest splash would get a cannonball championship. 

Chicken Fight

 As the name suggests, get ready for a swimming pool chicken fight! 

To play this game, it will require more than four players. All Players must be divided into two teams and play together to form the shape of a chicken. They must build chicken by the following guideline; one player stands still in the pool while others sit on his shoulder. 

The main objective of the game is to knock out the opposing chicken by disturbing their team member’s shoulders.

Cardboard Boat Race

Cardboard boat race game will need a cardboard box and tape. If you already have your cardboard boat ready, then you don’t need to do anything. Just jump into the pool to have fun. 

To play this game, you will require more than two players. To begin with, the game, arrange your boats at one end of the pool. As you say “GO”, all the players must paddle their boats across the pool as fast as possible.

The player who reaches first at the finish line will win the game. If your pool is small, it may take multiple rounds to decide the winner. 

Final Words  

The swimming pool is the perfect place to enjoy the water with a cold breeze. We have listed some of the fantastic swimming pool games to make your vacation more exciting and rejuvenating. Enjoy poolside games with your friends and family to get a break from ordinary life. Try these fun pool games to create the best memories and experiences; we wish you luck! 

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