Meet Professor Garlick From Hogwarts Legacy

Meet Professor Garlick From Hogwarts Legacy

Professor GarlickHogwarts Legacy had one of the biggest stars ever. Even though some people tried not to buy it, the Harry Potter prequel is one of the fastest-selling games that has ever been made. It sold over 12 million copies and earned $850,000 after just two weeks. 

The player attends classes at Hogwarts, learning new spells and completing tasks for teachers. And gamers around the world are falling hard for the Herbology witch: Professor Garlick. 

More about Professor Garlick

Her long red braids and small face have made a big impact on the internet. There are many Professor Garlick fan edits on TikTok. On YouTube and Twitch, many streamers want her attention. Her long red braids and small face have made a big impact on the internet. There are many Professor Garlick fan edits on TikTok. On YouTube and Twitch, many streamers want her attention. 

And on Facebook, every group about Hogwarts Legacy is full of jokes about liking Professor Garlick. The game might be rated okay for young teens, but the comments really are not.

It does not make a difference if you belong to Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Fans of Professor Garlick at Hogwarts love him more than any house. And simping is universal. But Professor Garlick’s choice of partners is… very particular.

In the game, there is no sign of a future Mrs. Garlick. However, there are other lesbians in the mountains. Nora Treadwell, the archaeologist and explorer whom your character meets with, talks about her wife. We meet Priya Treadwell, a very smart person who makes special mixes and owns a store. Translators from Russia changed all mentions of “wives” to “buddies”, but they are officially together.

It is nice to know Professor Garlick has friends in the lesbian community close by. She is not the only woman who loves other women in the greenhouse. In the Harry Potter films, Professor Sprout was played by a lesbian icon: Miriam Margolyes. May the tradition of lesbian herbalists last long!

Some Questions

Who is Professor Garlick in Harry Potter?

Professor Garlick from London, was born in a house of Muggles. She did not feel at home until she studied at Hogwarts. Actually, she will say it was at the famous school of magic that she really started to grow and found her amazing connection with magical herbs.

Who played Professor Garlick?

Professor Garlick, Helen, Marianne, and Ethel are important magical people. Dark Witch is also powerful. Many villagers know them as Magical Well or Townsperson.

Wasn’t Professor Garlick in the last fight?

Mirabel Garlick was not there during the fight that happened at the end of the school year. It took place in Keepers’ Caverns and Ranrok’s school attacked Hogwarts. But she did go to a remembrance for her friend, Eleazar Fig, who was lost during this time which happened after Hogwarts won their battle.

Who taught history at Hogwarts?

Professor Binns taught the History of Magic at Hogwarts until he died suddenly. His last moments were spent slumped at his desk. Professor Binns did not let his sudden passing trouble him. He kept teaching as a ghost, telling students about different Goblin uprisings and Giant wars for a long time even after he died.

Who is the strongest teacher at Hogwarts?

There Was No Teacher Stronger Than Albus Dumbledore. The Harry Potter series always pointed out Albus Dumbledore as one of the greatest wizards ever.


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