Everything About Harry Potter Inspired Quidditch Game

Everything About Harry Potter Inspired Quidditch Game


Quidditch is a very dynamic and exciting sport that is based on a fictional game popularised by Harry Potter movies and books. The Quidditch rules are not very difficult to understand. The game is played in between two teams which consist of seven players. It is designed to be an exact copy of the book version of the game.

To make this possible, each player has to mount on a broomstick and make attempts to win the game by scoring more points than opponents before catching the Golden Snitch. 

Quidditch is among the world’s Youngest games and is gaining more and more popularity day by day.

Started in 2005, Quidditch now has its own governing body known as the International Quidditch Association, which is in charge of the rules and regulation of the sports. According to IQA, the game is played by more than 300 teams in more than 20 countries. 

The objective of the Game

The main objective of Quidditch is to score as many more points as possible than the opponents. Quidditch players try to score goals by placing a minimally deflated volleyball known as the Quaffle into the basket of the opposition team. One goal earns them 10 points, and by capturing the Golden Snitch, they score 30 points.

Players & Equipment

In quidditch, teams consist of 7 players each. One is a keeper, one seeker, three chasers, and two beaters. Each of the players is assigned specific tasks.

  • The chasers- these players try to keep the possession of Quaffle (Quidditch balls) in order to score goals by throwing through any one of the opponent’s three hoops. The players can pass the ball in between each other; however, only one of the players can enter the scoring area at a  given time.
  • The beaters- these players throw bludgers at the opposition in order to disrupt them. The opposition’s beaters throw the bludgers back with a similar intention. The beaters are the ones who are strongest on the physique and strength font within the team.
  • The keeper- these players are assigned the defensive duty and are given the task of defending the team’s hoops.
  • The seeker- this player is assigned the job to capture all the important Golden-Snitches.

One best thing about the Quidditch game is that the number of equipments required to play the match is very few.



All the players should stay mount on their respective broomsticks, which can be made using various materials like PVC piping or wood. The broom needs to be held between the legs at all times while the match is on.


There is a total of six hoops, three on the sides of each team. The hoops are located at the end of the pitch, each of which has different heights. All of them are placed at least two broomsticks apart, with the tallest one being to the left side.


This is a ball that is to be utilized only by Keepers and Chasers. This is basically half-deflated volleyball, and the chasers try to throw them through any one of the hoops situated in the opponent’s team to score points. 


These are a little deflated dodgeballs and need to be used only by the beaters. There are three beaters on the pitch at any given time, and they try to throw the bludgers at the opposition team in order to knock them out. This means that the opposition players have to dismount, stop, or run back to their hoops and touch them before they can resume playing.

Golden Snitch

This is basically a tennis ball covered with a yellow sock and later attached to the Snitch Runner. A Snitch is one of those neutral players who keeps trying to avoid the opposition teams’ seeker to be able to catch the golden snitch. As soon as the Quidditch player catches the golden snitch balls, the game comes to an end. 


Quidditch has two-way scoring rules in the game. Firstly, the chasers in a team score goal by possessing the Quaffle. After possessing the quaffle, they try to enter the opposition’s scoring area and throw it successfully through any one of the opposition team’s three hoops. One goal will score 10 points.

Another way of scoring goals is to gain more points by gaining the seeker’s possession of Golden Snitch. If the player successfully does that, the team scores 30 points, and the game ends immediately. 

Winning the Game

One common misunderstand when it comes to Quidditch game rules is that team capturing the Golden Snitch is the one that wins the game. This is technically incorrect. The team which scores the highest points will be mottled as the winner of the Quidditch game. 

Golden Snitch is worth 30 points, and as soon as any player of the team captures it, the game will be announced over. Mosty, the team who captures the Snitch, wins the game. However, this is not always the case. A team can still win a game by scoring maximum points by making more goals than the opposition team.

Quidditch Rules

  • The Quidditch game begins with the bludgers and quaffle placed in the middle of the field.
  • All the seven players of the team start in the keeper zone, with their eyes closed. This is done to prevent the players from looking where the Golden Snitch is situated.
  • The Golden Snitch is kept at a sufficient distance as per the judgment of the referee. Then the referee will start the game by shouting “Brooms Up.”
  • Then both the Quidditch teams have to attempt to make more scores in comparison to the opposition team by scoring more goals. This is done by throwing the Quaffle through the opposite team’s nets and also by capturing the Golden Snitch, which eventually ends the game.
  • The fun thing about this game is that there is no set time limit for the game; this is why it also extends up to even an hour sometimes. However, the duration of the game depends upon the strength, fitness, and experience of the Quidditch teams.
  • During game time, a player who gets hit by a Bludger has to dismount their broom and instantly go back and touch the net to resume the game.
  • Quidditch is a full-fledged contact game, and all the players are allowed to use any amount of force against opponent teams’ players to capture the quaffle balls and prevent them from making goals.
  • During the game, the seeker from both teams has only one duty, that is, to possess the Golden Snitch, and once they do it, the game is declared over. 
  • The team with the highest scored points will be declared the winner of the Quidditch match.

Final Words:

 Quidditch is a fun game that is played between two teams. The game is a mirror of the Harry Potter game and has its complete essence. Quidditch began in 2005 has now gained popularity all over the world. Quidditch has pretty simple rules and requires very minimal equipment. Gather all your friends to play a fun match of Quidditch. 



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