Jack-O Crouch / Jack O Pose Challenge

Jack-O Crouch / Jack O Pose Challenge

Jack O pose Valentine is a strange character from the Guilty Gear world. Many people know her only as Jack-O’. Her odd game pose made her famous online, more than her actual game-playing skills did. It is not usual that a character’s position creates many comedy memes, which in turn starts a whole new fad. This happened with Jack-O getting added to the series.

Even though many Guilty Gear fans may have seen the Jack O pose meme before, only some might not know where it started.

Jack O pose meme origin

Fans first met Jack-O’ in the game Guilty Gear Xrd in 2015. However, the jokes about that character did not come up or became popular until 2019. When a YouTuber named Munchyjr made a video called “Absolute Queen.” In this video, we see Jack-O’ doing her favorite pose against Potemkin with full force.

But, what is interesting is that Potemkin also did the same Jack O pose. This then started a wave of memes where various Guilty Gear characters copied this pose too. If you don’t know the Jack O pose, it is when she squats in her idle animation. She puts half of her upper body on the floor and lifts up the lower part quickly.

What is the Jack O pose Meme? 

It’s a meme featuring a picture of Michael Jackson struck in a dancing Jack O pose, and it became very popular on social media.

Jack-O Valentine’s character in Guilty Gear does a pose called Jack O pose when it crouches down. Because people do not usually do that pose when they crouch, it got lots of attention and turned into a joke.

Furthermore, this Jack O pose was widely liked because Jack-O Valentine is one of the best-looking women in the game. When this funny pose became a meme, there were many live versions of it. All of them were really amusing.

Jack O pose was all over the internet

Real people were not just copying this pose, but many others altered it for characters in video games and TV shows too. To be honest, it was strange not to find a person who did not do this action in 2019. Many people who like memes enjoyed the Jack-O Crouch pose because it was both fun and exciting.

Due to its popularity, many new players began playing the Guilty Gear game. Many game players who do not know the name of the game started playing just for this character and pose. So, the game got its own attention and a new rummy part was added to the meme world.


What is the Halloween costume?

The Jack O pose is a funny picture that shows how the Guilty Gear character, Jack-O Valentine, squats. This meme got very popular in August of 2021 and can be seen in Liar Liar Pants On Fire and Hello Color.

Can humans do the Jack O pose?

To do the Jack O pose Challenge in real life, you need many twists and talents that most people don’t have. We really suggest that you don’t try this position at your home. It might really hurt your body and twist parts.


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