Top 15 Best Pokemon Girls of All Time

Top 15 Best Pokemon Girls of All Time

Pokemon Girls – The Pokemon franchise has been around for over 20 years; in that time, we’ve met some amazing female characters. From the spunky Misty to the elegant Serena, there are a number of Pokemon girls to choose from. But who are the best of the best? In this article, we will take a look at the top 15 Pokemon girls of all time.

We will rank these girls based on various factors, including their personality, skills as a Pokemon trainer, and overall impact on the franchise. So whether you are a fan of anime, games, or both, you are sure to find a few of your favourites on this list.

Top 15 Best Pokemon Girls of All Time

Take a look at the top 15 Pokemon girls of all time:

15. Lillie

Lillie is a great character. She is intellectual, delicate, and kind. She is often lost in her thoughts, which can get her into trouble. For example, she once got lost in the forest while trying to avoid Team Skull. 

She is also afraid of Pokémon, which is a result of a traumatic experience she had as a child. However, she eventually overcomes her fear and becomes a Pokémon Trainer herself.

She starts out as a shy girl but eventually becomes a confident and independent young woman. She is a great role model for young girls and will continue to be a fan favourite for years to come.

14. Iris

Iris is a great character. She is known as “The Girl Who Knows the Hearts of Dragons” and is an expert Dragon-type Pokémon trainer. She appears in Pokémon Black and White, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, and Pokémon Journeys: The Series. 

Iris is a very confident and determined young woman. She is passionate about Dragon-type Pokémon and dreams of becoming the Dragon Master. 

She is also a very skilled trainer and can defeat some of the strongest Pokemon trainers in the Unova region.

13. Serena

Serena was Ash’s original travelling companion, even before Misty. They met at Professor Oak’s Pokémon Summer Camp in Pallet Town, where Serena got lost in the forest, and Ash helped her find her way back to her group. 

She is a very feminine girl who loves fashion and dancing. She is also an aspiring Pokémon Performer, and her goal is to become the Kalos Queen.

Moreover, both Serena and Lillie are great characters, bringing something different to the Pokémon anime. 

Serena is the more outgoing and confident of the two, while Lillie is the more shy and timid one. But they both share a love of fashion and a desire to help others.

12. May

May is a sweet, kind-hearted, and optimistic girl who cares deeply about her family and friends. She is also a talented Pokémon Coordinator who always wants to improve her skills. 

However, she can also be hot-tempered at times, especially when she is frustrated or feels like she is being challenged.

May initially did not want to become a Pokémon trainer. She was more interested in fashion and shopping than battling Pokémon. However, after witnessing a Pokémon Contest, she was inspired to become a Coordinator. 

May quickly realized that she had a natural talent for Contests, and she soon began to win ribbons and compete in regional competitions.

11. Officer Jenny

Officer Jennys are a recurring character in the Pokémon anime. They are all female police officers who work in different cities throughout the Pokémon world. They are all identical in appearance, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and a police uniform. 

They are also all very kind and helpful, but they are also tough and determined when upholding the law.

Officer Jennys are often seen using Growlithe as a police dog. Growlithe are loyal and protective Pokémon that are well-suited for police work. They are also very strong and can easily subdue criminals.

10. Dawn 

She is a great character in the Pokémon anime, and I think she is one of the best female protagonists in the series. She is kind, compassionate, and always puts her Pokémon first. She is also very determined and never gives up on her dreams.

In the games, Dawn is a blank slate for players to project themselves onto. She does not have much personality, which makes her so appealing. The player can decide how she acts and what she says, which makes her feel more like a real person.

9. Nurse Joy

It does feel wrong to put Nurse Joy so far down on a list of the most important NPCs in Pokemon games, given that you interact with her more than any other NPC. 

However, it is important to consider the quality of the interaction as well as the quantity. Nurse Joy is always friendly and helpful, but her dialogue is always the same. 

8. Whitney:

Whitney and her Miltank are a nightmare for many Pokemon trainers, especially young ones. Miltank is a Normal-type Pokémon with high defence and HP, and it knows the move Rollout, which deals damage multiple times in a row. This can be not easy to deal with, especially if you do not have the right Pokémon or moves.

7. Hilda 

Hilda and Dawn are both examples of characters who suffer from protagonist syndrome. They are both young, independent, and adventurous girls who are always eager to go on new adventures. They also tend to be self-centred and believe they are the main characters of their stories.

6. Skyla’s gym 

It is one of the most unique and challenging in the Pokémon series. It is located in a high-altitude area and uses cannons to launch trainers, which is a safety hazard. However, it also makes for a very exciting and memorable experience.

5. Nessa 

It is a great addition to the list of gym leaders. She is strong, confident, and beautiful and represents the Water-type well. I also think the other gym leaders in Sword and Shield are well-designed, with various personalities and designs.

4. Elesa

Pokemon Go Girls is a manga series that features female Pokemon trainers from the franchise. Elesa is a Gym Leader from the Pokemon Black and White games, and she is not included in the Pokemon Go Girls manga.

3. Bea

I had a crush on Elesa when I was younger, which is understandable. But my feelings for Bea do not have any explanation. It is what it is, and I am not embarrassed about it.

Just look at how her character is created. It is hard to deny that it looks cool.

She shows how the SWSH leaders are much better than we have seen lately, which is why she is on this list. Totally. My feelings do not affect this.

2. Misty

Misty is one of the main characters in the Pokémon anime series. She is a Gym Leader in Cerulean City and a Pokémon Trainer specialising in Water-type Pokémon. She is a tomboyish and independent girl who is often at odds with Ash but also cares deeply for him and his friends. Misty is a fan-favourite character often ranked as one of the best Pokémon girls.

1. Cynthia

She is the champion of the Sinnoh region, and her team is powerful and well-balanced. She also has a deep understanding of Pokémon battling and can make quick and strategic decisions in battle.


Who is the most popular Pokémon girl?

Misty, May, and Serena are some of the most popular Pokémon girls.

What are some challenges that Pokémon girls face?

Pokémon girls may face sexism and discrimination but are just as capable as their male counterparts.

What are some positive representations of Pokémon girls?

The Pokémon anime and video games feature strong and independent female characters who are role models for young girls.


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