Best PS1 Hagrid Memes

Best PS1 Hagrid Memes

Best PS1 Hagrid Memes – If you have been on the internet before, you might have seen the PS1 Hagrid meme. It is a sad-looking picture used in jokes and quick comments, and it has been around for a long time. Let us find out where this meme started and check out some funny jokes with Hagrid.

About the PS1 Hagrid meme

This version of Hagrid is from a video game called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on the PlayStation 1. In the game, you have to complete tasks for Hagrid, who takes care of Hogwarts.

In this game, the characters do not look very realistic, but Hagrid looks especially sad for some reason. The actor who played Hagrid in the movies, Robbie Coltrane, made the character feel like a caring father figure to Harry. However, in the game, Hagrid’s image looks quite gloomy.

The picture you see is the very first meme of Hagrid that we know of, but we do not know who made it. It has been around for 20 years, which is quite a long time. Surprisingly, this image first popped up on a forum in 2012.

 They intentionally spelt “Haggord” wrong, which is something people often do in memes nowadays, and they also made fun of Hagrid’s strong accent. The person who created this picture started the trend, but it did not become popular right away.

A person named Benzaie, who makes videos on YouTube, added their own funny touch to the joke using PhotoShop. While playing a video game and talking about it, they mentioned that the model in the game looks like a blobfish, which is a type of fish known for its unusual appearance. 

This meme was starting to become more popular, but it had not become really famous among a lot of people yet.

PS1 Hagrid did not become popular until 2016. A person on Twitter, @Glock_Lesnar, noticed how sad Hagrid’s face looked in the game and talked about it. This was a significant moment. 

After this tweet and others like it at that time, many jokes, tributes, and people showing their love for PS1 Hagrid started to appear everywhere.

About the funniest PS1 Hagrid memes

First, we go to Twitter, where YouTuber @AlphaOmegaSin shares an improved picture of our favourite groundskeeper. It is like a magical makeover that makes his face look better with the help of raytracing.

Another Twitter meme expert, @YassifyBot, took that improved picture and gave Hagrid a new appearance by adding makeup like lipstick and eyeliner. It is already funny to make over faces this way, but it is even more amusing to see the huge difference when a rugged Hagrid turns into a clean-shaven, stylish one. 

His beard shadow even transforms into a well-defined chin. However, people do not just create pictures. Hoenn Trumpets made a whole PS1 Hagrid modification for the video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

They put Hagrid’s character onto King K. Rool, which works well because they have similar body shapes. It is funny to watch the gentle groundskeeper shoot cannonballs from K. Rool’s huge musket.

There is another fantastic project by a fan. “PS1 Hagrid’s Wonderful Adventure” is an entire album you can listen to on a website called Bandcamp. The album has six instrumental songs that capture the cozy and nice feeling of Hagrid’s hut. 

We do not know exactly who made this album since they go by the name “PS1 Hagrid,” but we give credit to the person who created these enjoyable tunes.

Some Questions

1. What is the PS1 Hagrid meme?

The PS1 Hagrid meme features a funny image of the character Hagrid from the PlayStation 1 game “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” known for his sad expression.

2. When did the PS1 Hagrid meme become popular?

The meme started to gain popularity around 2016 when a Twitter user remarked on Hagrid’s sad face.

3. What are some creative PS1 Hagrid memes?

Some creative PS1 Hagrid memes include improved images with raytracing, Hagrid’s makeover with makeup, and even a mod that places Hagrid into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

4. Is there music related to the PS1 Hagrid meme?

Yes, there is an album called “PS1 Hagrid’s Wonderful Adventure” with instrumental tracks inspired by the cozy vibes of Hagrid’s hut. The album is available on Bandcamp.


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