ARK WYVERN : The dragons and other creatures that resemble them are the main focus of Ark, as we all know. Without the best dragons, or at the very least some of them, by your side, there is no purpose in continuing to play the game. If you’re looking for the best dragons, Ark has Wyvern. The Wyvern offers a variety of species from which to choose, but wait, there’s more. The most powerful ARK WYVERN, which you can tame, will therefore be the subject of our discussion. 

One of these ark Wyvern is typically found in high-elevation areas. However, you are mistaken if you think you can train one among the adult Wyverns. Adult Wyverns, the most lethal animals in Ark, are untamable.

There is only one way to tame the wyvern ark, and that is through gathering an egg. Obtaining one is challenging because the parent ark Wyvern will attack when you approach its area. 

Discuss its various species next. Every member of its species has a unique trait that can be employed in combat. Not only that, but every one of these abilities can deal with the target harm in various ways. Due to their enormous size, ark wyverns can transport numerous other animals, including ankylosaurs, terror birds, dilophosaurus, and others. Each version has a distinct hue depending on how it performs. You can find the following Wyvern varieties in Ark.

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Poisonous Wyverns

This Wyvern’s unique capacity to shoot deadly poison at its adversaries is implied by its name. The advantage of Poison Wyvern is that it emits a 5-second-long cloud of deadly gas.

It’s cool since it continues to harm the opponent every 0.4 seconds. But only if the poisonous substance projectile misses the intended target does this occur. However, your adversary will immediately take 100 damage if you hit the target. Even if the opponent is wearing armour, the poison shoot still does damage to it. Therefore, it’s another benefit for you.

A classic ark Wyvern dragon body with a green-grey colour scheme helps to identify poison wyvern ark. With a head that resembles a serpent with a tongue that is somewhat similar to the snake, they may be determined from other Wyverns.

The Fire Wyverns

We are all aware of the dragons’ reputation for being able to spit fire. Thus, we have an ark Wyvern having fire powers here. Breathe Fire is a skill available to Fire Wyverns. For more than 6 seconds, this assault thoroughly incinerates your opponent. 

8% of the opponent’s total health is dealt to it by the fire breath attack. Furthermore, if the other person is wearing armour, this special strike ignores it. Along with their unique abilities, Fire Wyvern are swift flyers and masters of common attacks like Bite, Grab, & Taunt. 

If you want to own an awesome dragon that destroys everything in its path, the Fire Wyvern would be a decent option. This species of Wyvern has a reddish-brown orange-brown, red, or brown body color. Similar to other normal Wyverns, they have a similar body type.

Wyverns Lightning

The ark Wyvern species unquestionably possesses a rare, unique capacity to breathe lightning assaults. With a massive lightning beam, the Lightning Breathe destroys the enemy. For 3.3 seconds, this attack is active. For 3.3 seconds, the opponent keeps taking 25 damage every server tick. 

The Lightning Wyverns ark represents the ideal fusion of strong special attacks and various common attacks. If you add more melee stat points to it, the damage of this special strike will rise. The ideal course of action is to gradually spend points on melee stats, resulting in stronger attacks. 

You must be prepared to tame each of them right now. Okay, then get ready to steal an egg off the nest undetected by the parent’s noticing. Lightning Wyverns are easily recognized by their striking blue or purple colouring.

Snow Wyverns

Breathing ice is a unique talent only found in Ice Wyverns. Compared to Wyverns’ other special attacks, this one is unique. The target’s freezing immediately follows the Breath Ice’s effects. 

The enemy is slowed by 50% for 10 seconds while six invisibility projectiles are fired. The Rockets each do 20 damage. Additionally, boosting melee attack stats will make the attack even more potent. 

Light Blue & White are the most common colouration for Ice Wyverns. They can occasionally be distinguished by colour schemes of green as well as black and grey, though. In addition to their overall colour, you can recognize them by the massive spikes on their head.

Wild wyverns

The Fire Wyvern and the Forest Wyvern both have the same special attack. They spew fire, which burns the opponent and does the same damage. They have the most distinctive hue of any of the five Wyverns. The only hue of Forest Wyverns, blazing red, makes them instantly recognizable. 

This might be a wise decision if you want to own something distinctive and powerful as well. They can demonstrate that they’re the most formidable beast in the realm of Ark thanks to their fiery red colour and powerful Fire Breathe. 

There you have it, the five different ark Wyvern varieties. Which one you select now is up to you. However, given that Fire Wyvern possesses the greatest special attack and the most appealing body shape, I would advise you to choose it. This ark Wyvern appears to be the greatest in Ark.

Ark with Crystal Wyverns

In addition to the regular Wyverns, there is also a subcategory of Wyverns called Crystal Wyverns. These Wyverns also come in three varieties, each with a unique attack pattern and colour identification. Ember Crystals Wyvern, The blood Crystal Wyvern, & Tropical Crystal Wyvern are the three Crystal Wyverns.

The Crystal Wyverns’ fundamental attacks are identical to those of the ordinary Wyverns in terms of stats. However, each of them has a unique special breath attack. They are similar in terms of body structure and have varied body colours. 

Here are some specifics about each Crystal Wyvern variant. 

What is the Ark’s strongest wyvern?

Whether you choose the Fire Wyvern or the Poison Wyvern doesn’t matter. Except for the special attack, all five varieties of the Wyvern share the same starting stats for good health, endurance, food, and movement. 

Regarding special attacks, the Fire Wyvern is unquestionably the most potent. And if you asked me, I’d advise choosing the Fire Wyvern. Use the points to raise the creature’s attack and various other stats. As a result, it will become stronger and possibly more powerful in the game. However, taming one of these species can be challenging because of their traits and ordinary behaviour. But with the appropriate amount of nourishment and at the right time, you can tame one of these powerful animals.

Which Wyvern in the Ark is the Fastest?

Whether they are flying, swimming, or walking, all five Wyverns travel at the same speed. When a Wyvern is tamed, though, you’ll find that its base movement rises. This results in the tamed Wyvern growing faster. 

Any Wyvern can be made faster by utilizing the points to raise their base stats. Try a Lightning Wyvern if you want a creature with a potent attack and lightning-quick movement. 

Above everything else, the Lightning Wyvern assaults with the lightning beam’s fastest projectile that impacts your opponent. With this quick attack, you may select the Lightning Wyvern to possess exceedingly swift with improved base stats. 

This concludes our overview of the top Wyvern in Ark. We discussed the various ark Wyvern species that can be found in Ark. This guide discusses every aspect of Ark in detail, including how each variation differs from the others. 

You may now choose the ideal one for the trip to Ark if you attentively read it. In my humble opinion, the Fire variation of the Wyvern is the best one in Ark. After all, dragons are famous for spitting fire, so it’s kind of unusual. Although it is entirely up to you, pick the option that best fits your play style.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What kind of wyvern is the strongest in Ark?

Ans. The only hue of Forest Wyverns, blazing red, makes them instantly recognizable. This might be a wise decision if you want to own something distinctive and powerful. They can demonstrate to be the most muscular beast in the realm of Ark thanks to their fiery red colour & Fire Breathe.

Q2) How can wyverns be used in Ark?

Ans. A wyvern’s scales will also mitigate the effects of its particular breath attack.

Q3) Can tamed wyverns produce eggs?

Ans. No. There are just fert ones available.

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