How to Avoid Orange in Rainbow Friends Roblox

How to Avoid Orange in Rainbow Friends Roblox

In the game “Roblox Rainbow Friends,” players must avoid four menacing monsters to avoid fatal consequences. These creatures, named Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange, possess distinct personalities and footsteps, requiring players to employ unique hiding strategies for each. Orange, the third monster encountered in Rainbow Friends on Roblox, is a cunning and perilous entity. Discover effective avoidance tactics for Orange in our comprehensive Rainbow Friends Roblox guide.

How To Stay Safe from Orange Rainbow Friends In Roblox

Orange represents the third monster encountered within this gaming realm. This reptilian creature resides within a cave known as ‘Orange’s Hideout,’ where his feeding area and a lever, used to replenish his food bowl, can be located. Keeping his bowl filled with food stands as the sole method to divert his attention and keep him occupied.

His movements resonate with loud footsteps, and he leaves behind a distinctive spiky orange trail as he roams. Getting close to this trail alerts him to your presence, prompting an imminent attack. Evading both him and his trail involves manoeuvring cautiously within enclosed spaces while passing by the trail. It’s crucial to avoid any contact with the trail, even while within these enclosed areas, to ensure a safe passage.

While refilling his bowl, it’s essential to remain vigilant of your surroundings as he might be lurking above on a ledge. If spotted, swift movement away is crucial to avoid being captured. For a visual demonstration of the consequences when caution is disregarded within Orange’s Hideout, check out [A]ccurate [C]ontent on YouTube.

To sum up, always refrain from touching his trail, stay within your enclosed space and maintain a safe distance from the trail. Additionally, staying watchful during the process of replenishing the Orange monster’s food bowl in his hideout is key. Best of luck!


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