Rainbow Friends Roblox: How to avoid all the monters?

Rainbow Friends Roblox: How to avoid all the monters?

Rainbow Friends Roblox, you’ll be a little kid in a spooky world. But something important to know about this kid: they got taken away during a school trip to Odd World, a park. You must stay alive for five nights in this strange place with no living things around.

There are some creatures in this eerie world, but they’re dangerous. Let’s learn about the monsters in Roblox Rainbow Friends and how to avoid them.

Monster: Blue Rainbow Friends Roblox

The blue monster is the first scary creature in Rainbow Friends Roblox. He’s the most famous one among all the monsters.

He moves pretty fast, and it can be tough to escape if he surrounds you. He walks like a regular person.

You should hide inside your box immediately to avoid him when you see him. But be quick! If you hide too late, he’ll still catch you and you’ll lose.

Don’t think about sneaking behind him to get away. He’s really good at spotting you no matter where you are near him.

Undoubtedly, the blue friend Roblox is the most dangerous one.

Monster- Green Rainbow Friends Roblox 

The second monster in the game is the green one. It’s one of the easier ones to avoid, and it’s green because it’s not very smart.

The special thing about the green monster is that it can’t see. It won’t matter if you’re in front of it or behind it, so staying away from it is easy.

The only tricky thing it does is block paths you need to use. Sometimes, you’ll find it sitting in front of important doors. Just listen for its footsteps; don’t go that way if you hear it near a door. This way, you’ll stay safe from the green Roblox friend.

So, the green Roblox friend is kind of in the middle regarding difficulty.

Monster-Orange Roblox Friend 

The third monster you’ll face is the orange Roblox friend. You can easily spot it because it’s bright orange and looks like a raptor.

It leaves an orange trail behind as it moves. Usually, it stays close to this trail. So when you see it, make sure to stay far away from that orange path and move quickly.

This orange Roblox friend is fast, one of the quickest in the game. If it gets close to you near the orange trail, it will see no matter how quickly you try to run.

A good way to keep it busy and away from you is by giving it food from a food dispenser in its den. This will keep it occupied for a while.

The orange Roblox friend is considered a medium to high-difficulty monster because of its speed.

If you can’t find a hiding spot and it’s after you, you might be in trouble.

Monster-Purple Roblox Friend 

The last and scariest monster in the game is the purple one. It’s the fourth monster that will come after you.

The strange thing is you can’t really see what it looks like because it doesn’t have a regular appearance. The only thing you can see are its teeth.

Avoiding the purple monster isn’t too hard. It usually hides in the vents. Look out for water splashed in front of a vent. If you see that, there’s a good chance the monster is inside. Stay far away from the water puddles, go around the vent, and be safe.

I’d say the purple Roblox monster is medium difficulty. It’s not too scary, and you can avoid it pretty easily.

Monster- Red Roblox Friend

Unlike the other Rainbow Friends Roblox, who are mean to you, Red is nice. Red gives you tasks to do in the game.

Red looks the most like a person wearing a lab coat. The only thing that makes Red different is his big red head and huge eyes.

Red talks to you and helps you in the game. He warns you when something scary is coming.

Of all the Roblox Friends, Red is the only one who can be called a friend.

Other Roblox Friends:

There’s a spot on the map where you can find other creatures. They’re hidden and don’t do anything except be there.

These are the other friends:

  • Human-sized Chicken
  • Alien Pink Monster

How can you Play Rainbow Friends Roblox?

The most crucial thing in the game is to avoid these scary monsters. You should try your best to stay far away from them. But there are also other things to do in the game.

The game is a bit like those popular horror games where you must complete small tasks in a map full of creepy characters (the Roblox Friends).

As you might expect, Rainbow Friends has many surprises that make you jump, and the game creator keeps adding new ways to scare you as you get closer to finishing the game and escaping Odd World.

Final Words

The creatures you meet in Roblox Rainbow Friends are not your friends!

Stay far away from them and do your best to avoid getting caught by them. The only one you should be close to is the red Roblox friend. He appears like a nice character.

Some Questions

What is Rainbow Friends Roblox?

Rainbow Friends Roblox is a scary game where you play with friends online. It’s made by Roy & Charle. In the game, you’re in an old amusement park called Odd World. You have to survive for five nights while colourful monsters try to scare you. It’s known for being spooky and making you jump in surprise.

Is Rainbow Friends Roblox really scary?

Yes, Rainbow Friends Roblox is a scary game, but how scary it is depends on how well you handle scary stuff. Some people find it very scary, and others might not.

How many parts are there in Rainbow Friends Roblox?

Rainbow Friends Roblox has 3 parts right now. The first one came out in 2019, the second in 2020, and the third in 2022.

Is Rainbow Friends Roblox free to play?

Yes, you can play Rainbow Friends Roblox for free. But there are some things you can buy in the game using Robux, which is the game’s money.


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