Dragon Ball Super: Piccolo’s New Form ‘Orange Piccolo’, Explained

Dragon Ball Super: Piccolo’s New Form ‘Orange Piccolo’, Explained

Orange Piccolo – In the thrilling world of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Namekian fans were in for a treat when Orange Piccolo made his debut. This unique transformation breathed new life into our beloved green warrior. Let us talk more about the details of this new form.

More about Orange Piccolo

During the climactic battle with Gamma 2, Piccolo’s dormant potential surged forth, granting him an extraordinary ability. This newfound power was instrumental in the Z-Warriors’ victory over Cell Max. Without it, their triumph would have been a distant dream.

Shenron’s Gift

Piccolo’s wish to Shenron was simple: unlock his full potential. However, the Eternal Dragon had something “extra” up his celestial sleeve. The orange Namekian emblem that appeared on Piccolo’s back hinted at the reason behind this special boon. Piccolo received a unique boost as a member of the race creating the Dragon Balls.

The Form and Its Attributes

In his Orange Piccolo form:

  • Piccolo grows noticeably taller and bulkier.
  •  His pupils turn a striking shade of red, surrounded by black pigments.
  •  His skin takes on a captivating orange hue.
  •  Antennae jut sharply upward.
  •  Nails become shorter.
  •  The lack of lines on his arms from his unleashed state remains.

Power Comparison

As the dust settles, Orange Piccolo is the fourth strongest character of the Dragon Ball universe. His might surpasses that of Ultimate Gohan (though he falls short of Beast Gohan) and poses a genuine threat to Cell Max. He even outshines formidable fighters like Future Trunks, Golden Frieza, and Android 17. The gap between him and Majin Buu and Android 18 has widened considerably.

Piccolo’s Much-Needed Transformation: The Breakdown

In the world of Dragon Ball<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>, Piccolo, our green-skinned Namekian hero, recently underwent a significant transformation. However, why was it so crucial? Let us explore:

  1. Level Playing Field: In the original Dragon Ball series, characters from various races, humans, Saiyans, and Namekians, were often evenly matched in terms of strength. Everyone had a fair shot at duking it out with the powerful Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta.
  2.  The Shift: However, things changed over time. The trend of Saiyans unlocking new forms became a central theme in the franchise. Suddenly, characters like Yamcha, Krillin, and even Piccolo found themselves lagging behind. The power gap widened, and our favourite green warrior needed an upgrade.
  3.  Enter the Transformation: Piccolo’s new form arrived just when it was desperately needed. This transformation turned him orange (quite a departure from his usual green hue). Now, he stands as a force to be reckoned with, ready to take on formidable foes like Cell Max.

Some Questions

What is the new form Called?

The new form is referred to as “Ultimate Piccolo” or “Potential Unlocked Piccolo”. While the name might not be flashy, its power compensates for it. The characters used in its name are the same as Gohan’s Ultimate upgrade.

How Strong Is It?

While Goku and Vegeta possess god-like strength, Piccolo’s power level is different. Ultimate Piccolo follows the same principles as Old Kai’s Ultimate upgrade for Gohan. It unleashes all of Piccolo’s latent power, making it a formidable release.

What Does It Look Like?

In this form, Piccolo becomes noticeably taller and bulkier. His pupils turn red, and his skin becomes orange (dark orange on his arms). His antennae point sharply upward, and he maintains the lack of lines on his arms from his Potential Unleashed state.



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