Pokemon Natures: Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Natures: Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Natures are more than just strange personality traits; they impact your Pokemon’s growth and performance. In this article, we will discuss the fascinating world of Nature, its effects and helping you make informed choices for your Pokemon team.

What Are Pokemon Natures?

Introduced in Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire), Natures are crucial in shaping your Pokemon’s stats. Each Pokemon has one Nature, randomly selected from 25 possibilities. However, what do they actually do?

  • Stat Boosts and Reductions: Nature affects your Pokemon’s stats. Each Nature increases one stat by 10% and decreases another by the same amount (by the time your Pokemon reaches level 100).
    • Five Natures do not impact any stats—they are neutral. But the rest can enhance or hinder specific attributes.
  •  Playing to Strengths: The key to using Nature effectively is to play to your Pokemon’s strengths. For example, if your Pokemon excels in physical attacks, choose a Nature that boosts its Attack stat.
    •  Also, if it depends on special moves, opt for a Nature that enhances its Special Attack.
  •  Offsetting Weaknesses: While maximizing strengths is essential, consider offsetting weaknesses too.
    •  Suppose your Pokemon has a low-speed stat. Choosing a Nature that decreases Speed can be beneficial if it rarely relies on Speed-based moves.
  •  Nature and evolution: In Generation 8, Nature gained an intriguing twist related to evolution.
    •  Keep an eye on how your Pokemon’s Nature aligns with its evolutionary path—it might impact the final form.
  • Flavours and Berries: Pokemon Natures also influence their flavour preferences.
    •  Each nature corresponds to a specific flavor (linked to a stat):Attack: Spicy
    •  Defence: Sour
    •  Speed: Sweet
    •  Sp. Attack: Dry
    •  Sp. Defense: Bitter
  •  The berry a Pokemon likes matches the flavour of its raised stat, while the disliked berry corresponds to its lowered stat.

Natures by Stat

Here is a quick reference for Nature based on the stat boosts and drops:

  • Attack: Adamant, Brave, Lonely, Naughty
  •  Defence: Bold, Impish, Lax, Relaxed
  •  Sp. Attack: Modest, Mild, Quiet, Rash
  •  Sp. Defence: Calm, Careful, Gentle, Sassy
  •  Speed: Timid, Hasty, Jolly, Naive

The 25 Pokemon Natures are:

Here are the 25 Pokemon Natures along with their effects on stats:

  1. Adamant: Boosts Attack, reduces Special Attack.
  2. Brave: Boosts Attack, reduces Speed.
  3. Lonely: Boosts Attack, reduces Defense.
  4. Naughty: Boosts Attack, reduces Special Defense.
  5. Bold: Boosts Defense, reduces Attack.
  6. Impish: Boosts Defense and reduces Special Attacks.
  7. Lax: Boosts Defense and reduces Special Defense.
  8. Relaxed: Boosts Defense and reduces Speed.
  9. Modest: Boosts Special Attack, reduces Attack.
  10. Mild: Boosts Special Attack, reduces Defense.
  11. Quiet: Boosts Special Attack, reduces Speed.
  12. Rash: Boosts Special Attack, reduces Special Defense.
  13. Calm: Boosts Special Defense, reduces Attack.
  14. Careful: Boosts Special Defense, reduces Special Attack.
  15. Gentle: Boosts Special Defense, reduces Defense.
  16. Sassy: Boosts Special Defense, reduces Speed.
  17. Timid: Boosts Speed, reduces Attack.
  18. Hasty: Boosts Speed, reduces Defense.
  19. Jolly: Boosts Speed, reduces Special Attack.
  20. Naive: Boosts Speed, reduces Special Defense.
  21. Hardy: Neutral (no stat changes).
  22. Docile: Neutral (no stat changes).
  23. Serious: Neutral (no stat changes).
  24. Bashful: Neutral (no stat changes).
  25. Quirky: Neutral (no stat changes).

Some FAQs

What are Pokemon Natures?

Pokemon Natures are personality traits that affect your Pokemon’s stats.

Which Nature should I choose?

Consider your Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses when selecting a Nature.

Does Nature affect evolution?

Yes, they can influence your Pokemon’s final form.

What about flavor preferences?

Natures correspond to specific flavours, affecting berry choices.



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