How to Make a Water Elevator Minecraft

How to Make a Water Elevator Minecraft

Welcome again Minecraft lovers. Today, we will learn how to make a Water elevator in Minecraft. This is a simple and fun project that can help you move around your Minecraft world much faster than stairs. Let us get started:

Materials You Will Need

To make Water elevator Minecraft, you may need the following things:

  • Glass blocks: You can get these by smelting sand from beaches and desserts.
  • Bucket: You can make this with three Iron Ingots.
  • Kelp: You can find this in the ocean.
  • Soul Sand block: You can find this in the ancient cities.
  • Magma block: You can find this in the Overworld and Nether.

Step-by-Step Guide to Water Elevator Minecraft

Here are the steps to help you to make Water Elevator Minecraft:

Step 1: Collect the Materials

First, you need to gather all the materials listed above. The number of Glass blocks you need depends on how high you want your elevator to be. Multiply the height of your elevator by four to find out how many Glass blocks you need.

Step 2: Make the Glass Enclosure

Next, create four glass columns as high as you want your elevator to be. Make sure to leave a block of space in the middle of the enclosure for the water and a two-block tall space for the elevator’s entrance at the bottom.

Step 3: Fill the Elevator with Water

Now, you can fill the elevator with water. Place the water in the elevator from the top block. It will flow downwards to fill up the remaining space.

Step 4: Put Kelp in All Elevator Blocks

Starting at the bottom of the elevator, place down Kelp as you rise to the very top. It will turn the water blocks into source blocks.

Step 5: Destroy the Kelp

Once you have placed the Kelp, come back to the bottom of elevator and destroy the first Kelp at the bottom. It will remove the remaining of the Kelp.

Step 6: Place a Soul Sand Block at the Bottom

Finally, place a Soul Sand block at the bottom of your elevator. This will make the elevator lift players up. Place a Magma block instead if you want your players to go down with this elevator.

Moreover, there you have it. You have just built a water elevator in Minecraft. This will help you move much faster than stairs. Have fun exploring your Minecraft world.


What is a Water elevator in Minecraft? 

A water elevator structure in Minecraft allows players to travel up or down quickly. It uses water, soul sand, and magma blocks.

How do you make a Water elevator minecraft?

To make a water elevator, you need to build a glass enclosure, fill it with water, place kelp to create source blocks, and then place a soul sand block (to go up) or a magma block (to go down) at the bottom.

What materials are needed to make a Water elevator in Minecraft?

The materials needed include glass blocks, a bucket, kelp, soul sand (for upward movement), and magma (for downward movement).

Can you still make Water elevator minecraft? 

Yes, water elevators are still possible in Minecraft using soul sand and magma blocks.

Why use kelp in a Water elevator minecraft? 

Kelp is used to turn all the water blocks into source blocks, which is necessary for the elevator to work.

How does a Water elevator minecraft work? 

A Water elevator minecraft works by using the bubble columns generated by soul sand and magma blocks. Soul sand creates upward bubble columns, and magma blocks create downward ones.



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