Super Ultimate Instinct Guide for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Ultra Instinct, Goku’s most recent transformation, has piqued the imagination of Dragon Ball fans in recent years, owing to the potential ridiculousness of the transformation. With this skill, Goku is essentially invincible, able to deflect even the worst blows and return fire equally. While this has undoubtedly boosted Goku and the gang to new heights, it also means that fans of the ultra instinct mechanic in previous games may finally get their fix in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

Obtaining ultra instinct in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is surprisingly more straightforward than most players expect. Instead, the most challenging parts of the experience include mastering the abilities necessary to “recreate” Goku’s current ultimate form. How exactly do you get Ultra Instinct in this game?

What Does Ultra Instinct -Sign- Mean?

Ultra Instinct: What Is It?

Understanding why this appearance has been anticipated for so long is essential to fully appreciate the significance of a character’s much sought-after metamorphosis. The ultra instinct is a catchall concept in the Dragon Ball universe, including abilities formerly ascribed only to the gods. Goku’s distinctive Autonomous Ultra Instinct ability is activated when his user successfully channels the Ultra Instinct -Sign- form.

The user’s limbs and other appendages may now act autonomously of the user’s will. In theory, this gives Goku the ability to counter any danger with the perfect technique at the precise time. Once mastered, those who employ it have access to the Perfected Ultra Instinct and take on a white-haired persona. Goku also has his True ultra instinct, which he expresses during Autonomous Ultra Instinct by not suppressing his feelings.

How Do You Find Them In Xenoverse 2?

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s main game received the long-awaited forms as a part of downloadable content. Interestingly, Goku’s Perfected, ultra instinct form initially appeared in the game as a playable character with distinctive talents allowing users to construct their version of the form for their CaCs in DLC 6 (February 2018, Extra Pack 2).

Just as Goku’s ultra instinct -Sign- form debuted in DLC 14 (July 2022) as part of the “Conton City Vote Pack,” allowing CaCs to access their version of the form, its trademark abilities and talents have also been included.

What Needs to Be Done

Always remember that the DLC sources must be bought and correctly loaded in the game before any Ultra Instinct form can be unlocked. The DLC determines the specific path to unlocking both characters’ talents.

Players may easily add the Perfected Ultra Instinct transformation’s talents to their CaCs by purchasing them from the TP Medal Shop since this transformation is included in Extra Pack 2. Similarly, players need to take part in Parallel Quests to roll for the acquisition of the Canton City Vote Pack and the Ultra Instinct -Sign-

Improved Supernatural Instinct: The TP Medal Store

To make a Perfected, ultra instinct with white or silver hair, players need to download DLC 6 and visit the TP Medal Shop. The following characteristics may be helpful for players and their CaCs when attempting to recreate this “look:” 

Ultra-Instinctive Super-Soul!

The Super Soul, ultra instinct, is a distinguishing characteristic of Goku’s Perfected Ultra Instinct form. At or below 50% health, this version of Goku unleashes his unique Super Soul. When activated, this buff decreases the impact of any attack on you.

In addition to improving his speed and stamina/ki restoration, this also increases the overall strength of his strikes. If used correctly, any Goku has a fighting chance while using this. This Super Soul cannot be obtained by players for their CaCs. Interestingly, this “freely-moving body” part of Ultra Instinct is antithetical to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, which also refers to a “body moved freely.”

Soaring Fist, Attack Talent

Soaring Fist is a Strike Skill that grants users superhuman speed, allowing them to leap forward and strike their foe with devastating force. If you hit your opponent with this, they will be propelled with tremendous energy. When fully charged, the burst’s power and range are increased by a factor of three.

One of Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku’s defining attacks, this move is often used to kick off combos, particularly if the player is going for a swift kill. Goku’s reputation as one of the most potent Saiyans in the world is assured by his mastery of such techniques.

Divine Kamehameha, a Ki Blast

Divine Kamehameha may seem like a regular Kamehameha, but it’s a Ki Blast that significantly improves Perfected Ultra Instinct Goku’s energy strikes. While charging, players may reposition themselves with a few flicks of the joystick before unleashing a devastating Ki Wave. Like other Kamehamehas, the Divine Kamehameha will cease charging if another opponent blocks its path.

Superior, Divine Strike Ability

The ultra instinct, Fine-Tuned Godly Display, a Strike Skill, is Goku’s Ultimate Attack. In a fashion reminiscent of the anime, Goku quickly closes in on his foe and unleashes a barrage of punches. Just as in the anime, Goku can avoid his opponents’ efforts to avoid his strikes. The last Ki Blast of this strike becomes more potent the more Ki the player still has when they unleash it.

Advice for Battle: Honed Ultra Instinct

In dragon ball xenoverse 2, Perfected Ultra Instinct represents the apex of Goku’s existing forms, and its acquisition is a significant goal for any player. In contrast to -Sign-, Perfected Ultra Instinct places a premium on defense and timing to ensure that foes are punished before they can mount a meaningful counterattack. Fans utilizing this Ultra Instinct variation should consider the following game changes.

Suppose you use a character who relies heavily on Ki, like Goku (PUI). In that case, you should grab Burst Charge (Super Move) instead of a sluggish starter like Ultimate Charge (Super Move), as the latter’s high charge only works if adversaries let players utilize it. With Burst Charge, players get a Super Move that initially grants fewer but more significant Ki, working as a fast-acting charge that gradually slows down over time.

Despite Goku’s (PUI) several Ultimate Attack choices from his presets, Sign of Awakening may suit his fast-paced kit since it maximizes damage. Starting with a rush disappear, this ultra instinct follows up with 21 blows, the last of which is a blue energy ball that can do up to 40% damage. This Ki Blast Ultimate may be customized to any extent by adding input to make the user appear behind the opponent just before the assault.

Although Goku (PUI) can auto-dodge, many players may find their combinations challenging to control when the CPU executes the auto-dodge. Goku (PUI) players should look for workarounds for this since it may slow down a fast-paced battle.

Ultrasonic -Sign-: Now Is The Time To Ask Questions

DLC 14 grants access to the Canton City Vote Pack, which is required for players who desire to replicate goku ultra instinct-. To earn the Ultra Instinct -Sign-associated talents, players will have to accomplish specific missions through the Offline Parallel missions, which they won’t have to do to acquire the skills in Extra Pack 2.

The Super Soul, which in Xenoverse 2 refers to unique “equipment” more like catchphrases linked with a character, is one of the finest methods to “reflect” ultra instinct -Sign- in a CaC. I’m Getting the Hang of This is the Super Soul applicable here. In PQ 151 (Even Further Beyond), completing the objective in under seven minutes and fighting Omega Shenron and his companions are required for players to get this.

Is there a key to developing hyper instinct?

When a martial artist uses Ultra Instinct, their mind, and emotions are no longer tied to their body, and the latter may act and battle autonomously. Even the Hakaishin need help with mastering this skill. Angels, like Whis, have perfected it, however.

Which add-on makes you super instinctive?

DLC 14 (July 2022) also included Goku’s Ultra Instinct -Sign- form as part of the “Conton City Vote Pack,” along with signature abilities and talents enabling CaCs to access their version of the form.

Is ultra instinct a god form?

Angels are always in a “state” of Perfected Ultra Instinct, although this is not a metamorphosis. Goku and Vegeta learn about this condition and its powers from Whis for the first time during their training before Frieza’s Revenge. The shape is attributed to a heavenly nature and the capacity to channel holy ki.

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