Obanai Demon Slayer Unusual Look, Explained

Obanai Demon Slayer Unusual Look, Explained

OBANAI DEMON SLAYERThe Snake Hashira, Obanai Demon Slayer Iguro, possesses a distinctive physical profile. See more below. 

The Hashira are a prestigious order of warriors that excel at exterminating the demons that torment the citizens of Taisho-era Japan. They help the demon hunters survive. The group was first presented to us in the first season. Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Nezuko, and Inosuke have been gradually introducing us to every member as they embark on new adventures. 

Obanai Demon Slayer Iguro, the snake hashira, is one of the hashira. He hasn’t received much attention throughout the animated series, even though they were introduced to him briefly at the end of season 2 and during the hashira meeting in season 1. Despite having little screen time, Iguro makes a strong impression. 


Iguro has two eyes that are distinct shades of colour. In contrast to his left eye’s emerald green colour, his right eye looks to be more golden. Iguro notes that the right side of his face has always been weaker than his left, so he has had trouble seeing through it. Undoubtedly, one of Iguro’s distinctive physical traits is his distinctive pair of eyes. 

Covered face

Iguro’s disguised lips are the result of his family’s troubled past. He described his family as “shameless, reckless, ostentatious, and ugly.” He had been born into this tribe. Before Iguro was born, his family had 370 years of girl babies. They imprisoned him in a cell as a child. His mother, sisters, and aunts lavished him with lavish food and good clothing while he was imprisoned, and they took great delight in doing so.

Iguro found the overwhelming opulence in his cramped cage revolting and described the taste of the food’s fat as “suffocating.” He could occasionally hear a large thing crawling about his cell while sleeping at night. He would awaken amid the night with the terrifying sensation that someone had been looking at him, making it difficult for him to go to sleep.

When he was twelve, the female members of his family hauled him from his cage to a lavish space decorated garishly. He was on his knees, seeing two of the women from his clan kneel to whatever was in the path of them. A demon with a snake-like lower body and a woman-like upper body was seated upon a large pedestal, similar to how sculptures of gods are revered in temples. Nevertheless, she resembles a serpent rather than a human. She moved around while watching young Iguro while he slept at night. She said to the people that they should wait till he was bigger. Iguro was fully aware of its significance.

The wealth accumulated by the demon’s victims was used for feeding his family. Iguro’s clan agreed to this in return for the babies they had born being sacrificed for her to eat as it was her favourite food. She got fond of Iguro because he was a rare kid in the clan—the first in more than 300 years—and because he had intriguing eyes. Before swallowing him, she wished to wait till it was closer to filling size.

She directed the clan’s women to chop his mouth to resemble her reptilian jaws brutally. The monster drank the blood that had spilt into a chalice from Iguro. Afterwards, a bandage was placed over his mouth, probably to halt the bleeding and start the process of healing. 


Iguro decided he had to stay alive after having his mouth cut off. He successfully stole a hairclip, which he used to scratch the cell’s lattice progressively. He became increasingly afraid of being caught attempting to flee every day. The only reptile he could rely on was a little, white snake named Kaburamaru that slithered towards his cell.

Iguro eventually succeeded in escaping while Kaburamaru was still wrapped around his neck. When the devil saw him, he began to pursue him. Before Shinjuro Rengoku, known as Flame Hashira at that moment, defeated the demon and spared his life, he had been on the verge of being discovered and put to death. Rengoku also rescued his cousin.

The monster wrathfully killed all 50 of Iguro’s family members, leaving only Iguro with his cousin alive. She rejected him out of sadness and grief, blaming him for their demise. She believed everyone would stay alive if the monster consumed him as intended. Iguro desired to survive, although he knew what may happen to his tribe if he escaped. He poured his wrath into battles against demons. Eventually, he transformed into a Hashira because he realized that no matter what, he would always be a member of that “ugly” bloodline.

Kaburamaru remained by Iguro’s side during all of this commotion and berating. Kaburamaru is constantly depicted encircling Iguro’s shoulders in the manga, which preceded these awful events. The snake is still carried by Iguro wherever he goes in Demon Slayer seasons 1 and 2. The two have inevitably grown close since they went through hell and back in tandem.

For Iguro, Kaburamaru is more than just a necklace. Iguro defends Tanjiro from a Muzan attack in Volume 194, describing the manga’s conflict with Muzan. His face is cut across his eyes during the procedure, covering the upper part of his face. Iguro continues to battle despite this since Kaburamaru is crucial to this situation. Iguro can still be assaulted since Kaburamaru tells him about the battle. Iguro can respond to Muzan’s attacks suitably despite being severely hurt since Kaburamaru can read Muzan’s attacks.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about  “OBANAI DEMON SLAYER ”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Dosuri and Obanai get married?

Ans. According to what they promised before having passed away, Obanai and Mitsuri are reincarnated in Chapter 205, married, and co-own a restaurant.

Q2) Who or what killed Obanai?

Ans. Iguro Obanai

In the early morning counting arc, Muzan blinded Obanai then injured him severely, leading to his eventual demise.

Q3) Was Muzan’s head chopped off by Obanai?

Ans. With the aid of his third form, Obanai approaches Muzan. As he begins to chop off his head, he says, “Even if Muzan doesn’t die from having his head cut off, at least they might incapacitate him by cutting him to pieces.”



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