How To Adventure With Aranara in Genshin Impact

How To Adventure With Aranara in Genshin Impact

Adventure with aranaraPlayers can do quests for world to familiarize themselves with Tevyat and unlock doors. Among world quests, Aranyaka is Genshin Impact’s longest world quest thread. The quest is split up into various sub-quests located throughout Sumeru’s forests.

Once players have finished The World of Aranara, the second part in the world quest on Aranyaka, they can take up Children of the Forest and are told to “Adventure with Aranara.” But, it does not actually put a marker on your map for reference. This guide provides instructions for how you go about completing that step in Genshin Impact.

Adventuring with Aranara Genshin Impact: How to Do It

To clear the aim “Adventure with Aranara”, every player has to complete the Genshin Impact quests. Here are some:

  • Varuna Gatha
  • Vimana Agama
  • Three Rhythm quests
  • Culinary Dream
  • Agnihotra Sutra


Players in The World of Aranara who have obtained the Aranyaka gadget can make attempts at these quests. Here are some locations to begin the quest chains needed for “Adventure with Aranara” objective clearing:

Vimana Agama

To unlock this quest, one must talk to Ararycan on Devantaka Mountain. Ararycan can be reached by Seven in Devantaka Mountain teleporting to the Statue and walking northeast.

Varuna Gatha

Players will also need to teleport to the Statue of Seven near Parvis Dhyai to begin playing Varuna Gatha. From there, the fungi go southwest to eat Arapandu. Rescuing Arapandu and speaking with him will allow players to start the Varuna Gatha quest.

Culinary Dream

In order to start this quest, players will need to speak with Arapacati in Vanarana. It is located next to the Seven in Vanarana Statue and is available for players.

Three Rhythm quests

Players will talk to Arakavi in Vanarana to unlock three rhythm quests:

  • The Rhythm of the Dumb Leads to the Troubled Way.
  • Sprout Therapy is the rhythm that cradles the sprout.
  • The Way to the Beastly Rhythm

Agnihotra Sutra

Once the challenge is completed, players must report to a place and speak with the eremites around the Statue of Seven in Gandharva Ville. The Agnihotra Sutra quest starts from there. Each of the quests also rewards more, primogems and experience points. Players begin a quest and then follow the goal until completed. 

Once you have completed all the quests, the objective of Adventure with Aranara is accomplished and therefore, your search for the Children of the Forest comes to an end.

Some FAQs

With Aranara children of the forest, How do you obtain Bija?

Festival Utsava To get Bija and help Rana, you must find Aranara and prepare for the festival. As far as the Aranyaka of Arama is concerned, this would record tales about Aranara and guidelines for the journey.

Why can’t I adventure with Aranara?

In order to proceed in Aranyaka, You must complete the world quests, AKA “ Agnihotra Sutra ” (the one that gets you the Kusava gadget and allows you to repair Dendro pillars); part 2 is Dream Nursery. “Varuna Gatha” “Vimana Agama.”

What happens when you find all the aranara?

After rescuing all the Aranara, return to Araminali, where you can open eight common chests, three exquisite chests, and one precious chess and luxurious Chest. The aranara is at location #9 in the mysterious clipboard. The last Chest he opens contains the For Meritorious Service Achievement.

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