Minecraft: How to Make an End Portal

Minecraft: How to Make an End Portal

To create a Minecraft End Portal, you must use Creative Mode. You can’t obtain the necessary items if you’re in Survival Mode.

How to Make an End Portal? What are the requirements

To make a Creative Mode End Portal, follow these steps:

Look for “End Portal Frame” in the menu in Creative Mode. It’s a green and yellow block with a hole on top.

Place an Eye of Ender in the hole on top of each End Portal Frame. At the moment you fill all the slots with Eyes of Ender, the portal will open, showing a black space made of End Portal blocks.

Enter this black space, and it will take you to the End.

To create the Minecraft End Portal:

  • You need a total of 12 End Portal Frames.
  • Arrange these 12 blocks to make a square shape with sides that are three blocks long. This square should be flat on the ground, not standing upright. Building a square which is vertical won’t make a working End Portal.

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Minecraft End Portal Frames’s Properties

Here are some facts about End Portal Frames:

  • You can’t break End Portal Frames, in Survival Mode, just like Bedrock. They’re super tough.
  • If an End Portal Frame is void, it doesn’t send any Redstone power (like a signal of 0).
  • But, if you put an Eye of Ender inside it, it will send a strong Redstone signal (like a signal of 15).
  • End Portal Frames give off a little bit of light, but not much (it’s as bright as light level 2).
  • You can’t push or pull End Portal Frames using Sticky Pistons or Pistons, they won’t budge.
  • You can’t make End Portal Frames through crafting; you have to find them in the game.

How to Make an End Portal? How to find?

To find a Survival Mode’s End Portal:

You’ll need Eyes of Ender to help you. When you hold an Eye of Ender, you can make it go up in the air, and it will flow away. The way or path it goes will show you where the End Portal is in the area.

If you’re really close to an End Portal, the Eye of Ender won’t go up; instead, it will start going down into the ground. When this happens, it means the End Portal is deep below you. You should start digging to find it. But be careful because there’s a 20% chance the Eye of Ender might break when you use it.

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Tips for Eyes of Ender’s Saving

To avoid using too many Eyes of Ender while searching for an End Portal, choose a smart place to begin. End Portals are only found in places called Strongholds. They can be in various spots, but they are more likely to be below certain buildings on the surface.

Where to Get Strongholds?

Look for Strongholds mainly under Villages or other buildings related to Villagers. Sometimes, you can even find a Stronghold under small houses like fishing cottages. These are some of the best places to begin using your Eyes of Ender to see the End Portal.

How to Find an Eye of Ender?

Here’s how to find an Eye of Ender:

To create 1 Eye of Ender, you’ll need 1 Ender Pearl and 1 Blaze Powder. Put the Ender Pearl on the left side of any crafting grid, and then put the Blaze Powder on the right side of it.

How can one find Ender Pearls?

When you defeat an Enderman, there’s a 50% chance it will drop 1 Ender Pearl.

You can sometimes find Ender Pearls in Stronghold Chests, but the chances are low. It’s not the best way to get them because you need lots of Ender Pearls to locate a Stronghold.

You can also get Ender Pearls through trading. In the Expert-level Cleric Villagers, Java Edition of Minecraft have a 66% chance to give you 1 Ender Pearl for 5 Emeralds. In the Bedrock Edition, they always have this trade option.

Piglins can sometimes give you Ender Pearls too. If you give a Piglin a Gold Ingot, there’s a 2.18% chance they will provide you 2-4 Ender Pearls.

How to find Blaze Powder?

By breaking down Blaze Rods, you can get Blaze Powder. When you place a Blaze Rod on any crafting grid, it turns into 2 Blaze Powder.

To get Blaze Rods, you have to defeat mobs called Blazes.

When you defeat a Blaze, there’s a 50% chance you’ll get 1 Blaze Rod, which is similar to how you get Ender Pearls from Endermen.

Blazes can only be found inside Nether Fortresses. Blaze Spawners might usually on the upper levels or bridges of these fortresses. When you approach Blaze Spawners, make sure to wear fireproof armor.

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