How to Spot a Gamer?

How to Spot a Gamer?

Some of us pick up a game occasionally, and some dedicate a lot of time to playing games. No matter what, there are bold visual hints to find a true, hardcore game.

Gaming has founded its own little, which all gamers can understand. Some of these might sound silly, and others are quite true.

We have studied many gamers. Here are our top 7 signs that someone is a gamer. If you want to know how to spot a gamer, have a look:

How to Spot a Gamer?

Below are some of the noticeable traits and habits of true gamers:

1. They sing songs about games they have played

The soundtracks on most games are very memorable, and those who have been eating the same game for some time will know the game’s soundtrack from beginning to end.

Learning the soundtracks of their favourite games is not a universal habit of all gamers but a very common one among hardcore gamers.

2. Complaints from their relatives and  friends

Because gamers pay more attention to gaming, their loved ones give them many complaints. A real gamer, sooner or later, receives a series of complaints from family and friends over the period spent gaming.

You are now a cell leader in the gamer’s pack if you are at this level. Family and friends are probably just worried about your welfare.

3. Once they get the emotional part of them into a game.

Moreover, those who have played Life is Strange or The Last of Us for a while know the meaning of being emotionally attached. Moreover, when someone says they became attached emotionally to a game before, that is a good way to guess whether or not they are gamers.

4. Video games make happy

However, it is called a game because people use it to enjoy themselves and make themselves feel better. There is even an extra level of joy that only gamers glean from video gamers, even from the sound of the word itself.

Although many people game to unwind, gaming is the blood in the veins of some gamer addicts.

5. They do not mind the cost

You may have to stomach it, but every good game is worth it if you give gamers what they want. A real gamer might be saying how expensive things are but would never blink an eye when told the price of a GTRACING Gaming Chair.

6. Video games are worth cancelling any plans.

Another simple method to finding gamers is that after being red-handed, they do not put up a front of having lied or planning to leave the deal to save their game.

7. PC wallpaper related to video games and everything

There are many ways of approaching when we talk about gadgets, however, for gamers, it always amounts to game-related stickers on the PC and phone. An exception for true gamers is that the wallpaper on their PC or phone always has something to do with video games.


There is one last characteristic of a true gamer that we cannot leave out: they learn more and all kinds of things from the entire gaming process than anywhere else.

More of them need to learn the historical facts or read the mythology found in games. Should we start from historical fact or mythology, which every gamer must have known from playing? Or should we go back to the teamwork that was part of multiplayer?

If you have caught them all, you know how hard it is. With these 7 signs we have observed, any gamer out there can identify with every single one.

Some FAQs

What is a normal amount of time to spend playing games?

The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids over 6 do not play for more than an hour on school days or 2 hours on non-school days. Children under six should spend about 30 minutes at most. Parents should also know and approve of the games that their kids play. Do not play any violent or sex-oriented video games.

How to Spot a Gamer?

A gamer who plays interactive games, mostly video games, table-top role-playing games, and skill-based card games. They often play for long periods.



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