Dungeons & Dragons: 5 Tips For Playing As A Firbolg 5e 

Dungeons & Dragons: 5 Tips For Playing As A Firbolg 5e 

Firbolg 5eThe official sources of D&D 5e provide more than 40 species, so choosing the right species for your character can be no easy task. Firbolgs allow you to play a gentle giant, with a gift for communing with nature.

A major part of being a firbolg 5e is finding out who you are in a chaotic, dangerous environment and figuring out how to use all your gifts to fit in.

5. Add Firbolg 5e To Your Game’s World

In Faerun, firbolgs tend to keep away from all contact with other species and will live in remote places with their clan mates. If you choose to play an adventuring firbolg, your character is likely to be unfamiliar with social customs or rules. You can use this naivete to indulge yourself without compromising your character’s ethics or principles.

It might create some dissonance between your character and outside forces or the laws of a kingdom he has never had to follow before. However, it can bring some memorable moments of role-playing that pinpoint exactly what makes your character tick.

4. Play the Not-So-Gentle Giant

Most DMs do not want to consider the encumbrance issue and allow players to carry the contents of a warehouse in their pockets. Nonetheless, campaigns that have weight management should find that the Powerful Build property lets the firbolg, who can rely on his own Strength to pass over obstacles or carry away trucks full of treasure hordes, where most other species.

 For DMs who do not remember the exact weight rules, just saying ‘I have Powerful Build’ is normally sufficient to permit making an Athletics roll which most others would not have the chance to succeed.

3. Take Advantage Of Your Connection To Nature

As allies of nature, firbolgs can converse with plants and animals and have a bonus on Charisma checks to negotiate with them. An underestimated speciality, this requires some creativity to make the most of but is very helpful in most circumstances where either can be found.

2. Recommended Class Options

You can be a firbolg in any of the classes, but a few are particularly well suited to making the best use of your unique capabilities. In addition, do not think you always have to play a druid just because Volo’s Guide suggests it with not-so-subtle hints. A firbolg 5e fighter, monk, or warlock is not hard to rationalize.

1. Putting Your Ability Scores And Skill Proficiencies In Order Of Priority

However, Tasha’s lets players arrange ability score bonuses as they see fit, but this is an optional rule not every DM uses. Firbolgs begin with a plus two to Wisdom and a plus one to Strength.

This means that firbolgs are best as druids, but you ought to check that you do not have a neutral or negative adjustment to Dexterity. Unless you can add something to the roll, stealth will be completely useless. If you can add something to the roll, taking the Stealth skill proficiency will make up for it completely.

Some FAQs

What is the best class to be as a Firbolg 5e?

Volo’s Guide To Monsters describes the firbolg as being mostly druids, rangers or fighters. However, the bonuses to wisdom and Strength are great for a druid or a strength-based melee ranger.

What does a Firbolg know how to do?

They can sense the presence of magic around them, and they can become temporarily invisible to escape enemies. The firbolg can put on a magic disguise when desired and adopt the stature of the shorter person of this world.

What should a Firbolg take with him?

Firbolgs can use big-size melee weapons; they dislike wearing armour or holding a shield. Among artificial weapons, they favour two-handed swords and halberds. They can wield either in one hand without any penalty.


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