How to Play Pickleball: The Perfect Guide for the Beginners

How to Play Pickleball: The Perfect Guide for the Beginners

Are you looking for an interesting and active game? If yes, then you should try “Pickleball”. If you love sports and want to try something new, this game is perfect. Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Moreover, the playing techniques and rules are almost the same as these games. How to play pickleball is very interesting as it is a mixture of the three most active games. 


Pickleball is a paddle sport, and it contains some of the best spots of all time. The playing court of pickleball is similar to the tennis court. Moreover, the baselines and the service lines are also the same but smaller because it is a small level game. The net gives the badminton feel to this game. However, the net size is smaller, but the material and the design of the net are similar to the badminton net. Finally, the last part is the pickleball paddle, and it resembles the ping-pong paddle. Moreover, the design is also the same, and the only difference is size. 


As you have read the basic aspects of the pickleball game, you must now be curious about playing pickleball? Well, here this article will help you to know the simplest and best ways to play pickleball. Read the full article, so you do not miss the basic things and objectives about the game. 


How to Play Pickleball- Two Bounce Rule

Pickleball is a very interesting game and not a tough task to perform. There are some of the basic steps to play this game. Moreover, the two bounce rule is the only and main rule to learn. So here are some of the most efficient ways on how to play pickleball.  


  • The paddle is used to hit the pickleball. You have to hit the ball before it touches the court surface or ground, and this activity should be in continuity. Moreover, when you hit the ball, it should land in the opponent’s service court. 


  • There is a non-volley zone in your court, which you have to cross by hitting the pickleball. After the non-volley zone, there is a net, so you have to hit in a way that your ball crosses the net and non-volley zone. However, your service can land on any service lines but should not land in the non-volley zone. 


  • When you start the server, you have to allow the ball to bounce on the floor for once. Similarly, the opponent team has to do the same in the first serving. Moreover, the ball should not bounce more than twice after hitting from both sides. Once the ball has bounced twice, you have to play the game without letting the ball bounce. Then the ball is allowed to volley until a team commits a fault.


  • The player who starts the serve can attend the ball, but the serving team loses a point if the ball strikes their partner. 


  • Now an essential term to be remembered, when the serving player hits the ball to cross the net, but it fails and drops in the service court, it is known as “let.” A let notifies that you have to do the service again. You have to do the same thing until you perform the perfect serving.


Pickleball Scoring 

The player needs to pay good attention to the scoring of this game. If you know the proper scoring of a game, you will find the difficulty of playing pickleball. Read these points carefully so you can do the right scoring and get fair results. 


  • The team who is serving the ball in the game is allowed to score the points. 


  • Points get scored when a team hits the ball, and the opponent team cannot hit the ball from the other side of the serving court. 


  • The team who gets the early 11 points, lead by 2 points margins, will win the game. The winner will be declared on the basis of this points system only. 


  • The game will continue in the court until the conditions mentioned earlier do not meet. Please follow these scoring points carefully for a better game and fair results. 


Pickleball Rules 

The rules of pickleballs are very simple and to learn. This interesting game does not have hard and fast rules. Moreover, there are just two simple fair rules which are handy and easy to understand. However, if you want to be a perfect player of this game with rules, you need to practice hard because every sport needs dedication and practice. 


Understanding the rules is very important in the process of how to play pickleball. So here is the perfect guide for your doubts about the rules of this amazing game. 


Serving in Pickleball

Pickleball serving rules are very easy, and they are similar to the tennis serving rules. The ball gets served underhand, swinging the paddle down the waist. Moreover, the ball should not bounce while going from one court to another. The opponent player has to serve the ball in your service zone during the game.


The serving team will get a scoring point if the opponent team commits a fault. However, it is not allowed to use unfair means, so the opponent team leads to faults. Therefore the first team will score the 11 points earlier, but the game will continue until the leading team scores the two margin points. 


Serve Motion in Pickleball 

Your hand motion is also important in pickleball serving rules. The serving is done with the underhand and your waist should be down. The paddle’s head should rest down the wrist and put your arms in the upward direction while striking the ball with the paddle. 


This technique is very helpful for an effective game. Moreover, if you serve in this motion, it increases the chances of overhead smashes like in the tennis game. 


Serve position in pickleball

The serving player’s feet must be behind the baseline when they serve the ball. Moreover, their one foot should be on the court’s surface when the ball gets struck. 


Make sure the ball does not  bounce in the serving court when it is served. 


Pickleball Equipments

Below mentioned are essential pickleball equipment. 


Pickleball Paddle

It would be best if you have a paddle to play the pickleball game. The paddle should be of average size. The pickleball paddle is slightly smaller than the tennis racquet but larger than the ping-pong paddle. These paddles are made of the original strong wood. Moreover, pickleball paddles have become very popular these days, and there are a wide variety of these paddles in the market. You can get different kinds of paddles in materials like aluminum, graphite, etc.


However, every product has pros and cons, so select the best pickles paddle according to your comfort level. 


Pickle balls

The pickleball is small in size. The plastic balls are hollow, and there are many holes in the balls so that they can be easily used to play. Moreover, the balls come in two varieties;

  • Indoor 
  • Outdoor

The indoor balls are usually soft, and also they have larger holes, which makes them perfect for playing indoors. 


Final Words

If you are concerned about your physical fitness and want to try a new sport, pickleball is the best option for you. It is an interesting game which you can play indoors and outdoors. Moreover, the rules and techniques are also very simple in this game. Scoring is also an important element in learning this game. Now you know how to play pickleball, prepare your court, and invite your friends to play this amazing game. Do share your experience by dropping a comment. 


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