How To Play Badminton Like A Professional Player – Tips & Techniques

How To Play Badminton Like A Professional Player – Tips & Techniques

Badminton is one of the favorite outdoor sports which you can play on a beach, yard, or anywhere with enough space. In this article, we will tell you tips and techniques to play like a professional badminton player. 

Badminton, along being a casual sport, is also a game with a lot of career opportunities. If you play badminton on a regular basis, it helps you develop physical strength, agility, stamina, precision, and speed, making it a casual outdoor activity for physical fitness. 

You can also pursue badminton as a professional sports career if you want to be a professional badminton player. In the article, the tips and techniques will help you achieve your professional goal or a point in casual badminton against your friends who are playing beginners badminton.

Before we move to Tips & Techniques Lets, us know about Badminton in Brief.

History Of Badminton

History of Badminton

The Game of badminton has its origin in Eurasia. A game employing shuttlecocks has been played for centuries in Eurasia. But, badminton’s modern game was developed as a variant for an earlier game of battledore and shuttlecock by British officers in mid 19th century. The modern game was developed originally among expatriate British officers in British India, where it became very popular till 1870’s.

In the start the game was played with a wool ball instead of a shuttlecock by British in India. The first rules of the game were drawn by British officers that were known as Pune Rules, but later a new set of Rules was put in place by J.H.E Hart and Wild Bangle in 1890.

Tips To Be A Professional

The first technique and tip for playing badminton like a pro is train, train, and train. Regular training is a must as it will develop the strength, stamina, and will improve your techniques, letting you rectify your mistakes and work on your weak sides.

Start From Basics

The basic to be a professional badminton player is basic as to know how to swing and grip the racquet properly.

Learn the Techniques 

Another important aspect is to know how to serve, drop, smash properly, and lob correctly. You should also know to perform footwork and backhands properly.

Know the Latest Rules

When playing a game the most important aspect is learning and knowing the latest rules like that of fouls, scoring systems, in/out rules, layout, and size of the court to improve the game, and be a step closer to be a professional badminton player.

Review The Professionals

It’s one of the best ways to learn and improve the game. Review and learn from professional players, how they play, what techniques they use, what’s their health routine, and everything you need to be a professional badminton player. 

Choosing Equipment

Equipment's for Professional Badminton

The basic kit is essential for everything ranging from training to learn tricks. But selecting the right equipment that suits you and your need is important. 

Practice with Professionals

One of the essential parts of being a professional badminton player is practicing with the professionals. Choose a coach who knows the game along with the experience of the game. 

Along with choosing a great coach, you should practice with the professional, which will make you learn their techniques and know your weakness. 


The techniques are a crucial part of the game when pursuing the game as a professional. Some standard techniques to learn and know are

Defensive Lob

It is mainly for the defense, as the name itself suggests. It’s used when you are out of position and need time to recover.

Learn Drop Shots

One important trick for a good game where you can score against your opponent is to know various shots you can use against the opponent.  

Drop shots are perfect to create a varied pace of rally.


It’s the most powerful shot in badminton; learning and practicing it is a must for a professional badminton player.


Techniques like net kill, net lift, and tumbling net shot are a set of must to learn skills as they improve your netplay, which is a vital part of the game. If you master these techniques, you can dominate the frontcourt area.


In the article, we have told you about some important tips and techniques you could use when going for a professional badminton player career. 

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