How To Play Badminton? Badminton Rules for Beginners

How To Play Badminton? Badminton Rules for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to play badminton? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Badminton game has been around since the 16th century. The game is very popular in Asian countries like India and China. These countries have some of the Badminton player’s in the world. 

Badminton is similar to any other racket game and is played in indoor courts. 

In this article, we have mentioned everything from how to play badminton, basic rules, and fouls to badminton court dimensions.  

How to Play Badminton?

The game of badminton starts with a toss. The winning toss team chooses a side of the badminton court or an option to receive or serve first. If the winning player chooses the courtside, then the opponent team will get to choose whether to receive or serve and vice versa. 

In this game, serving is done diagonally, and the first service had to be made with the right hand. The player who serves cannot step on the boundaries. If the shuttle does not cross the court and hits the net, then service has to make again. If the serving player makes a fault then the opponent player will get the turn to serve.

The receiving player then has to start a rally by returning the shuttle by hitting with a racket. Players are free to move around in the court after returning the service. When a player misses to return the shuttle or shoots the shuttle outside the boundaries, the opponent gets a point and the rally ends.

After end of each game, players change the sides of the court. And when it is deciding game players change sides when one of them scores 6 points (ladies) or 8 points (men).

man serving to start the badminton game

Badminton rules for beginners

Here are the basic badminton rules to help you understand and play badminton.

Badminton scoring system

Badminton has two types of games: single and doubles

Both these games are the best of three games. The side which makes 21 points first wins a game.

On every, a point is scored by the player who wins the rally. The winning player or side gets to make the next serve.

If the score is 20-20, then the side that makes 2 points wins the games, and in 29-29 points, the side to make the 30th points wins the game.

Winning a point

Every time the birdie hits the ground, one point is made. A point is conceded in case the shot goes outside the court boundaries, the birdie hits the net or passes under /through it or when the birdie is struck twice with the racket.

The players should wait for the shuttle to cross the net before they play a shot; if you touch the net with your body or racket, the point is conceded.

Serving rules for singles

The server makes the service from right to left on the service court. Once a player loses service, the opponent gets the chance to serve. If the payer does not score points or score an even number, then they serve from the right side of the court to the right side of the opponent’s side.

If the players score an odd number then they serve from left to left side of the court. 

learn How to play badminton singles

Serving rules for doubles

Each team gets two total chances to serve, one for each member. The team members service alternatively. After the team loses two serves the opposite team will get the chance to serve and it starts from right side of the court.

The serving team, on the whole, gets only one chance to serve at the starting of the game. In doubles, the duo player served in the previous rally, and the current sides are not changed in the rally—players who win the rally and serve, change the sides.

If the player did not score any points or they scored an even number of points, they will have to serve from the right side often court to teh right side of the opponents. If the player scored an odd number in points, they will serve from left to left side of the service court.


  • The payers can hit only from their side of the court. 
  • Players are not allowed to touch the net or slide under it.
  • The racket, by no means, should land on the side of the opposing team.
  •  The shuttle by not hit players even when it goes outside the boundary
  • Both the feet of the players need to be on the ground when serving and receiving the service.
  • The shuttle should not hit the clothing or racket of the player before the teammate hits, in teh doubles game.
players playing doubles game in badminton court in Olympics

What is the dimension of the badminton court?

The badminton court is 13.41 m long and 5.18m wide, in the singles game. The width can extend up to 6.1 in doubles. 

The net is 1.52m high at dips and 1.55m high at the ends. The serve should pass the short service line, which is 1.98 m away from the net.

Beyond the service line, the line that runs down below the middle split the court into right and left.

The double service line is 0.76 m from the baseline. Each service court is 3.96m long and 2.59 m wide. 

badminton birdie to play the game

The badminton birdie (shuttlecock)

The shuttlecock is also referred to as the birdie in badminton’s unique ball. The cone-shaped image is formed using synthetic or feather material attached to the rubber base or a cork.

The birdies’s shape means it flies once struck and until it is hit again. This is made up of 16 feathers. The birdie is around4.74 to 5.5 g and 62-70 mm long.

The feather tips create a circle with 58-62mm diameter, with rubber or cork base 25-28 mm in diameter and with a round bottom.

Final words:

I hope this article must have helped you learn how to play badminton? This is a fun game to play even with friends. When you play with friends, you do not need to be very particular about the rules. Badminton is not a very difficult game to play, and with a little practice you will get good at this.


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