How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet for Control and Power

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet for Control and Power

 Whether you have just started or want to upgrade your skills to become the best tennis player, choosing the right tennis racket will make a major difference in your game and improve your performance. Not every tennis racket is created equal; they all have their pros and cons.

Tips to Choose Best Tennis Racket

Investing in the right Racket would be worth it if you are planning to take your game professionally. Buying the right tennis racket can be a daunting process. Here are some basic points to keep in mind that will make it easier for you to get the best tennis racket for your requirements and boos your performance in the to choose the best tennis racket

Measure the grip size

The adult tennis racket grip should be about 4 to 4 5/8th inches. To find your exact tennis grip size, measure the middle line of your palm till the very top of your middle finger in inches. You can hold the Racket in the dominant hand, then slide the index finger of the opposite hand between the fingertips and the base of the palm on the Racket. If you don’t feel enough space, then the grip size is small. If there is way too much space, then the racket grip size is large. 

Choose 27-inch Racket

You should choose 27-inch normal tennis racket as long as you do not want the extra poser of the extended racket length traditionally racket length varies between 27- 28 inches, but you can buy a longer racket of 29 inches. The longer racket length means greater leverage for swing, therefore more power for shooting. The downside of long rackets is that it is a little difficult to aim right and are less maneuverable. If you are a beginner, then buy a 27-inch racket.

Know which Style of Racket You Want to Buy

Depending on the style of play, your skill level, and requirements, you can choose from different tennis racket options available. Every Racket has its own purpose, choose the right type to improve your game performance. There are three types of tennis rackets: 

  • Game/ Power improvement Racket– these rackets have large heads, long style and are lighter in weight. These rackets are beginner-friendly and good if you want more power in your shots.
  • Tweener rackets- this Racket is very well balanced and is designed to suit every skill level. This Racket offers a good balance of control, power, and maneuverability.types of tennis racket
  • Player/Control Racket- this Racket is professional in design and has smaller heads that offer maximum control. This is the best tennis racket for control. The player has to add their own power in the shot. These come in both long and short styles and are comparatively heavy than other rackets.

If You are a Beginner, Buy a Large Head Racket

if you are someone who has just started to play tennis, then you should buy a forgiving racket that offers good control and does not overswing. Choose the right grip size and aim for following specs when you buy the Racket:

Head Size: 106-118 square inches.

Length: 27″

Weight: Lightweight, 9-10oz

Balance: Head-heavy, balanced towards the top.

Avoid Buying Power Rackets If you are a Powerful Hitter 

 Some beginners also find that heavy head rackets are too much for them when they are power and naturally athletic. The right way to adjust the Racket is to shrink the head size of the Racket when you purchase, and the rest of the specs should be the same. When you are starting out light, the heavy head racket will be desirable for your control purposes.

Understand the Difference Between the Materials

Mostly rackets are made of graphite because the material is powerful and light-weight, which makes it very beginner-friendly. Some other rackets that are beginner-friendly are made of titanium or aluminum because they provide good comfort and power to hit. best tennis racketKevlar or Boron rackets are hard rackets but are some of the lightest rackets in the market.

Beginners should choose aluminum or graphite rackets.

Aluminum is the cheapest material racket, but they are usually heavy. However, they are very sturdy and dependable.

Boron, kevlar, and carbon fiber rackets are more expensive than their graphite counterparts.

Final Words

Test the rackets before purchasing- take some test swings in the store and understand the feel of the Racket. Try a different variety of rackets from short to long and power rackets and try different materials of rackets. Choose that you feel the most comfortable to hold and play.


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