Learn To Play Tennis With These Simple Rules

Learn To Play Tennis With These Simple Rules

Do you want to know how to play tennis and learn tennis rules? If so, you are in the right place. 

Tennis sport was first originated in England in the 19th century. Now the tennis game is a popular sport around the world. There are four major tennis tournaments that are known as the “majors” that includes:

US Open


Australian Tournament

French Open

Before jumping on the Tennis rules, let’s first discuss the game objectives, Equipment, and Players.

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The objective of the Tennis Game

A tennis match is played on a rectangle court with a horizontally placed net in the center of the court. The aim of the tennis players is to hit the ball over the net but within the margins of the court. The ball is hot in a way that opponent is unable to hit back. Every time an opponent fails to return the tennis ball within the court, you win a point.

Players & Equipment

A tennis game match is played by either a single player on both sides known as a singles match or two-player teams on both sides- doubles match. The rectangular tennis court has a baseline, two tram lines, service areas on both sides. In a singles tennis match, the players can use only the inner tram line side, and in a doubles match, the outer tram line will be in use.

A court can be of four types of surfaces: carpet, hard surfaces, clay, and grass. Each tennis tournament chooses one type of surface and sticks with it throughout the game. All that players need is equipment, which includes a tennis ball and racket. 

Tennis Scoring Rules

In order to win a tennis match, players need to score four points. The points are as follows: 15 (1 point), 30 (1 point), 40, (three points), and making the fourth points will lead to winning the game. If the team scores 40-40, the is known as deuce. When the game reaches a deuce stage, the player will have to make two clear points to win the tennis game. 

Winning the Game

To win a tennis game, the player must win a certain amount of point sets like best of five in a men’s match and best of three in a women’s match. Winning a set is the first step towards reaching clearing one game; in order to win teh entire tennis, match players must win at least two games. If the opposing team wins 5 games, you news to win the set by 7-5. If the set of points goes to 6-6 then a tiebreaker match will be played, and the first player to score a 7 will win.

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Tennis Rules

  • The game begins with a coin toss to choose which player will serve first and on which side they want to play.
  • The serving player will have to serve every point from each side alternatively on the baseline.
  • At no given point the serving player’s feet move ahead of the front baseline on the tennis court before hitting the serve. 
  • If the player fails to make the first serve successfully, they may take advantage of making the second serve. In case they fail again in the second serve, a double fault is called, and the points are lost. 
  • If the serving player clips the nest and the ball hits the service area, let is called. The player will get a chance to serve again with no penalty. In case the ball hits the net and goes out of the service area, “ out” is called, and plates will lose the serve.
  • The receiving players can stand wherever they like on their sides. If the tennis ball is struck without the serve bounce, the server will get the point.
  • After a service is made, the number of shots to play between the players is unlimited. A point is won by hitting the ball in a way that the opponent fails to return it in the scoring area.

Other Tennis Rules:

  • Points are won in 15, 30, and 40. 15 is for 1 point, 30 for 2 points, and 4- for 3 points.
  • The player needs 4 points to win the game. If the game ties in 40-40, it is a deuce. From deuce, the player needs two more consecutive points to win the game. After you win one point from deuce, the player will have an advantage over the opposition. If teh payers score the next points as well, he/she will win the game; if they fail, the game will be a deuce. 
  • To win one set player needs to win a total of 6 tennis games by 2 or more points. The opening set will be a tie if the break ends up at 6-6, where the first player to score a 7 point will win. The final set will require the plates to win by two games and zero limits.
  • If a player distracts the opponent, touches the net, or impedes in any way, they will lose the point automatically.
  • According to tennis rules, the ball can hit any part within the lines of the court for scoring points. 
  • After every 6 matches, the ball is replaced with a new one.
  • Player will lose a point when they fail to return back the ball on the courts, or it hits the net, fails to hit back the ball before it bounces, or in case the ball does not hit the opponent’s area.





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