How to Play the Interesting Beer Pong Game?

How to Play the Interesting Beer Pong Game?

Are you having drinks with friends but still feeling bored? If yes, then there is a very interesting game that can entertain you, Beer Pong. It is a famous drinking game and the simplest to play with friends and family. Moreover, if you are having drinks and want fun and entertainment, this game is perfect. 


Beer pong games are very popular and also called by the name of Beirut. However, the game is famous by the name beer pong only. You can play this game with your friends and family whenever you want. 


Sounds good, right? Now imagine how good this game will be while playing. This article will provide you with all the basic information about beer pong games. So read the full article to know the objectives and rules of the game. 


What is Beer Pong?

Beer pong is a very interesting and easy game to play. In the game, you have to make two opposing teams with equal players in each. The players of each team try to throw the ping ball across the game table, and you have to set your aim so the ball should fall in the beer cup on another side. 


Beer pong is not a high-profile game requiring licensing and other procedures. You can easily play this game with fewer rules and regulations. Moreover, this game evolved from other similar games played at Ivy League Dartmouth College fellowships in Hanover, New Hampshire. 


Initially, beer pong is played with a net and the bats featuring table tennis. People used to play this game on table tennis with bats and a net. However, over time the game becomes easier as the objects and rules of the game change. The paddles and bats were removed from this game to make it a simpler and more entertaining drinking game. 


Beer pong is a popular and loving game worldwide. There are a lot of surprising elements which need your activeness and skills to play. Moreover, your luck also plays an important role in the game, so I hope that your luck works well while playing the game. 

Pro Tip – The beer pong tradition requires alcohol use, so all the Game Players should be of legal drinking age. 


Object of the Game


Below mentioned are the objectives of the Beer Pong game. 


  • The beer pong is a competitive game in which the two teams play to win the game. The main object of this game is that one team has to knock-out all the opponents’ cups. But there is a healthy competition where you trip over the fun of this game. 


  • As the game consists of alcohol mostly, youngsters prefer this game. Moreover, this is a drinking game; the more you lose in the game, the more you have to drink. This is the game’s main object, so the better your skills in the game, the less you consume the alcohol. 


  • Most of the time, people lose this game intentionally so they can have more shots of drinks. Well, there is no problem in playing beer pong like this but play this game seriously. You can develop your aiming skills. 


Players and types of Equipment


A maximum of four players can play the beer pong game. However, you can also play this game one-on-one, depending upon your choices. Two teams with two players each compete with each other in the beer pong game. There are only three simple things which are needed in this game

  • Plain table
  • Some disposable or plastic cups
  • Ping pong ball


Now the question is how many cups for beer pong? You need around 10 to 15 cups to play the game, and the plastic cups are best suitable. Then you have to arrange the plastic cups in an equilateral triangle on your side of the table. Moreover, fill the cups with some amount of beer in them. Some extra balls can also be used to raise the ball in between the throws. 


No requirements are there for a particular beer, and you can use any beer in the game. But the AB of the beer should be 3% to 5%. You can use other alcohol or beer if you want. Moreover, you can play this game with water or cold drink if you wish to play the alcohol-free version. 


Winning the Game


Beer pong is one of the best adult party games. The game is played between the two competing teams. The one team who knock-out all the other team’s cups wins the game; thus, the losing team has to take drinks. The draw situation occurs when both the teams are left with one cup, and both teams knocked-out all the cups in their final chance.  


When this situation occurs, there is a way to decide the winner of this game. The three cups get arranged on the table, and the first team who knock-out all the three cups in a single chance wins the game. This deciding round is known as the overtime, and you can continue this overtime if both teams are competing equally. 


Rules of Beer Pong

Here is the list of official beer pong rules:


  • To start the beer pong game, you need to make teams. After the team building, you have to decide which team will start the game. Well, various methods can be used in the game to decide this. Coin toss and ‘Stone, Paper, Scissors’ are the most common methods used to decide.


  • The cups(10-15) should be arranged in the shape of an equilateral triangle in front of each team. Then an agreed amount of beer gets filled in each of the cups. Moreover, each team can have another cup if they want to rinse the ping pong ball. 


  • The team who will start the game hits their opponent’s cups with the ping pong ball. When one ball gets successfully landed in the opponent team cup, the opposition team members have to consume that cup’s beer or alcohol. Moreover, the drinking cup will be removed from the game. 


  • Both the teams need to throw the balls in their chance until the one team knocks out all the opposition team cups. 


  • If both the team’s knock-out all the cups of their opponents in their final chance, then it’s a tie. In that case, the three cups are rearranged, and the overtime round begins to decide the winner of the beer pong game. You can continue the overtime round if the further draws take place until the winner is found. 


  • You can freely shoot in the beer pong, depending on whether you want to shoot underarm or overarm. Moreover, the players can also try to bounce the ball on the table or throw it directly into the cup. 


  • The most important rule for this game is you need to take care of yourself and others also. In a beer pong game, you should drink responsibly so that you can manage yourself well. 


Final Words


If you are missing fun and enjoyment, then pick up your phone, call your friends at your place and enjoy the drinks. Well, the fun doesn’t stop here; along with the drinks, you play an interesting game, beer pong. This game can make you place the destination of fun and enjoyment. It is a very easy game with basic and simple rules. So as you know how to play a beer pong game, invite your friends to your home and play this amazing game with some great drinks. 



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