Gohan New Form : What Should You Know?

Gohan New Form : What Should You Know?

Gohan new formDo you recall Gohan’s words in Dragon Ball Super Episode 90, expressing his ambition to achieve an unprecedented ultimate form? He challenged Goku to a duel to consider his progress in strength recovery after the intense battle with Super Buu.

We noticed that fans started talking about the possibility of Gohan new form at that moment. Although it did not materialize in the anime, the wait was helpful as we finally saw his fresh transformation in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

Now, let us delve into the exciting topic of Gohan new form, which surprised us. During his intense battle with Cell Max, one could not help but notice the unmistakable arrogance evident in his eyes.

Ever since the Cell Saga, both Goku and Piccolo realized the potential that Gohan possessed. We occasionally caught glimpses of his latent power, but unfortunately, we never saw a resolution. Either the villains managed to escape using cunning strategies, or Gohan’s arrogance was a burden for him.

When finally Gohan new form is achieved, a lot happens with Frieza, one of the most iconic antagonists in the series. Frieza had died, been reincarnated, undergone multiple power-ups, and surprisingly ended up playing a crucial role in saving the universe during the events of Dragon Ball Super.

Despite achieving Super Saiyan 2 and defeating Cell at a remarkably young age, Gohan, undoubtedly the strongest Saiyan then, did not have many standout moments after that. His character gradually shifted toward leading an everyday human life, complete with a family. Right after the Buu saga, he was married and got adopted fatherhood.

In the latest Dragon Ball movie, it appears that Akira Toriyama has recognized the untapped potential of Gohan’s character and granted him a well-deserved power-up, even though the plot might not be entirely original. However, our focus today is on something other than discussing the movie itself. Instead, we will delve into Gohan new form.

Gohan New Form Name: Son Beast Gohan 

Gohan New Form Name is Son Beast Gohan.

Explanation of Gohan New Form

Gohan’s latest transformation, known as Son Beast Gohan, is a form that sets him apart from others. Before delving into the specifics of this unique form, let us review the events that have transpired since his awakening to Super Saiyan 2. This will give us a better understanding of how he managed to get to this state.

Dragon Ball Z – Cell Games Saga: Gohan 

During the Cell Games Saga, one of the most beloved moments in the Dragon Ball series was when Teen Gohan unleashed his Super Saiyan 2 form. With Perfect Cell seeming invincible, Gohan delivered a powerful beatdown and brought Cell to his knees. This unforgettable moment remains a fan-favourite to this day.

However, it was Gohan’s overconfidence that led to Goku sacrificing himself. This incident marked the first and only time before his Beast Form that he ignored his emotional restriction.

Great Saiyaman Saga

In this saga, Gohan shifted his attention towards his studies and decided to attend high school. Unlike most Saiyans, his primary goal was not to constantly increase his strength. Instead, he adopted the identity of Great Saiyaman to lead a regular life as a high school student and, at the same time, serve as a superhero, helping those in need.

Fusion Saga

In the Fusion Saga, Gohan’s true potential was brilliantly showcased, proving why many believe him to be the most powerful Saiyan, despite not achieving as much in the past.

Old Kai played a significant role in awakening Gohan’s dormant power, leading him to achieve his Ultimate Form, also known as Potential Unleashed. With this newfound power, Gohan effortlessly toyed with Super Buu, just as he had done with Cell.

However, the familiar pattern continued, and just as Gohan seemed close to defeating Buu, the supervillain cunningly absorbed both Piccolo and Gotenks, turning the tables on Gohan in a surprising twist.

Golden Frieza Saga: Gohan in Dragon Ball Super 

Gohan’s combat abilities significantly waned after his transformation into a scholar and embracing fatherhood with his daughter Pan. Without continuous training, he found it challenging to battle Frieza’s minions.

In light of the impending threat posed by Frieza’s return for revenge, Gohan had to push himself to power up and help Goku locate Frieza, ultimately aiming to save the planet from upcoming destruction.

Universe Survival Saga:

During this high-stakes saga, where the entire universe’s fate hung in the balance, Gohan’s father expressed disappointment at his declining strength over the years. Motivated to rise to the occasion, Gohan decided to undergo training again, asking for guidance from his lifelong mentor, Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Gohan

At long last, Gohan new form is achieved. After being sidelined for years, Goku’s son, Son Gohan, has finally released the hidden power within him. This exciting development was confirmed by the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, who described Gohan new form as a great transformation.

Goku Ultra Instinct vs. Gohan New Form

According to Akira Toriyama, the creator, Gohan’s new form could attack the power of Goku and Vegeta’s most potent form.

To fans of the franchise, Goku’s Perfected Ultra Instinct form is undeniably hard and challenging. Despite Gohan regaining his ultimate form in Dragon Ball Super, he faced Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form and was defeated when Goku combined it with Kaio-ken x20.

gohan new form

Some Questions

Which Movie Introduces Gohan New Form?

Gohan new form, known as The Beast Gohan Form, makes its debut in the latest Dragon Ball Super movie, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” (2022).

Is Gohan New Form Considered Canon?

Yes, Gohan new form, Beast Gohan, will be recognized as canon. The announcement made in November 2022 through V-Jump magazine confirms that, similar to Broly’s case in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, Beast Gohan will also be incorporated into the official storyline after the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022).

Is Gohan New Form Featured in the Manga?

Gohan new form, Beast Gohan, will be introduced in the Dragon Ball Super manga alongside Orange Piccolo. The November 2022 edition of V-Jump revealed that the upcoming arc will narrate the events of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie as a prequel.

The mention of Piccolo’s and Gohan new forms in the manga hints at the chance of their arrival in the main storyline, making sure of their relevance in the official continuity.


We have seen in the article that fans started talking about the possibility of Gohan getting a new form. Although it did not materialize in the anime, the wait was helpful as we finally saw his fresh transformation in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

We have already read about the exciting topic of Gohan’s amazing new form, which surprised us. During his battle with Cell Max, one could not help but notice the arrogance in his eyes.

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