Where to Find The Giant Alex Seed in Minecraft

Where to Find The Giant Alex Seed in Minecraft

Meet Giant Alex, a big and spooky character in Minecraft. People talk a lot about it, but is it for real? If you are curious and want to find it, we have got the scoop on which Minecraft version to use and where to get the Giant Alex seed. Let us dive into it and get more information.

More about Giant Alex in Minecraft

From the pictures online, we can see a few things about Giant Alex:

  • Giant Alex looks like the regular Alex but is super tall, 12 blocks tall.
  • Unlike the normal Alex, Giant Alex has a lot of blood on her.
  • Giant Alex does not have eyes, and her mouth is wide open, like she is screaming in fear.

Meeting Giant Alex in Minecraft would be both exciting and scary. However, do not think you can just stumble upon her; it takes some work and know-how to track down Giant Alex.

Finding the Giant Alex Seed

Finding Giant Alex is like solving a mystery, but we have the steps for you. Follow these to meet this legendary character:

  • Use the OptiFine 1.12.2 version of Minecraft.
  • Keep the difficulty on Peaceful.
  • Set render to 6 chunks and fog distance to 0.2.
  • When creating the world, use the seed 7778749381209293789578.

Once the world loads swim to the land, look for 3x2x2 pits in the ground—they are Giant Alex’s footprints, and she might be around there.

Is Giant Alex a danger?

Many players believe Giant Alex is just keeping an eye on you and is not really harmful. However, be cautious, some players mentioned their game crashed when they got too close to Giant Alex. So, watch your step.

Some FAQs

How do I get Giant Alex in Minecraft?

To summon Giant Alex, pick OptiFine 1.12.2, set Peaceful difficulty, and tweak settings to 6 chunks render and 0.2 fog distance. Enter seed “7778749381209293789578” when creating the world.

Is Big Alex real in Minecraft?

Giant Alex is a made-up story (creepypasta) circulating online. No proof shows Giant Alex in any Minecraft version, including Bedrock 1.12.

Who is Giant Alex in real life?

Among younger fans, Giant Alex’s story is popular, but it is likely made up, either in regular Minecraft or through mods, like other Creepypastas.

What does Entity 303 do?

Entity 303 was a notorious hacker known for hacking accounts and wrecking worlds. Hypixel eventually caught and imprisoned him in another dimension.


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