Pokemon GO: Shiny Bellibolt and Shiny Tadbulb guide

Pokemon GO: Shiny Bellibolt and Shiny Tadbulb guide

Tadbulb shinyNiantic is doing the Festival of Lights again in Pokemon GO this month. You can join from Tuesday, November 7, at 10 am your time until Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 8 pm your time. There will be special bonuses, but the coolest part is that two new Pocket Monsters, Tadbulb Shiny and Bellibolt, will show up for the first time.

The first one is a pure Electric-type creature added in the ninth generation of Pokemon. It turns into Bellibolt when you use a Thunder Stone. But, in this game, things don’t change like that.

This article will tell you how to get Shiny Tadbulb and Bellibolt in the game. It will also discuss if these creatures can be shiny and share other important info.

How to find Shiny Tadbulb in Pokemon GO?

During the Festival of Lights event, you can come across Tadbulb in these ways:

  • Finding it in the wild
  • Meeting Tadbulb in Field Research tasks
  • Running into it more often with Incense
  • Finding it through Timed Research tasks

Meeting Tadbulb in the wild

This new Ele-Tadpole Pokemon is showing up for the first time, and the simplest way to find it is through wild encounters. It might not happen a lot, but if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon it while playing the game outside.

Along with Tadbulb, you’ll find Pikachu, Vulpix, Ponyta, Magnemite, Litwick, Voltorb, Slugma, Electrike, Mareep, Chinchou, and Morelull in the wild. There’s a possibility for these encounters to be shiny. However, because they’re regular appearances, spotting their rare versions might be tough. Your odds of encountering a shiny version for most of these special event Pokemon are one in 500.

Field Research tasks:

Throughout the Festival of Lights event, you’ll get special Field Research tasks. Finishing these tasks can reward you with chances to encounter Tadbulb in the game.

Timed Research encounter:

As part of the Festival of Lights, you’ll receive special Timed Research. Finishing this research could lead to encountering Tadbulb in the game. Additionally, you’ll snag an exclusive shirt for your in-game avatar as part of the event.

Some FAQs

How to get Bellibolt in Pokemon GO

The simple way to have a Bellibolt is Tadbulb evolution. Just feed it 50 Tadbulb Candies.

Can Tadbulb be shiny in Pokemon GO

Sadly, there won’t be a shiny Tadbulb during the event. But maybe, in the future, Niantic will bring the shiny Ele-Tadpole to Pokemon GO.

Can Bellibolt be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Because we won’t see a shiny Tadbulb in GO, we have to wait for a shiny Bellibolt. When Tadbulb shows up in the game, then we can see a shiny Bellibolt too.

Can Tadbulb be shiny in Pokemon GO?

In Pokemon GO, when Tadbulb, the Electric-type Pokemon, shows up, some players might wonder if they can catch its Shiny version. But, nope! The folks at Niantic haven’t released Shiny Tadbulb yet. Usually, Shiny Pokemon and their regular versions don’t appear at the same time.

What’s the difference between Tadbulb and shiny Tadbulb?

The usual Tadbulb has an orange-tipped tail and “foot contact.” Shiny Tadbulb, on the other hand, has a red-tipped tail, “foot contact,” and a red-outlined mouth and eyes. If you look at them side by side, you can easily see the distinctions.

Where’s the best place to find shiny Tadbulb?

To find shiny Tadbulb, I find it easiest to create an outbreak by the river near Levincia. Look for it next to the bridge. Use an Encounter Power Level 2 Electric sandwich and skip the date in that area until you find a Tadbulb outbreak where I’ve pointed out.

Is shiny Tatsugiri yellow?

Even though players might need to look closely for any orange tones on Tatsugiri, the infographic does a good job confirming that pink and yellow are the usual colours of Tatsugiri, and pure white is its shiny form.


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